June 05, 2004

William, Meredith & Henry

The following was taken from House of Hughes and Dunahoe and Their Many Relatives Sources are given in the back of the book. I copied a few pages that I found of interest.

In South Carolina, during the Revolution an account of the battle for Charleston and Georgetown is given. After the enemy was removed from the state except within a twenty-mile area of Charleston, voting for the assembling of the legislature was held. On July 3, 1786 a debt was paid to Captain William Hughes as follows:

Issued the 10 April 1786 to Mr. William Hughes for L4..8..6 3/4 St. g duty in Brandons regm. a/audited
Principal L4..8..6 3/4 Interest L0..6..2

19 April 1727 Trench sold Meredith Hughes of Craven County, 200a. in Craven County, on N side Black River bounding NW on John Hooper, SE on a creek; & whereas Hughes, by will dated 1 Oct. 1739 bequeathed the 200 a to his son, William; & whereas on 5 July 1740 Lt. Gov. William Bull granted William Hughes 170 a in Craven Co., bounding NW on Sinckler; SE on Hughes; NE on Burton; SW on Black River; & whereas by L & R dated 15 & 16 August 1755 William Hughes & Sarah, his wife, sold the 2 tracts to Anthony Martin White.

Meredith Hughes married second on 4 Dec. 1734 to Mary Pyatt. 4 chldren Son of l

Henry Hughes born 19 January 1735. He married Susannah Bothwell.

Craven County?? Could anyone from South Carolina tell me about Craven County? I found a Craven County, NC, but no SC?

John Murray [sic] of the Parish of Prince-Frederick, Bachelor, and Margaret Hughes of the Praish of Prince Frederick, Spinister, were married at the Dwelling-house of Mr. Henry Hughes of the Parish of Prince Frederick by Licence, this twenty-eight day of November, Anno Domini 1782, by me, S.F. Warren of the Parish of James' Santee Clerk.
The marriage was solemnized between us in the presence of: John Murray, Margaret Hughes, Henry Hughes, Randolph Threes

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