May 11, 2004

Jefferson Co., AL 1850

Jefferson County is just below Blount Co. Family members of the family of George and Rhoda were at one time in Jefferson Co., AL. In 1850, while William was in Marshall Co., along with his mother Rhoda, in Jefferson we find:
George Hughes 37 b SC (born 1813)
Martha 37 b SC
Benjamin 7 b AL
Fayette 4 b AL
Rhoda E. 10 b AL
Thomas A. 12 b AL

Robert Hughes 64 b SC
Mary 63 b SC
William 5 b AL
William 16 b GA
Harriet 1 b AL

Robert Hughes 29 b GA
Elizabeth P. 31 b AL
Mary G. 6 b AL
Sarah E. 8 mos. b AL
Stephen H. 5 b AL

George W. Hughes b SC
Mary 33 b SC
John 6 b AL
Marion 1 b AL
Matthew 10 b AL
Nancy 8 b AL
Pleasant 4 b AL
Thomas 14 b AL
William 12 b AL

Jesse Hughes 38 b GA
Polly 32 b GA
George 4 b GA
James 10 b GA
Jessee 8 b GA
Rebecca 2 b GA
Rhoda 6 b GA
William 8 b GA

This was taken from a census book in Somerville, AL. I have added a note that the above Polly was the daughter of Polly Newton and Garrett Buckalew from Loudon, VA. I am not sure of my source on this, but it is handwritten which means I was in the library at Somerville when I found this.

Now I am very interested in learning the connection of the Newton family and the Buckalew family. I just found a Blanton who is researching the Newton family. (Remember our Richard Blanton Hughes?) If the Newtons and Buckalews were in Loudon, VA I have to believe they are connected to our Edward Garrett. The name "Garrett" suggest that the mother was a Garrett. Perhaps someone out there can tell us more.

There is a website that has Jesse Hughes married to Mary Alice Powell and also it has Rhoda in Blount Co. in 1850. I am not sure what the explanation is on this. My sister found the Marshall Co. census that shows Rhoda in the house with William H. In 1850. My thinking is that perhaps she had a residence in Blount but due to her age she actually stayed in the household of William over in Marshall Co. Here is that website: Hughes Family

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