June 28, 2004

Thomas Hughes, Charlestown

From Will Book B 1786-1793

Thomas Hughes, late of Charles Town, but now of State of Georgia. Wife: Sarah. Children: [not named]. Mentions: estate divided between my children at 21 years for sons and 18 years for daus. at the death of my wife. Exors: wife; Hon. John Edwards, Sr. John Edwards, Jr., and John Gibbons Wit: Elisha Poinsett, Job Colcock, Richard Wainwright. D: near Savannah, GA., 8 Oct. 1779. CODICIL. Mentions: estate to wife and children now born and hereafter to be born, or any child or children born after date of this codicil; lately purchased a lot in Tradd St. with my now "Partners in Trade" and all other part of my estate shall be sold by executors for benefit of wife and children; Hon. John Edwards having died since making of will, I do appoint Joshua Ward of Charleston, attorney-at-law with other executors. Wit: Ann Ball, Elizabeth Massey, William Graves.D: 13 Jan. 1785. P: 23 Jan 1788.

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