July 06, 2004

Bradford Hughes

Can anyone tell me about the George Hughes listed below. I found the information on Hughes and Related Families, but the email address of the contact person is no longer valid. Sarah Hughes Born June 21, 1738 Died April 10, 1822 Spouse Isaac Foster Marriage 1752 I do not know why the spouse was named Foster and the children are all listed as Hughes if the mother was a Hughes. On World Connect Rootsweb, the children are listed as Fosters. While the logical conclusion is that the information below is a mistake, I would like to hear it from someone who has researched this family.

Child 1 Nimrod Hughes Born Mar 2, 1754 Died 1820

Child 2 Joshua Hughes Born 1755

Child 3 Mary Hughes Born 1758 Spouse William Hughes

Child 4 Isaac Hughes, Jr Born 1760

Child 5 Elizabeth Hughes Born 1764

Child 6 George Hughes Born 1767

Child 7 William Hughes Born 1768

Child 8 James Hughes Born 1770

Child 9 Nathanial Hughes Born 1772

Child 10 Nancy Hughes Born 1774

The reason for my interest is that William Hughes who married Mary Foster appears to be the son of Thomas Hughes and the Grandson of Edward Hughes. There are reasons to believe that George is either a son or grandson of Edward Hughes.

Posted by JHSGran at July 6, 2004 08:17 PM