March 22, 2004

VA continued

The Hughes family was well represented in the colonies.

The ship's log of the Paul is found in Licenses To Go Beyond The Seas. It is accompanied with a note that reads, "In the Paule of London Leonard Betts Mr bound to Virginia p*{er} certificate from the Minister of Gravesend of their conformitie to the Church of England." In addition to the two Hughes men, a William Riddle was aboard. In case you may have forgotten, a family by the name of Riddle is buried in the old cemetery of Warrior Creek Baptist church in Laurens, SC. The Registry and Vestry Book of St. Peter's Parish can be found on-line for those interested. In 1704, the upper part of St. Peter's Parish was laid off into a new parish and called St. Paul's. From its organization in 1704 to 1720 it was in New Kent County but in 1720 became part of Hanover County. Rees Hughes was a member of St. Paul's Parish. From what I have read on line, it is generally agreed that Rees Hughes donated the land for the building of St. Peter's Parish.

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