April 21, 2004

Did you Know?

Martha Washington was a member of St. Peter's Parish in New Kent, built by William Hughes. George Washington's papers contain many letters to a 'William Hughes'. Rhoda Garrett and (probably) George Hughes were born about the time the British troops arrived in Boston. Not long afterward, the Boston Massacre occurred. The year that my gggrandfather William Hughes was born, George Washington was elected to his second term. Almost all of George and Rhoda's children were born by the time the federal government moved from Philadelphia to Washington D. C. Our ancestors actually lived the history that we read about. Our young nation must have been a challenging place to live. If you are interested in a time-line of American history, go to:
This is my third attempt to edit this post and get it right. The link does not work properly. Try typing into Google the following: Chronological Survey of American History, 1763 1860 Then click, "I feel lucky". That should take you there. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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