May 25, 2004

G. J. Hughes

G. J. Hughes was found on an ancestor Chart in the Morgan Co. Archives in Decatur, AL. Available information shows that G.J. Hughes was born ca 1815-1819 in SC. His wife was named Sarah E. One son, William P. Hughes was born May 16, 1841 in GA and died Nov. 28, 1911 in Calhoun Co., AL. He was married to Easter Elvira Russel. William's son Joseph Alvin Hughes was born January 21, 1877 in White Plains, AL and died Aug 29 in Vinemont, Cullman Co., AL He was married to Ventice Dora Hughes who was born July 8, 1904 in Boaz, AL, (Marshall Co.)

The above is the only information I found. There may be more at the archives, I just did not have time to look. I noticed here the connection to Marshall County. This most likely means that Dora Ventice Hughes descended from Richard Blanton, but is not conclusive. We think William H. (son of George) had a son that we have not been able to trace. There was a son on the census in Gwinnett co. in 1830. Perhaps G.J. could be the son. If anyone seeing this can help, please do so.

Besides a Hughes marrying a Hughes, the Russell interests me. My father was a Hughes and my mother a Russell.

Posted by JHSGran at May 25, 2004 08:14 AM