August 17, 2004

Jessee Hughes and Mary Powell

Just recently I was contacted by Joan (pronounced Jo-Ann)Wood. Joan is the daughter of Tennie May Hughes and Benjamin H. Weldon. Tennie parents were Jesse Hughes and Frances Elizabeth Murray The parents of Jesse were John Hughes and Margaret (Unknown). John was the son of Jesse Hughes and Mary Powell. Jesse Hughes was born 1811-1812. He married Mary Alice Powell (picture) (Owens, Dictionary of Alabama Biography ). Jesse Hughes named a daughter Rhoda Jane Hughes.

Joan believes that Jesse is the son of William H. Hughes, my own gggrandfather and second son of George and Rhoda Hughes. Joan tells me that while she is not 100% certain that Jesse is William's son, she is certain that John is Jesse's son. She got the information on John's birth from WFT Vol. 105, Tree 1123, however, he was shown as being born in 1852 and died 1853. He was 99 years old when he died in 1946 so his birth date should be 1847.

Joan also shared with me that Jesse Hughes and Frances Murray Hughes have a daughter who is still living and that she is going to attempt to get information from her. The lady's name is Mabel. Another family member has researched this branch as well and she will send this information as soon as it becomes available.

Here is a paragraph from an email that she sent me:
"I'm not sure when my family moved from Alabama, but have my grandfather Jesse being born in Arkansas in 1865. According to what I have found on GenForum etc. he did not marry until 1902, so he was 37 when he married my grandmother and she was born in 1872 so she was older than normal for those days. She was born in Purdy, Mo. so I'm not sure how they met. Her father was originally from Blount Tenn. but moved to Arkansas from there. I haven't traced that line yet as I only found the picture of her father yesterday with his birthdate etc on back of it. One of the families Violet corresponded with was Sylvia Hughes Robbins, her husband was Robert L. Robbins. Alonzo Hughes lived close to them and he had a son named Artie L. Hughes."

I hope that I have included enough of information sent for those of you who are interested to recognize the family if you are also from this family. As for whether or not Jesse is the missing son of William, I think that it is very likely that he is. Three things are indicators. 1. The birthdate and birthplace are right 2. The naming of a daughter Rhoda Jane (Rhoda for grandmother and Jane for mother) & sons named George and William (for both father and grandfather) moved to Blount Co. and William listed residence as Blount Co. when he applied for pension for service in War of 1812. Those who are related in any way to this family, please contact me either at or at

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