April 10, 2004

Edward Hughes and Elizabeth Grigsby

In 1813, in Anderson Co., SC the 'widow Rebecca Neal' left an estate in which Moses Hughes, John Hughes, William Hughes, Edward Hughes, George Brown, Benjamin Shirley, and Starrett Dobbins shared the proceeds from the sale of a slave. I found this on a print out of the Edward Hughes Family website. I have been unable to return to that website. I would like to know just who this Rebecca Neal was. An expert researcher picked up on the fact that Rhoda Garrett Hughes testimony as quoted here: "In 1850 Mrs. Rody Hughes, age 84,who gave her residence as Blount County, Alabama appeared in court in Blount County with her son William age 61. She testified that she was present at the marriage of her sister Dorcas to Stephen Mullins in early April, 1792 in Laurence (sic) County, S.C. She testified that the marriage was a short time before the birth of her (Rody's) third child." indicates that William was her third child. We have all thought William was the second son, but he was born in 1792 and therefore Rhoda and George must have had two children before William. Rebecca was a very popular name within the family and some speculate that they could have had a daughter named Rebecca. Rhoda Hughes, daughter of Nathaniel married Starrett Dobbins. They had a daughter named Rebecca who was not born until 1801 and she died in Lampasas, TX. She would not have been of age by 1813. There is so much evidence that these two families were somehow connected. While there continue to be as many questions as answers concerning these relationships, there will be a breakthrough one of these day.

Posted by JHSGran at April 10, 2004 10:05 PM

From what I have found, Rebecca was the wife of Nathaniel Hughes born abt. 1742 and died abt 1784. After Nathaniel died Rebecca remarried to Samuel Neal born abt. 1790 and died 1811 in South Carolina.
Benjamin Shirley married Elizabeth Hughes and Starrett Dobbins married Rhoda Hughes.

Posted by: A. Deason Smith at April 18, 2004 06:43 PM