May 14, 2004

William Hughes, Blountsville

Most of you who research George and Rhoda's line know that William is my ggreatgrandfather and that he was wounded in the War of 1812 with a gunshot wound to the thigh. I found this on-line some time ago. The verification for this comes from a survey made in Blount Co. AL in 1880. He was drawing $8.00 a month pension and said he had been shot in the thigh. Jane was probably not living and William would have been 88 at the time. I want to know where he served, but when I wrote for his record, it was not found. If anyone out there could help with this I would appreciate hearing from you.

On a different note, I want to add a site that I found long ago that some of you may not have run across. It is from First Families in America - Virkus and is a page that has Hughes listed. It is an archived page and I do not have the home page. Check out: First Families

I hope none of you are getting too frustrated with my ramblings. I am actually going through my file box and have reached F with First Families. In the beginning I tried a chronological approach and found myself spending much too long each day. This approach allows me to just reach in the file and pull something out.

Posted by JHSGran at May 14, 2004 08:19 AM