May 08, 2004

The Ballew Family &The Hughes Lineage Appleton's Journal

The note I will add this morning concerns the Ballew family from Morgan Co., AL. My connection to this family is as follows. My grandfather's sister, Rachael Jane Hughes, son of George C. who was the son of William H. Hughes, son of George and Rhoda married William Oscar Ballew in Morgan County, AL. William Ballew was a farmer. He and Rachael had seven children. They were named: Margaret Jane, Andrew, Julia L. Benjamin, Oscar, Thomas and Clarence. Their son Oscar was born Feb. 4, 1897 in Hartselle and died Oct. 8, 1934. He married Ellen Jane Lynn on July 12, 1919 in Hartselle. This information came from the 1900 Morgan Co. Census records and from Eddie Belew (a descendant). Now I will share my firsthand knowledge and the information my Dad gave me. William apparently was named William Aurthur because Eddie stated that William was married to Cleo Beatrice Coffey. I know that my dad's cousin, Aurthur was married to Bea. Also, Clarence was married twice. I do not remember his first wife, but his second wife he called 'Pet'. My mom says her name was Pet Ellis Covington. They had a daughter named Rachel after my great aunt Rachel (Clarence's mother) Clarence visited in our house many times when I was small. One thing that I remember about him is how much he loved honey. We had a hive of bees that took up residence on our property and while eating breakfast with us, he commented how much he wished he had honey from the bee's hive.

I can remember visiting Tom Belew as a child. He lived in Birmingham, AL, Jefferson County. I cannot remember a great deal about him. He seemed to be older than my dad. I do have a picture made there and will place it on this site eventually.

Rachel and William are buried at Mt. Tabor Methodist Cemetery in Morgan Co., AL. Rachel's brother, Josh, was instrumental in the founding of that church. I have many, many family members buried there including my own dear father and grandparents.

The spelling of the name still alludes me. The census spelling is Ballew, but I thought Clarence spelled his name Belew. If a member of this family sees this, please add your comments and straighten me out if I have given any incorrect information.

My intention was to direct visitors to a rootsweb site called The Hughes Lineage, Appleton's Journal. Apparently that site has been removed. There is another site that has the journal transcribed but without the picture and formatting. It is found at: Appleton's Journal

Posted by JHSGran at May 8, 2004 11:09 AM

hi , i am related to Ballews but it seems to be a different one from Urs . and most of mine went to Marshal co off and on .i am from a george Ballew supposedly son of Issac Ballew and cassa Smith . he married a daughter of henderson Perry, Lavinia whose mother was supposedly native american and her grandfather was taken away on trail of tears then it seems that line dies out at least in the ballew name since i came from the girls and i dont know any of the males that had kids . but thnx for letting me email u always nice to run into someone in my home county in Alabama . kat

Posted by: Kathy at January 14, 2005 11:05 PM