March 22, 2004

Hughes in VA

Good Morning,
Until now, I have not mentioned the possible connection our family has to VA. My reason for this is two-fold: 1. The research in inconclusive. 2. The volumes of material that I have make it hard to know where to begin. Most of you are aware that in his book, 1000 Years From Normandy, Edward Garrett states that our George's family came from Gravesend, Eng and that he descended from the Hughes in New Kent, VA who was master carpenter and designer of St. Peter's Parish. He cites Virkus as the documentation. We who research the family have not been able to verify this connection. My plan for this site is to give what information we have documented and when there is speculation, post it as such.

Anyway, concerning VA, I have found a ship's log for a ship called Paul that came over in 1635. On board was a William Hughes and a Richard Hughes. Both were young men. These apparently settled in the area of New Kent. More later...

Posted by JHSGran at March 22, 2004 06:33 AM