March 20, 2004

Laurens & Newberry

Hughes found in Laurens Co., SC in 1800 included Aaron (Aron), Caleb, George, James, John, Joel, Thomas, William. Also, Stephen Hughes will names John & Joseph as heirs in 1799. Aaron and George are both listed on census as living in "Garretts Co.".

The 'Old Cemetery' of Warrior Creek Baptist church is a place historians truly should visit. Brenda Garrett directed me there. One finds the gravestone of Salley Garrett and John Garrett. Salley Garrett's inscription reads, "Sacred to the memory of Salley Garrett who was born in the month of June 1763 and departed this life on Feby 1825 aged 62 years and 'hir' three little babies at 'hir' feet." John's reads, "Sacred to the memory of John Garrett who was borned Jan. 7, 1762 and departed this life April 14, 1844 aged 82 years, 3 mo., 7 days."

Catherine Garrett wife of Thomas is there. Several stones mark graves of persons unknown. One stone engraved J.G. and another S.G. 1820. A couple by the name of Riddle is there and another named Brownlee.

Apparently Edward and Anne Owsley Garrett were moved from the old to the new at some point. They are in above ground vaults with the inscriptions Edward Garrett b. 1733 d. 1794 age 61 yrs. and Anne Owsley Garrett b. 1745 d. 1825 age 79 yrs.

In Newberry Co., next door to Laurens I found in Box 45 Packet 1008, William Hughes widow was Rachael Starnes Hughes. Rachael later turns up in Laurens. Newberry Co., will dated 1781, probated 1783 Richard Hughes - wife Mary, children: Richard, John, Joseph, Thomas, William. William and Thomas fought in Rev. War and were in Laurens by 1798, as were a John and Joseph. Possibly the county lines changed rather than them moving, but I have not investigated this.

In Newberry Co., 1760 a Hughes was scalped. No first name is given. George Hughes, husband of Jemima Timmons was in Newberry Co. until his death in 1795.

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