June 25, 2004

David Hughes + The Francis Family

Today's entry is a query from Randall B. Hughes. He's searching for information on David Hughes and writes the following:

I have always met a stopping point with my DAVID JAMES HUGHES. I have his father as being David D. Hughes (born 1795 in South Carolina) and, after a recent email from another researcher, I now believe this information is wrong. Below is the information I have on David James Hughes. If anyone can help me with finding out who his father is, I will be very grateful!!! 1880 census for District 15, Lawrence County, Tn. page 215B David J. Hughes, farmer, married, 51, b. in Tn., parents b. in SC Martha J., keeps house, wife, 49, b. in In., parents b. SC Sidney, works on farm, son, single, 20, b. in Tn., fa. b. in Tn., mo. b. in In. Martha, at home, dau, single, 18, b. in Tn., fa. b. in Tn., mo. b. in In. Not listed in this census are the following children; Mary E., born - Abt. 1854 Francis, born - Abt. 1855 David "Dave", born - 1857 Sidney ... (listed above) this is Sidney Henderson Hughes born - May 13, 1861 Martha ... (listed above) William, born - Abt. 1865 I had gotten (somewhere) that David James Hughes' Father was David D. Hughes. However, I cannot find that he is, nor can the lady who emailed me substantiate David D. as having a Son named David James (Hughes). If anyone can't tell me the name of David James Hughes' Father, I will be eternally grateful!!! Thanks again, Randall B. Hughes

For some time now, I have thought that I put the story of George C. Hughes' wife Anna Elizabeth Francis on this site. Apparently, I did not. Here is the story:

In the early part of the 19th century, George Francis came to visit relatives in Canada and the Carolinas from his home in Ireland. He was impressed with the country and went back to Ireland to persuade his family to move to America. George's Mother was Arabella Lee and his father was John Francis. In the early 1700's, before returning to America, George's father, John was killed in an ox-cart accident. John was a stonecutter by profession. His widow, Arabella Lee, and her three sons then set sail for the "new world". It is said that all her possessions (a flax wheel, a set of pewter dishes, a Bible commentary printed in London in 1674) fit in her apron. Her sons, Robert was 30, John was 22, and William age 19. Robert was my gggrandfather

The family settled in the Morgan County area of North Alabama. They are listed on the 1850 census record of Morgan County Federal Census. Arabella lived to be 90 years of age and was still able to ride a horse. She is buried in a cemetery that has been overgrown with trees, vines, and weeds, but the marker is still there and the name on the stone is legible. I think that Robert is in that same cemetery. My plans are to create a genealogy report on the family and have it posted as a link.

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