July 25, 2004

Hughes Family Gathering

The picture below was sent to me indirectly by Maxine Gibson, a Morgan Co. Historian and friend. The picture was taken in the summer of 1954 or 1955. While I do not remember the occasion, I believe that it was the week of my grandfather's death. It is probably the Sunday following the funeral. Identification is below the thumbnail. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

First Row
1. Jamie Hughes
3. Patsy Hughes
3. Demaris Ann Hughes (Johnson)
4. Janet Lou Hughes (Smith) Yours Truly
5. Ida Odessa Russell Hughes
6. Demaris (Mae) Shirley Hughes
7. Mrs. Hartman
8. Gail King
9. Linda Sue Hughes (Floyd)
10.Lena Maples
11.Reedy Maples
12.Edith Crowe Hughes
13.Edward Myrl Hughes
14.Ernest Maples
15.George Henry Hughes
16.Claude Maples
17.Richard Marvin Hughes
18.Bob Maples
19.Mary Gertrude Wider Hughes
20.Ivy Hughes (Maples)
21 Mrs. Tyler

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