March 18, 2004

Lampasas, TX

Looking through my notes tonight I found an item of interest that I have had for sometime, but have not considered lately. It is a note from a researcher in Lampasas, TX who is searching for information on the Huse/Hughes family. Several things caught my eye. One thing of interest is the spelling Huse. My line is the only place I have seen the name spelled Huse. On the 1850 census in Marshall County, AL, William Hughes was spelled Huse. In Lampasas there is a record of a Bradford and Rebecca Hughes. Rebeca Huse is listed as being born June 5, 1801 (location not given) and d. March 4, 1854. There is also a Rhoda Rebecca Hughes born in TX in April 1853 and died in Llano Co., TX Aug 15, 1930. The name Rhoda Rebeca would indicate a connection to George and Rhoda Hughes. There is even a possiblity that George and Rhoda had a daughter named Rebecca who is not named in the family Bible. Another note worth mentioning is that Edward Garrett in 1000 Years From Normandy listed George and Rhoda's children as having been born in TX. This must have been an error. According to all the AL census records, William Hughes was born in SC. I do wonder what caused Edward Garrett to think that George and Rhoda were at one time in TX!?!

Posted by JHSGran at March 18, 2004 08:19 PM

Bradford Hughes (s/o Moses Hughes and Telitha Unknown) was born abt 1800 and died May 5, 1840 in Burleson County, TX. He was married to Rebecca Dobbins born June 5, 1801 and died March 4, 1854 in Lampasas County, TX. They had 5 children (to my knowledge): Moses August 23, 1819, Rhoda Jane 1824, Nimrod Swancy April 17, 1830, William 1832, and Bradford, Jr. 1836.
Rebecca was the daughter of Starrett Dobbins and (are you ready?) Rhoda Hughes. Rhoda Hughes was a sister to my ancestor, Edward Hughes.
A. D.

Posted by: A. Deason Smith at March 22, 2004 07:09 AM

You know, Deason, this explains why there is so much confusion with the name 'Rhoda'. So many families used the name and now we know that some of these Rhodas were named after Rhoda, Edward's sister rather than Rhoda Garrett Hughes. Little bits of information like this are very helpful when putting the pieces together.

Posted by: Jan at March 22, 2004 07:59 PM