January 19, 2005

George Henry Hughes

Janie Healer Davis from Sweetwater, TX has been so kind as to send me all of the files on her Hughes family. The names are remarkably similar to my own. So far, I have not found a connection even though they both were in SC around 1800. Janie has been kind enough to allow me to place her story on this web-site. It will take me several days to include all of the story, so check back each day. Janie may be contacted at ddjdsd@sbcglobal.net

Descendants of William Henry HUGHES

Generation No. 1

1. William Henry1 HUGHES was born 1760 in Chester County, SC, and died 1852. He married Mary Nancy BELL. She was born in FL, and died 1842 in Tangipahoa Parish, LA.

Notes for William Henry HUGHES:
According to THE HUGHES OF TANGIPAHOA PARISH by Ella Bahm Hughes (1983), Page xv:

"When we consolidated our first findings with what came from Frank [Hughes], Fletcher [Alford] and Ernie [Edwards], we came up with something like this:

William Henry came to Louisiana with a family to the area of St. Tammany Parish. He lived for some years here then, leaving his wife, Nancy, here with sons Calvin and George and stepson Levi Bell, he left with sons Richard and Henry Oliver around 1825 or later and went to Copiah County, Mississippi.

Ernie Edwards tells us about old Col. Edwards (Daniel) having received word that Nancy wanted to see him. Riding his horse he approached her home and saw Nancy on her knees under some oak trees. As he can near, he heard her praying, so he stopped until she had finished. He approached her and inquired what she wanted of him. Nancy expressed her very great fear of the Indians. But Col. Edwards assured her that what few Indians were around were friendly and would not harm her. He asked her about her food supply and she told him that she was doing all right---that George was working for Nathan Joiner and was taking care of her. She lived in a plain log house, her son Levi Bell was married, and Calvin was away at work.

Nancy lived until 1841. She is buried in an ummarked grave in the family plot.

William Henry, Sr. never returned to Louisiana to live. He died in Copiah County, Mississippi. His will was recorded in 1851 in Copiah County.

Frank Hughes told hs that he remembered his grandfather coming home from Mississippi with a small black boy riding on the pony behind him. William Henry's will states that he left "to my son Calvin one negro boy named Wash".

As we gradually unwound the facts related to these people and their lives, it turned out to be very similar to the tranditional stories that we had been told.

Census records told us that all four sons of William Henry and Nancy were born in Georgia, which tells us that William Henry must have come to Louisiana about 1808 or 1809 (according to Robert's notes).

Let us note here that Levi lived near his mother's place, and today the descendants of his family still own that property, with the lonely little family plot sitting on the crown of the hill not far from the clear shining waters of Chappapela Creek. William Henry's son, Calvin, is buried there with his wives on either side. A marker was placed there in recent years by the descendants of the Hughes. This plot is one of the Hughes Cemeteries (there are three in all).

Let me remind myself here that William Henry was the Henry whom we discovered to be the Father of our family of Hughes. He was known as Henry, not William Henry, in Louisiana. Because of numerous Henrys in the family, we will call him William Henry for clarification."


Page 1, same book:

"In Nov. of 1819, Henry Hughes completed a land sale to Robert Edwards, proving his presence in Louisiana at that date.

Sometime later, about 1825-1830, he left his wife, his stepson, Levi, and his sons George and Calvin in Louisiana. He went to Covington County, Mississippi taking his sons Richard and Henry O. Hughes.

In 1840 census records, William Henry Hughes was recorded in Copiah County, Mississippi, dealing in land in the vicinity of Crystal Springs and Hazlehurst. In 1851, he seemed quite wealthy, owning considerable lands and other property. His wife in Louisiana died in poverty in 1841. (Suite filed in Amite, Tangipahoa, LA.) There is evidence to prove that they knew where each other was."


Page 2, same book:

"After we had found the records of William Henry Hughes having lived and died in Mississippi, we went back to see if we could find cemeteries and/or living relatives. We found both.

The "family story" said that Henry met his wife on the way to Louisiana and married her, that they lived somewhere "up there above Osyka" in Mississippi, that they came to Louisiana and in a year or so he "went back to Mississippi".

Here is what we found: Henry and Nancy Mary Bell Hughes lived in Georgia after being married, long enough to have their sons all born there, as proven by the U.S. Census Records of 1850-60-70. They were in Jefferson County, Georgia, when he applied for a passport in 1807 to go through the Creek Nation. Since Calvin was the youngest son and he was born in Georgia in 1809, this proves that they didn't get out of Georgia Territory until after 1809.

Another "family story" said that Henry had a brother who came along with him and "dropped off" in Mississippi. No one knows that this brother's name was. Was it Robert, was it Thomas, or was it William? Census records show a William as being in the area of Amite County, another in Claiborne.

Someone said that Henry went to Mississippi from Louisiana and raised "another family". We could not find anything to verify this. He lived alone after Henry Oliver married. Later on, his grandson George lived with him. All of the children we found in the Census were the family of Richard and of Henry O.

Conflicting family stories came to us as to whether Wm. Henry Hughes came to St. Tammany Parish first or lived in Copiah County first. The land records prove his being here in the earlier years; and the service record of his enrollment in the War of 1812 in the Louisiana records proves his residence as Louisiana.

Records in Mississipi do not list any record of Wm. Henry Hughes before the year 1830."


Page 3, same book:

"It was Robert's and my opinion that William Henry and Nancy had a friendly agreement about his going to Mississippi to live. We thought probably her health prevented her traveling at that time, and she probably intended to follow him later on, and never did get well enough."


More About William Henry HUGHES:
Burial: Copiah County, MS (Marker placed at Hughes III Cemetery, Tangipahoa Parish, LA)

More About Mary Nancy BELL:
Burial: Old Sharon Cemetery, Tangipahoa Parish, LA

Children of William HUGHES and Mary BELL are:
+ 2 i. Richard2 HUGHES, born 1805 in Georgia; died Sep 1875.
+ 3 ii. George Henry HUGHES, Sr., born 1806 in Georgia; died 30 Sep 1847 in of Yellow Fever in Cherokee County, TX.
+ 4 iii. Henry Oliver HUGHES, born 07 Feb 1808 in Georgia; died 08 May 1858 in Crystal Springs, Copiah, MS.
+ 5 iv. Calvin Henry HUGHES, born 26 Jan 1809 in Georgia; died 07 Nov 1894 in Tangipahoa Parish, LA.

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