June 08, 2004

House of Hughes...

From The House of Hughes and Dunahoe and Their Many Relatives
Text is as follows:
William Hughes, planter, of Craven Co., & Sarah Hughes, to Anthony Martin White, manner for 350 curency, 2 plantations, total 370 a. in Craven Co., bounding S & SE on Black River & a creek; NW on Mr. Sinckler; NE on Burton. Whereas John, earl of Bath, Palatine, & the Lords Proprs. granted John Baily of Ballinacough, Co., of Trench, merchant of SC, his attorney, with authority to sell the land, reserving a certain portion; & whereas on 19 Apr. 1727 Trench sold Meredith Hughes, of Craven Co., 200 a on N side Black River, bounding NW on John Hooper; SE on a creek; which Hughes by will dated 1 Oct. 1739 bequeathed to his son William Hughes; & whereas Lt. Gov. William Bull on 5 July 1740 granted William Hughes 170 a. in Craven Co., bounding NW on Sinckler; SE on Hughes; NE on Burton; SW on Black River; now Hughes sell both tracts to White. Witnesses: Peter Lesesne, Mary Johnson. Before Joseph Dubourdieu, J.P., on 2 Mar 1769. Recorded 4 May 1773 by Henry Rugeley, Register.

Henry Hughes bequeathed land to Margaret-wife of John Murray of Prince Frederick's Parish, 400 acres River, Prince Frederick's Parish adjacent land of Meredith Hughes on Boleichet Creek.

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