April 18, 2004

Thomas Hughes, cont. & Coming Attractions

I failed to see this earlier and just realized it was because I was on a copy of the index page when I listed the Thomas Hughes (es), but there is a Thomas Hughes, R5357, VA Line & Indian War srv of 1784-1795, sol lived in Monongalia Co VA at enl, sol had bros Jesse & Ellis Hughes, one of sol's bros & his father were killed by the Indians during the Rev, Sol appl in 1835 in Jackson Co VA aged about 80, sol d in 1837 & his wife (not named) had d 3 months earlier, in 1854 sol's only surviving child was Thomas Hughes aged 71. There are several more Thomases that I will list in the next day or two.

Within the next week, I plan to have pictures of my father, Richard Marvin Hughes, my grandfather, James Martin Francis Hughes, my ggreat aunt, Ellen Hughes Murphy. I have not forgotten the census tracking, I have just had some distractions this week which have prevented me from getting this done.

Posted by JHSGran at April 18, 2004 09:33 PM