June 25, 2011

Family of Ennis James Hughes

Descendants of Ennis James Hughes


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November 09, 2010

New Information on Arkansas Family

Family of Moses Hughes.

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October 01, 2010

Cumberland Co. VA Will

Will Book 18141816:
James Meador; inventory of his estate and inventory of the estate of Jonas Meador, ade 10 May 1815; proved May 1815 (Page 54).
Abstracted by Katherine Reynolds:
Pg. 68: (pg. 257): Account of administration of estate of JONAS MEADOR. By: Jehu Meador, admin.
Paid: to James Holloway for his account; to Richard James for his account; to James Holloway on account of Lewis Turner, orphan of Micajah Turner; to William Hill account, Drury Hudgens; paid Thomas Holand for his account; paid Sam Holloway for account of Jesse Boatright; Wm. Saunderson for finishing the crop; James Minter for his account; John Creasy for his account; Richard Blands account; Caleb Hughes for Thos. Kevil for work done; Zach McGwin for account James Guilliam; Jesse Meador for his account; Wm. Hughes for account Randolph Robinson; Holloway Hudgens for account Robert Hudgens; Wm. Hix
for Jonas Meador bond on Joel Meador; paid James Holloway on account Lewis Turner estate; James Holloway on same account; Dal Boatright for his account; John Murry for bond of Jane Meador; paid Wm. Edwards for his account; Hezekiah Bradley for account of John Burton; George Carrington for account of
Wm. Holland; Joseph Palmore for his account; Alex and Peterfield Trent and Co. for… accounts; Daniel Bates for account; Richard Crump; Miller Burford; Thos. Sugt. Hill; paid Hannah Holloway for this account; James Minter for Sarah Meador, orphan of Jonas Meador; Thomas Kevil for board and clothing of Ann Meador; Jesse Thomas; Bond vs. Caleb Hughes, 1773; Bond vs. Thomas Hughes, 1773; Micajah Compton and his wife; Thomas Kevil; due Lewis Turner, orphan of Micajah. In obedience to order of court account was dated 23 November 1778. Account examined and ordered recorded 18 October 1779.
Jos. Carrington.
Pg. 69: (pg. 266): Will of FRANCES MEADOR, dated 17 August 1774, Pr. 25 September 1780. Daughter, Ann: granddaughter, Rosannah Meador; my children, Joel Meador, Mary Holland, Frances Holloway, John Meador, Josiah Meador, Jehu Meador, Jacob Meador and Jesse Meador. Exrs.: Joel Meador, Jehu Meador and Jesse Meador. Wit.: John Atkinson, Josiah Robertson, Meatha Meador (X). Proved by Josiah Robertson and Meatha Meador. Samuel Holloway and Simon Gentry were security for Jehu.

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July 05, 2010

Exciting News From Our Hughes Family

Kim Self Hughes, who is married to George Hughes from Jefferson County, AL, recently contacted me concerning our Hughes family. She spoke to John Carrol Hughes, who is a descendant of George Washington Hughes (1813-1890). John has a copy of the book In Memory by Alice Emily Hughes Barnwell Deavenport (daughter of John Taylor Hughes, whose father was Matthew Martin Hughes). This book contains personal letters written by Alice Emily Hughes and the letters answer a few questions we have been wondering about for some time.

Mr. John Carrol Hughes has graciously given us permission to place an excerpt from the book here:

"This is the story of my life. I was born October 15, 1867, in Hall County, Georgia, where Flowery Branch now stands. As you will note from the date 1867 this is the second year after the Civil War. And, the war or conditions existing from the war affected my life greatly.

Father leased land and cleared the trees on enough of it to build a house. He kept busy clearing land during the winter months and cultivating it in the spring. Under the terms of the lease after four years the cleared land went back to the owner, he then would have to clear more land for his use. He decided to look for something better since he only was able to make a bare living.
He found a friend, Mr. Gunter, with a small family who was in the same mood. The two families planned to move to Alabama. Father bought a big yoke of oxen and a heavy wagon in which to move both families’ house furnishings and farm equipment. Mr. Gunter would furnish a one horse wagon for the wives and children to ride in.

Although I was only four years old I remember the oxen were afraid to cross bridges; instead of facing forward they would push each other sideways and at times almost go overboard. When we came to a bridge father would walk on one side and Mr. Gunter on the other, each had a big ox whip, they would crack the whips in front of the oxen, in this way keep the oxen more to the center of the bridge.

The distance was two hundred miles. We made it in nine days. We soon found homes to rent. The Gunter family stopped in Blount County, Alabama. Father and mother went on to Jefferson County about 18 miles north of Birmingham where father’s great-uncle Jesse Hughes lived. Father’s uncle Washington Hughes lived in his same neighborhood. "

- reprinted from "In Memory" by Alice Emily Hughes Barnwell Deavenport (daughter of John Taylor Hughes, whose father was Matthew Martin Hughes)

Note: This excerpt is confirmation that Matthew Martin Hughes and George Washington Hughes were brothers. Also confirms that Jesse Hughes (1811 - 1882) was an uncle to Matthew & George.

The above information tells us that Jesse was most likely a son, not of William H. and Jane Hughes as we have thought for sometime but rather a son of George and Rhoda and a brother to William. For Jesse to have been born in 1811, this is the only conclusion that can be drawn. Apparently he just was not listed in the family Bible.

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May 14, 2010


Jesse Hughes may have been the son of John Davis Hughes.

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May 13, 2010

Martin Francis and Sidney L. Martin

While in Morgan county, AL this weekend for Mother's Day, I went to the cemetery where my dad is buried. I took time to walk the Mt. Tabor cemetery grounds. Numerous Francis family members are buried there. My great grandmother, Anna Elizabeth Francis had a brother named Martin Francis. I have always thought this is why my own grandfather was named James Martin Hughes. Sunday I found the grave of a Sidney L. Martin b. Nov. 18, 1894 married to Viola B. (Burleson) Martin b. Jan 14, 1903. He was buried next to Martin Francis. (Anna Elizabeth's brother) I haven't been able to find his parents but I have always thought the Hughes family must be connected to the Martin family in some way. Hopefully I will have time to search for Sidney Martin's ancestry this week or maybe someone who reads this will leave a a comment giving the history.

The gravestone read:
Sidney L. Martin
Nov. 18, 1894
July 1, 1969

Next to Sidney was his wife:

Viola B. Martin
Jan. 14, 1903
Feb. 16 1989

I also found the grave of:

Martin Francis
Oct. 10, 1867
July 23, 1994


James Burleson

Feb. 4, 1850

Mt. Tabor has many Francis family members, Burleson family members, Hughes family members, Martin family members and Speegle family members, just to name a few.

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May 08, 2010

Meador/ Shirley Connection

(8). Frances Anderson m. James Meador Dec 4, 1809 Cumberland Co. VA

Cumberland County Meador family

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May 07, 2010

On the Web

==1809 [24 Oct] Legatees of JACOB ROBERTS decd (Frances Brown of Rutherford Co., NC, John Meadows, John Gilbert, John Roberts, Josiah Dean, Isaac Roberts, Jacob Roberts, Thos Roberts, JOHN D. MITCHUSSON) to Mrs. Mary Roberts widow of said J.R. decd for $100, 179 acres on North Fork of Durbins Creek. 1) 100 acres original grant to Wm. Gibson 2) adjacent 79 acres original grant to Ezekiel Griffith, both conv to J. R. decd. Wit: Micajah & Caleb Hughes, T. Parks, J. P. [June 4, 1810]

Laurens County, South Carolina: Register of
Mesne Conveyance: Vol. D: 1791-1793:

Reference: Records of the Clerk of Court as
Register of Mesne Conveyance: Roll 4: 1791-1800
South Carolina State Archives:

Hughes, Caleb

Hughes, Caleb

Hughes, Caleb

Hughes, John

Hughes, Robert H
lease & release

Mary Meador married Caleb Hughes - Laurens, SC

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April 28, 2010

Hughes Family - Laurens

Elizabeth Hughes, Laurens County, SC 1796 was the daughter of Caleb Hughes. She is mentioned in a deed by John Meador to neices Mary Hughes, Jenny Meador Hughes, Charity Anderson Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes daughter of Caleb Hughes. Wit. by Joseph Lyons, Micajah Hughes, Hudson Berry.

Caleb Hughes if later is found on the 1800 Laurens census with 3 males between ages 16-26, one male 45 and up, 2 females 10-16, two females 16-26, and one female 45 and up. Probably the same Caleb.

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February 12, 2010

William Huse - War of 1812

My gggrandfather, William H. Hughes (Huse) served in Youngblood's, 1st Regiment SC Militia during the War of 1812. For some reason, William spelled his name, HUSE rather than Hughes. This is how the name is spelled in the 1850 census of Marshall County, AL.

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