April 06, 2004

Early Research

My original intentions were to begin in 1635 with the arrival of the Paul and continue to my own family who still live in Morgan Co., AL. It is easy to get off track and since I have, I will try to go back and fill in a few gaps since I know that at least one person who visits here is researching St. Peter's Parish. As I said earlier, Edward Garrett wrote that George who married Rhoda descended from William the church builder. On this basis, I paid a visit to the Parish that was reworked after the Yankee soldiers quartered horses there during the Civil War. The workers built it by the original plan and I must say it is truly beautiful. The outside brickwork is the original work done by William Hughes and his crew. The setting is perfect. It is on a rise surrounded by trees and floral. The old cemetery is there on the grounds. Episcopal services are held each Sunday and I had the privilege of attending a service. When my son has time to teach me how to add photos to this site, I will do so. The registry there indicates the following Hughes genealogy:

September 1687 Will Hughes named a son Will.
April 23, 1689 Will Hughes had son named John baptized.
Oct 18, 1691 William Hughes had son named Charles baptized.
Elizabeth daughter of William, Oct 1691
Were there two William, one called Will, the other William??
Oct. 2, 1726 Charles Hughes had a son he named George.
Charles and Elizabeth had a daughter, Annis Aug. 17, 1729
Kezia Hughes, Daughter of William, May 1729
Stephen, son of John and Annis, March 22, 1757.
Absalom Son of John and Annis June 16, 1755. (One researcher told me that John and Ann were both Hughes and also cousins. They also suggest that the two later had a son named George.
Other VA research:
William Hughes died in York 2/20/1661. Two children Anne and Elainder
William Hughes died Jan 13, 1809
1783 June 18, John Hughes married Ann Merriweather This came from from Will Book 1784 2 295
Here is a link to the Parish: http://www.geocities.com/stpeterstc/

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