March 29, 2004

Land Abstract, SC, Meredith Hughes

While looking for an entry to post for today, I ran across a page copied from the book South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1773-1778. It contains an abstract from a Meredith Hughes as follows:
Greens Creek adj. land of Meredith Hughes, Murreau Sarrazen, John Green, granted 29 May 1736 to Thomas Thompson, and said Thomas Thompson 9 & 10 June 1736 did conveyed to Meredith Hughes the above recited plantation, and said Meredith Hughes by his will did bequeath to his two sons Meredith Hughes and Henry Hughes, and said Meredith Hughes and Henry Hughes dying intestate William Hughes being the only surviving son and heir at law of said Meredith Hughes, conveyed 2 & 3 Apr. 1765 to George Cogdell (LS), Wit: William Greenwood, Levi Durant, Robt. Bruce. Proved in Charlestown District by the oath of Levi Durand, Esqr., before Geo: Sheed, 17 Feb 1778. Recorded 19 March 1778.

Posted by JHSGran at March 29, 2004 07:19 AM