October 31, 2004

New Research

Recently, I have had very little time or opportunity to research. However, I did get in an hour while on a trip to Danville, KY. As it turned out, I did not find any useful information about Hughes in Kentucky, but I did find a nugget in the library there. For some time now, I have been unable to find any unaccounted for George Hughes in the state of VA, but on the shelf in Danville is a booklet with the 1788 Loudoun Co. Virginia tax list.

It is unique because a law passed by the VA Assembly on the 11th of Oct. 1786 mandated that the tax commissioners should "on the tenth day of March annually, begin and continue proceeding without delay through their respective district, and call on every person subject to taxation, or having property in his or her possession for a written list thereof...make four alphabetical general lists therefrom, shewing in columns according to the form hereto also annexed, the date when each list was received, the persons chargeable with the tax or taxes, and the number or quantity of every species of property, inserting particularly the names of all free males subject to tax, distinguishing those also subject only to parish and county levy...". This law was different from the prior one concerning the personal property taxes in that the commissioner was to call on each person at his residence and he made a note of the day he took the lists. The list including free white males between 16 and 21 has enabled us to determine a little more information concerning the household AND it is possible to determine the neighbors of the head of household.

Here is what I found. In Loudoun,there were two George Hughs. One is,himself, a head of household. The other is in the household of Isaac Hughs, Isasac being the head of household. There is also a Warner Hughs in the house. Interesting sides notes, Neighbors of Isaac, George and Warner were Thomas Garrett, Sr., Points Owsley, William Powell, John Garrett, Joseph Garrett, and Elisha Powell Jr. and Sr. and Constantine Hughes Fairly near these lived the George Hughs who is a head of household. In the same county we find a Patrick Sullivan.

Many of you who know me know that I have searched for some clue as to the father of our George Hughes. Could this be him? I can't make that assumption because I know that by 1791, he was in Laurens with Rhoda. I suspect that he was there well before 1791, but have no proof.

If anyone out there has information on Issac, George, Warner, or this Thomas Hughes, I hope you will share. I found quite a few Tripletts on the list in Loudown.

Posted by JHSGran at October 31, 2004 01:49 PM