August 25, 2004

1900 Indian Territory census

This came from Joan today. As she said, it looks very conclusive. I think we are safe in saying that Jesse Hughes and Mary Powell are the father of John Hughes and we know for sure that John is the father of Jesse Columbus.

In the 1900 Indian Territory census, Choctaw Nation, township 3 north range 22 east, ED 94-13A-35.

John Hughes, head of household, white,age 37, born in September of 1850 in Alabama. Both his parents were born in South Carolina. He is a farmer and widowed.
Thomas Hughes, son, white, age 20, single, born in Arkansas. Both parents born in Alabama. He is a farm laborer.
Rhoda Hughes, daughter, white, age 17, single, born in Arkansas.
Margaret Hughes, daughter, white, age 11, born in Arkansas.

In the 1880 Arkansas census, Garland county, Mountain township, ED 71-4-25.

John Hughes, head of household, white, age 29, born in Alabama. Both parents were born in Alabama. He is a farmer
Julia A Hughes, wife, white, age 23, born in Alabama. Both parents in Alabama.
Jesse C. Hughes, son, white, age 5, born in Arkansas.
Mary E. Hughes, daughter, white, age 3, born in Arkansas.
William T. Hughes, son, white, age 9 months, born in Arkansas.

The only thing that we cannot be positive about is whether or not Jesse is the son of William H. Hughes, son of George and Rhoda. My personal belief, for what it is worth, is that he is. I gave the reasons recently and since then have discovered the Mary Powell connection, thanks to Joan. This is further indication that Jesse is very closely related to my own Hughes branch. Tomorrow I will try and get a picture of Alonzo Lavert Hughes posted. His father was James Miles Hughes. Miles Powell was a well-known figure in Morgan Co. in the early part of the 20th century. I had no idea that Mary Powell who married Jesse Hughes was a part of the same Powell family as Miles Powell and Sherman Powell until this week. Somehow, I just never made that connection. Thank you, Joan.

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