March 24, 2004


For those who visit this site and are interested in the Garrett line, I would like to tell you that in Columbia, TN in the archives, there is a "Jill Garrett" room. I happened upon this quite by accident and was thrilled to find that a file there contains letters written by John and Sallye Garrett to their son William. They are handwritten and fairly easy to read. John is the son of Edward and Anne who is buried in the Old Cemetery that I mentioned earlier. It is worth a trip to those who are interested in the Edward Garrett family.

Returning to Laurens and the Hughes family, I have notes from Laurens, found in Deed Book H, page 220 as follows: 8/24/1805-4/21/1807. George Hughes to Wm. Putman for $300, 114 a. s. side of Warrior Cr. Part of 300 a. gr. To Thos. Farr 6/5/1774, b. on John Garrett, Vaughan, James Garrett. Wit: Hosea Garrett, Wm. Putman, Stephen Garrett, J.P. D. R. of w. Rhoda Hughes, by Chas. Allen J.Q.
Note: Index indicates that D. R. is Dower Renunciation, whereby a wife renounces all dower claims she has to specified lands. When land/property is sold by the husband, the woman must renounce all claim to the land or property. Without this renunciation the land cannot be sold.

Check links in the near future for the will of Ann Starnes and a land sale to John Hughes.

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