August 29, 2009

Research from Forrest Mullins

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Information below is from Forrest Mullins, a descendant of George Hughes and Rhoda Garrett through their son Moses who married Sarah Isbell:

I have been doing quite a bit of research lately on the New Kent/Hanover Co. VA Hughes. I think the father of George and grandfather of Ennis comes from one of those families--Anthony Hughes, b. c1685, a son of Rees Hughes, Jr., b. c1655. Rees Jr. was a son of Rees Hughes, Sr., b. c1625 who came to Virginia about 1650.

Edward Garrett, in his journal (Day Book) mentioned that his son-in-law, George Hughes, b. c1760 who had married Edward's daughter, Rhoda was a descendant of William Hughes, b. c1660 who had built the Brick Church of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co. in 1703 (the church is still standing and in use. Supposedly, George Washington married Martha in that Church). Edward could have gotten that information only from George himself. Like a lot of family legends, George was in the right neighborhood, just missed the right house.

My research has showed that George did not descend from William, the Church Builder, but rather from William's brother, Rees Hughes, Jr. I am basing that on the fact that Anthony Hughes, son of Rees Jr. was living along Twittys Creek in Lunenburg Co. VA in 1760 when he died. That area became Charlotte Co. in 1765. Anthony was living amidst other families that had sons that went to SC and intermarried with the Edward Garrett family.

Edward Garrett's wife was Ann Owsley. They both were born and raised in the northern counties of Virginia, fairly close to Washington, DC and left that area about 1767, moving down to South Carolina, where they settled in Laurens Co. The Owsleys descend from a long line of important English nobles and kings, going back to William the Conqueror, who took control of England in 1066. The last king in their line was King Edward I, otherwise known as Longshanks. If you saw the movie, "Braveheart" with Mel Gibson, Longshanks was the English King against whom William Wallace fought.

Now, it turns out that Anthony Hughes (who I think is George and Ennis' ancestor, but not through Anthony's male line--which is why we don't have the same Y-DNA as other New Kent/Hanover Co. Hughes)--Anthony had a brother named William, b. c1692. Anyone who has done very much Hughes research has probably run across a Blackmore Hughes, b. c1718. William Hughes was Blackmore's father.

William obviously had a second, maybe third, younger wife in his old age and had a daughter named Elizabeth. William had moved to Cumberland Co., VA by the time Elizabeth was born, c1753. William died in 1763, and Elizabeth chose her older half-brother, Simon Hughes, as her guardian. Later, Elizabeth married Samuel Taylor, b. c1747. Samuel and Elizabeth (Hughes) Taylor had a daughter named Sophia Childress Taylor, b. 1792. (I don't know why she was named Childress, but that was one of the families that lived close to these Hughes earlier).

Sophia married Moses Owsley Bledsoe, b. 1788, d. 1851 in Springfield, IL. When I saw that name "Owsley" attached to Moses Bledsoe, bells, lights, and whistles started going off.

I found, on, message #536 by James Ellis Alvis, the ancestry of Moses Owsley Bledsoe and found that his mother was Patience Owsley, a daughter of Thomas Owsley III, b. 1731. Thomas III was the brother of Ann (Owsley) Garrett, mother-in-law of George Hughes b. c1760 who married Rhoda Garrett.

Of interest is the fellow who wrote message #536 on the Bledsoe forum, James Ellis Alvis. He is a descendant of George Alves, d. 1734. George Alves had about 4,000 acres of land in Hanover Co. part of which was adjacent to Rees Hughes' land. Their land was separated by Beaverdam Creek (Alves north; Rees Hughes south of Beaverdam Cr). Rees Hughes, Jr.'s land was about 4 miles northeast of the interchange of I-295 and US 360, on the north side of US 360. Rees Hughes Jr. had well over 1,000 acres himself, but seems to have sold/willed away (Anthony got a big chunk--seems like he was the oldest son of Rees Jr.) most of it by the time he died, sometime after 1719.

Another bit of information from Forrest is the match of our DNA with the Lambert/Lamberth/Lambeth family. We have a match with 24 out of 25 Y-DNA markers which means a definite kinship. This probably explains why our Hughes Haplogroup does not match any of the other Hughes in VA. Our George's grandfather was most likely a Lambert. I have had a difficult time coming to terms with this, but it seems as if this is the case. How it came about we will probably never know, but there are three possibilities:

1. George's grandfather could have been a Lambert who was adopted and given the Hughes name.

2. George's grandfather could have been born without the advantage of wedlock and was born to a Hughes maiden with the father being a Lambert.

3. George's grandfather could have been born to a woman whose husband was a Hughes, but the actual biological father was a Lambert.

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