May 18, 2004

Notes on George Hughes

The following notes were taken sometime ago. I thought that perhaps if I attempted to list the George Hughes who are documented from 1700-1800 I would be able to determine which George married Rhoda. Hope some of this is helpful. (The picture of Erskine Hughes may be up by Saturday)
George Hughes - son of Blackmore Hughes (ca mid 1700’s)
m. Elizabeth Adams
2 John Hughes
2 Samuel Hughes
2 Mary Hughes
2 Bunch Hughes
2 Sarah Hughes
My source on this was Ken Klamm a descendant of Blackmore Hughes

The DAR patriot index has a George Robert Twelves Hughes listed b. 8-25-1742 d 11-05-1840 married Sarah Summer PS Pvt Smn MA
On Rootsweb message board as follows: Searching for George Hughes in Berkley Co., SC and brother Joseph . George Hughes - Colonial Plat- 150 A.-Berkley Co., SC- 1770 - Aug 13. Royal Grant - 150 A. “””-1774-Aug 11 Memorial by George Hughes “” 1775-Jan 17. A great possibility that he may be the father of my: Willis Henry Hughes b. SC abt. 1800 m. Julia Ann Hall b. SC, 1801 Children: Aranda E. Roan, Permelia, Chapel, George, Joseph, Lorenzo, Willis & Martha. (only George & Joseph were b. in SC. The above documents are in the SC Dept. of Archives but I have not sent for them because I must prove first that George is mine. (What was meant by a Memorial in 1775?) Perhaps it could shed some light. Will greatly appreciate your help . Barbara Smith 18 July 1999

George Hughes from Bertie NC married Mary Outlaw before 1779. Found this using Google.

From George Hughes Jr. who lives near Richmond, VA. He sent a copies of information recorded by Benjamin Hughes in an attempt to collect his Rev.War pension. The information came from sworn affidavits. It states: “The birth certificate presented by Hughes was a note signed by Ben Anderson. George Hughes, son of Henry Hughes and Margaret, his wife, was born June 17, 1761. Charles, a Negro child, belonging to Henry Hughes was born June 12, 1761. Benjamin Hughes was born October 7, 1763. I hereby certify that the above is a true copy found among the papers in the Register Book kept by the Rev. Patrick Henry, given under my hand this 14th day of February, 1778.”

From Hughes and Related Families newsletter:
George Hughes, the Virginia forebear, was one of 22 adherents of Charles I vs. Crommell, who, under the sponsorship of Sir William Berkeley, the governor, were permitted to come to the New Colony in 1646. He had a sizable plantation in York County with his wife Ann. He had a sister, Elizabeth Hughes who married James Turner of New Kent County, VA; and it is likely that Rees Hughes was a brother.

In 1704, George owned 250 acres in James City County, Berkeley’s One Hundred. The family became contractors and builders. George’s son, William, in 1700-1703 built a brick church in St. Peters Parrish, New Kent County, VA…..
This goes on to list children of William, one of which is Blackmore born 1711.

(The thing about the above that confuses me is that there is no George mentioned in the St. Peter’s Parish Registry other than George who is the son of Charles born in 1726. There is a Will and a William. Because I know that William Hughes did sail here in 1635, I tend to believe that he is the father of the church builder.

Record found from Hughes/Martin website states that William Hughes (church builder) married three times - first to a Bowles (they had a daughter who married a Perkins - thus the Virkus record?) Secondly he married a Bronson and the third wife was Nancy Blackwell. According to this record, William and Nancy had a son named George Parnell Hughes. I tried to return to this website tonight and could not find it again, but I do have the print-out. It is difficult to follow. It was written by Bev Bates.

From the St. Peter’s Vestry Book and from Hughes Family of the Byrd:
Charles, son of Wm Hughes married Eliza, their issue; George, baptized Oct. 2, 1726

1785 Hughes, Robert1-2288 Hughes, William1---1-Hughes, George1---1- Tax List of Campbell County, VA
Martin, David1---514Martin, Martha

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