March 21, 2004


Please note that in the previous entry, concerning the scalping of a Hughes in 1760,I wrote Laurens when I meant Newberry. I have since corrected that, but for those who read it, my apologies.

I also have more information on Rhoda Rebecca Hughes who was born in Lampasas, TX. My source says that she was born March 28, 1853 and died in Llano on Aug. 15, 1930. She was the daughter of Bradford Hughes & Rebecca Dobbins and the brother of a Moses Hughes.

Back to our George Hughes. In the Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1807-1809, the following is found: Mr. Taylor presented a petition of Ass de Lozeair, of the State of South Carolina, attorney in fact for John Begley, of the South Carolina Continental regiment of artillery; and for George Hughes, a sergeant in the third regiment of light dragoons; praying that he may receive the compensation due for the services of the said John Begley and George Hughes, during the Revolutionary war with Great Britain. The question remains, is this our George Hughes, husband of Rhoda? It being the State of South Carolina indicates that it probably is as George Hughes who married Jemima Timmons died in 1795 and I do not know of another George from South Carolina who could have fought in the Rev. War.

Posted by JHSGran at March 21, 2004 01:40 PM