April 23, 2004

John Hughes

I hope that you will all forgive my rambling, but my notes are so scattered that in order to post daily, I have to pull something out and often it does not relate to what I have had written the day before. Using the theory that because George Hughes named his first son John, his father could have likely been John I did a study of John Hughes who might be possible candidates for the father of George. Here is what I put together. If anyone sees a mistake, please comment.

John Hughes - ca 1684- New Kent - Source: Johanson f.t. & Jane Lomel
This John was the son of William Hughes ca 1650. He married Sarah Harrison b ca 1685 and had a son named John Hughes b 1705 and a son named William Hughes b 1711. This if from the family who connect to Blackmore Hughes. Blackmore married Elizabeth Roberts and they had a son named George (James) Hughes who married Eliza Adams and Jemima Timmons born ca 1742. There is no son listed for this George. He died in Newberry, SC in 1795. I found one document in the court house there that had TWO George Hughes signatures as witnesses. This is the only thing I have found that indicates that George who married Jemima and our George who married Rhoda might be related. Well, actually it is not the only thing. Edward Garrett says that our George descended from William who built St. Peter's Parish and this is the family of that William.

John Hughes ca 1749 New Kent ? source: Jane Lomel This John was a cousin to Annie b 1729 and he also married her. She was the daughter of Charles son of William b 1650. She had a brother named George 1726 born in 1726. I do not know what became of this George. Annie and John had two children: Absalom & Stephen.

More about the John Hughes of colonial America when I return from a short trip to Gatlinburg.

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Do you need help with the Mary Dalton who married Archelaus Hughes ?

If so, I can help.

- Ken

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