May 15, 2004

Garrett Family in Morgan Co.

The Garrett family is so well documented that I will not spend a lot of time posting, but rather give a few links to that information at the end of today's post. I will, however, give some recent information on the family of Marcus Layafayette and Nettie Zelda Brooks Garrett Also, I am asking my son to post pictures of the Warrior Creek Cemetery. Most of you know that Edward and Anne donated the land for this beautiful church. I have a snapshot of the church that I will post later this week.

The following is taken from The Heritage of Morgan County - Vol. 52 Marcus Layfayette was born the 21st of Nov. 1881 in Marshall County, AL. (This is how I know he is descended from Edward. His father was in Marshall Co. along with William Hughes.)Marcus father died when he was eight years old. They moved to Morgan Co. at this time to a community called Lacey's Spring. Marcus was tall, light hair, and crystal blue eyes. Marcus was a sharecropper on the Vaughn Place. The first child of Nettie and Marcus died before she could be named. The second little girl was born a year later and named Gertrude Cornelia Garrett. She was known as Gertie and grew up to own the 'Sweet Shop' at the Elks Theater in Huntsville, AL. Marcus and Nettie had a son named William Buford and one named James Orr. Other children included a daughter named Mattie Bernice (died at age two), son - James Wilbur, daughter - Mary Madgelene (married J.C. Morrison) daughter - Lorene Elizabeth married Albert Tovey, and daughter Lois Meriam who married Huston C. Cushing of Hartselle, AL.

It is stated in the Heritage book that the writer "witnessed the greatest love between two people I have seen anywhere between any people. Her nickname for him was what most people knew him as, 'Doll'. They are buried side-by-side at the Lipscomb Cemetery in Lacey's Spring, Alabama."

Garretts found in Marshall Co., AL who may be the father of Marcus Layafayette are:
Garrett, Lewis L. to Mitchell, Eva 1860 JUN 13 1860 JUN 17 Garrett, Pierce M. B. to Vercer, Martha Jane 1860 OCT 30 1860 NOV 02 Here are the links I promised.
Family of William Garrett

Garrett Book

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