March 30, 2004

Andrew Hughes

Each day I look for handwritten notes to include on this post hoping that I can post something that has not been placed on the web yet and help a fellow researcher. I find a few isolated facts here and there. For example, my notes say that in Pendleton District, SC, I found Andrew Hughes who later showed up in Anderson, SC. My notes say that he was from Lancaster PA born 1755 and died in Anderson SC September 1, 1843. Buried in the same cemetery, [Pickens Chapel Cemetery], is Mary Smith and Hughes? My notes say Andrew served in the Rev. War and was Micajah's father. He also had sons named Andrew Jr., Charles, James, Joel Thompson. I am not sure if James, Joel, and Thompson are three people are a part of the same name. There are no commas in my handwritten note, but I was often in a great hurry stealing a little time for research as my husband was working in SC. My notes say that Joel was in Laurens in 1800 and that Andrew's father was possibly Charles. On this, I did not list my source. Please forgive. I can tell you that it came from a book in the genealogy section of the library and not the courthouse record.

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March 29, 2004

George and Asbury Hughes

For those of you who are interested in the hanging of George and Asbury Hughes in Scottsboro, AL in 1883, I recommend this site.
I am interested in knowing more about their parentage. If anyone has information on the grandfather of these two, I would greatly appreciate your help. I was raised not far from Scottsboro and I had not heard this story until I began genealogy research. My own ggrandfather was named George Hughes, however, I have not found a link to this family.

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Land Abstract, SC, Meredith Hughes

While looking for an entry to post for today, I ran across a page copied from the book South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1773-1778. It contains an abstract from a Meredith Hughes as follows:
Greens Creek adj. land of Meredith Hughes, Murreau Sarrazen, John Green, granted 29 May 1736 to Thomas Thompson, and said Thomas Thompson 9 & 10 June 1736 did conveyed to Meredith Hughes the above recited plantation, and said Meredith Hughes by his will did bequeath to his two sons Meredith Hughes and Henry Hughes, and said Meredith Hughes and Henry Hughes dying intestate William Hughes being the only surviving son and heir at law of said Meredith Hughes, conveyed 2 & 3 Apr. 1765 to George Cogdell (LS), Wit: William Greenwood, Levi Durant, Robt. Bruce. Proved in Charlestown District by the oath of Levi Durand, Esqr., before Geo: Sheed, 17 Feb 1778. Recorded 19 March 1778.

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March 28, 2004

George Hughes born to William Hughes

According to a World Connect entry on Rootsweb the information concerning William Hughes from Bladen, Co., NC is as follows:
Father's Name: William HUGHES
Birth: 1752 in Bladen District, North Carolina
Death: 24 Apr 1833 in Shelby County, Alabama
Mother's name: Sarah EADES b: Abt. 1766
Married: Abt. 1784 in Columbia County, Georgia
William HUGHES
(Unknown) HUGHES
(Unknown) HUGHES
Sarah S. HUGHES b: 22 Mar 1788
Ennis HUGHES b: Abt. 1795 in Tennessee
Henrietta HUGHES b: Aft. 1799
Mary E. HUGHES b: Aft. 1799
This George Hughes could not be our George if the marriage date of William to Sarah is correct. If anyone has any information on the Hughes listed here, we would like to have it. Other World Connect accounts list the place as Bladen District, SC.

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Meredith Hughes, Arkansas

If any of you have information on Meredith Hughes from Arkansas, please post a comment. He was married January 10, 1856 in Ozark, Franklin Co., ARK to Susan Angeline Franklin. His parents were born in Kentucky. Merdith was a 3rd. Lt., and a confederate soldier in Co. C 58th Ark.
Militia in the Civil War. He and his family moved from Ark. to Erath Co., Tx. in 1877. And then moved on to Stephens Co., Tx. in 1894, where he lived the rest of his life. He was born 3 Jul. 1823 in Ky. and died 7 Aug. 1910 in Stephens Co., Tx. He and Susan are buried in the
Necessity Cemetery in Stephens Co., Tx. They had 10 children. John R.,Charity Angeline, George Washington, Merida Ann, Susan, Thomas, James Marshall, (twins) Wm. Andrew, and Maranda Adaline. Their last child was
Samuel Walter B. Hughes.

Any help will be appreciated.

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March 26, 2004

Your info.

I will be away from the computer for a couple of days to visit family in north Alabama. I want to take this opportunity to invite you, if you are a Hughes or a Hughes researcher, to send me information that you would like to see posted on this site. I focus mainly on the Hughes families who lived in or passed through Laurens, SC, but have found that most of them came from VA. Please send whatever you would like to I will post what I can.

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March 25, 2004

William Hughes

Sorry to be so late with this post. Today, I would like to consider the connection between the Hughes family in Laurens, SC (who later moved to north Alabama) and the family of William Hughes from Rutherford, NC. (There is a great website that I will give an address for at the end of this post.) We know that a descendant of William Hughes from Rutherford moved to Marshall County, AL around 1854 and purchased the land next to William Hughes. His name was Richard Blanton Hughes. He moved to Morgan County, AL along with the children of William Hughes, son of Rhoda and George. Richard's son fought in the same regiment during the Civil War as my own great grandfather, George Hughes. He lived near George Hughes and family in Morgan County. It appears that there must have been a family connection. If any one of Richard's ancestors should view this, perhaps they could shed some light here. The website that tells of Richard's family is Our Southern Ancestors.

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March 24, 2004


For those who visit this site and are interested in the Garrett line, I would like to tell you that in Columbia, TN in the archives, there is a "Jill Garrett" room. I happened upon this quite by accident and was thrilled to find that a file there contains letters written by John and Sallye Garrett to their son William. They are handwritten and fairly easy to read. John is the son of Edward and Anne who is buried in the Old Cemetery that I mentioned earlier. It is worth a trip to those who are interested in the Edward Garrett family.

Returning to Laurens and the Hughes family, I have notes from Laurens, found in Deed Book H, page 220 as follows: 8/24/1805-4/21/1807. George Hughes to Wm. Putman for $300, 114 a. s. side of Warrior Cr. Part of 300 a. gr. To Thos. Farr 6/5/1774, b. on John Garrett, Vaughan, James Garrett. Wit: Hosea Garrett, Wm. Putman, Stephen Garrett, J.P. D. R. of w. Rhoda Hughes, by Chas. Allen J.Q.
Note: Index indicates that D. R. is Dower Renunciation, whereby a wife renounces all dower claims she has to specified lands. When land/property is sold by the husband, the woman must renounce all claim to the land or property. Without this renunciation the land cannot be sold.

Check links in the near future for the will of Ann Starnes and a land sale to John Hughes.

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March 23, 2004

St. Paul's Parish

Before I add today's entry, check my links if you would like to see the will of Aron Hughes from Laurens.

Taxpayers in Hanover County, St. Paul's Parish, VA
Ann Mary Hughes - 1807
Archelaus Hughes 1792
Benjamin Hughes 1784 - a minor, no poll tax1785, 1788-89, 1790 Pttitioner,
David Hughes, 1788-89, 1790, 1791-92,
Emery Hughes, 1800-03, 1805,
Henry Hughes 1782, 1783-84, 1785-86, and 1787. Two minor children are listed with Henry, David and William
Herbert H. Hughes, 1807,
Keziah Hughes 1815 (note reads Gig assessed @ $80 and 1 chest of drawers,
John Hughes 1782, 1783-83, 1787, 1788-89, 1790, 1791-92m 1793-94 (and one adult), 1795-97, (and one adult) 1798, 1799, 1800, 1801-02 and two adults, 1805 Estate, and one adult
John Hughes 1782-1783-87 (at Ground Squirrel) ???
John Hughes 1803, 1805-12
Micamuel "Kemuel" Hughes 1782-83, 1784-89, 1790, 1791-99, 1800-03 Senior, 1805-12
Kemuel Hughes, Jr. 1800-03
Margaret "Peggy" Hughes 1790-91, 1792-93, 1794- one adult, 1795-98
Martin Hughes, 1796-97, 1809-12, 1815
Nancy Hughes 1815 (l Chest of Drawers
Nathan Hughes 1782-83, 1784-86, 1787, 1788-89, 1790, 1791-99, 1800-03, 1805 Estate of
Rachael Hughes 1787
Reuben Hughes 1782-86, 1787, 1788-89, 1790, 1791-03, 1805, 1807
Rees "Rice" Hughes 1794-95, 1797-, 1800-03
Now I find that I have misplaced the second page of this register. Will post when found. Hope this much helps someone. Our George was already in Laurens by this time and could have even been born in SC. The most interesting thing that I find here is the name Martin Hughes. My grandfather was John James Martin Hughes. He was called Martin and/or 'Mart'.

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March 22, 2004

VA continued

The Hughes family was well represented in the colonies.

The ship's log of the Paul is found in Licenses To Go Beyond The Seas. It is accompanied with a note that reads, "In the Paule of London Leonard Betts Mr bound to Virginia p*{er} certificate from the Minister of Gravesend of their conformitie to the Church of England." In addition to the two Hughes men, a William Riddle was aboard. In case you may have forgotten, a family by the name of Riddle is buried in the old cemetery of Warrior Creek Baptist church in Laurens, SC. The Registry and Vestry Book of St. Peter's Parish can be found on-line for those interested. In 1704, the upper part of St. Peter's Parish was laid off into a new parish and called St. Paul's. From its organization in 1704 to 1720 it was in New Kent County but in 1720 became part of Hanover County. Rees Hughes was a member of St. Paul's Parish. From what I have read on line, it is generally agreed that Rees Hughes donated the land for the building of St. Peter's Parish.

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Hughes in VA

Good Morning,
Until now, I have not mentioned the possible connection our family has to VA. My reason for this is two-fold: 1. The research in inconclusive. 2. The volumes of material that I have make it hard to know where to begin. Most of you are aware that in his book, 1000 Years From Normandy, Edward Garrett states that our George's family came from Gravesend, Eng and that he descended from the Hughes in New Kent, VA who was master carpenter and designer of St. Peter's Parish. He cites Virkus as the documentation. We who research the family have not been able to verify this connection. My plan for this site is to give what information we have documented and when there is speculation, post it as such.

Anyway, concerning VA, I have found a ship's log for a ship called Paul that came over in 1635. On board was a William Hughes and a Richard Hughes. Both were young men. These apparently settled in the area of New Kent. More later...

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March 21, 2004


Please note that in the previous entry, concerning the scalping of a Hughes in 1760,I wrote Laurens when I meant Newberry. I have since corrected that, but for those who read it, my apologies.

I also have more information on Rhoda Rebecca Hughes who was born in Lampasas, TX. My source says that she was born March 28, 1853 and died in Llano on Aug. 15, 1930. She was the daughter of Bradford Hughes & Rebecca Dobbins and the brother of a Moses Hughes.

Back to our George Hughes. In the Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1807-1809, the following is found: Mr. Taylor presented a petition of Ass de Lozeair, of the State of South Carolina, attorney in fact for John Begley, of the South Carolina Continental regiment of artillery; and for George Hughes, a sergeant in the third regiment of light dragoons; praying that he may receive the compensation due for the services of the said John Begley and George Hughes, during the Revolutionary war with Great Britain. The question remains, is this our George Hughes, husband of Rhoda? It being the State of South Carolina indicates that it probably is as George Hughes who married Jemima Timmons died in 1795 and I do not know of another George from South Carolina who could have fought in the Rev. War.

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March 20, 2004

Laurens & Newberry

Hughes found in Laurens Co., SC in 1800 included Aaron (Aron), Caleb, George, James, John, Joel, Thomas, William. Also, Stephen Hughes will names John & Joseph as heirs in 1799. Aaron and George are both listed on census as living in "Garretts Co.".

The 'Old Cemetery' of Warrior Creek Baptist church is a place historians truly should visit. Brenda Garrett directed me there. One finds the gravestone of Salley Garrett and John Garrett. Salley Garrett's inscription reads, "Sacred to the memory of Salley Garrett who was born in the month of June 1763 and departed this life on Feby 1825 aged 62 years and 'hir' three little babies at 'hir' feet." John's reads, "Sacred to the memory of John Garrett who was borned Jan. 7, 1762 and departed this life April 14, 1844 aged 82 years, 3 mo., 7 days."

Catherine Garrett wife of Thomas is there. Several stones mark graves of persons unknown. One stone engraved J.G. and another S.G. 1820. A couple by the name of Riddle is there and another named Brownlee.

Apparently Edward and Anne Owsley Garrett were moved from the old to the new at some point. They are in above ground vaults with the inscriptions Edward Garrett b. 1733 d. 1794 age 61 yrs. and Anne Owsley Garrett b. 1745 d. 1825 age 79 yrs.

In Newberry Co., next door to Laurens I found in Box 45 Packet 1008, William Hughes widow was Rachael Starnes Hughes. Rachael later turns up in Laurens. Newberry Co., will dated 1781, probated 1783 Richard Hughes - wife Mary, children: Richard, John, Joseph, Thomas, William. William and Thomas fought in Rev. War and were in Laurens by 1798, as were a John and Joseph. Possibly the county lines changed rather than them moving, but I have not investigated this.

In Newberry Co., 1760 a Hughes was scalped. No first name is given. George Hughes, husband of Jemima Timmons was in Newberry Co. until his death in 1795.

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March 19, 2004

Texas Connection and Richard B. Hughes

Those with whom I share information are aware that Richard Blanton Hughes who descended from William Hughes in Rutherford, NC was a neighbor of my gggrandfather, William H. Hughes. Richard moved to Morgan Co., AL along with all of William's children between 1854 and 1860. The association strongly suggest that George Hughes in Laurens, SC and William Hughes in Rutherford, NC were related. Tonight I find that a son of Richard's moved to TX. In my files I find a note showing that Richard Blanton Hughes's son, James Young Hughes married Susan Flack and moved to Texas. Both Susan and James died in TX in the year 1860,leaving an infant child named Mary Elizabeth 'Molly' Hughes. Richard is said to have gone to Texas after the death of his son and daughter-in-law and brought his baby granddaughter back to AL. The child, Molly, later married her first cousin John Douglas Compton, son of Monroe and Elizabeth Flack Compton. This information was provided by a gggranddaughter of Monroe and Elizabeth Compton.

One other note that might indicate a connection between the Rutherford Hughes family and the Hughes family from Laurens is the naming of one of Richard Blanton's sons. The name is listed as George H. Hughes.

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March 18, 2004

Lampasas, TX

Looking through my notes tonight I found an item of interest that I have had for sometime, but have not considered lately. It is a note from a researcher in Lampasas, TX who is searching for information on the Huse/Hughes family. Several things caught my eye. One thing of interest is the spelling Huse. My line is the only place I have seen the name spelled Huse. On the 1850 census in Marshall County, AL, William Hughes was spelled Huse. In Lampasas there is a record of a Bradford and Rebecca Hughes. Rebeca Huse is listed as being born June 5, 1801 (location not given) and d. March 4, 1854. There is also a Rhoda Rebecca Hughes born in TX in April 1853 and died in Llano Co., TX Aug 15, 1930. The name Rhoda Rebeca would indicate a connection to George and Rhoda Hughes. There is even a possiblity that George and Rhoda had a daughter named Rebecca who is not named in the family Bible. Another note worth mentioning is that Edward Garrett in 1000 Years From Normandy listed George and Rhoda's children as having been born in TX. This must have been an error. According to all the AL census records, William Hughes was born in SC. I do wonder what caused Edward Garrett to think that George and Rhoda were at one time in TX!?!

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March 12, 2004

New Content

I have added a rough web-copy of genealogical information pertaining to the Hughes line. They are still rough and unformatted: this is for preliminary use. Please refer to:

Descendents of George Hughes (non-formatted)
My Family Tree (non-formatted)

Return links to the blog are not included, but they will open in a separate window. After I have settled on a standardized format that will enable maximum flexibility, I will add more permanent files. I have also just added another file entitled Rev. War Files.

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March 11, 2004


Hughes family tree has just begun. In a few days we hope to have information on this family available on this site. If you have documented evidence that you are a descendant of George Hughes, please contact me at if you would like your branch included.

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March 09, 2004

George Hughes

Documented research shows that George Hughes was married to Rhoda Garrett by the year 1791. George bought land from Rhoda's brother, John Garrett. The family lived along Warrior Creek in Laurens, SC.
JOHN HUGHES b. 6 February 1791.
WILLIAM HUGHES b. 20 June 1792.
THOMAS HUGHES b. 8 August 1793.
EDWARD HUGHES b. 7 January 1795.
ANNA HUGHES b. 1 January 1797.
AARON HUGHES b. 4 February 1799.
MOSES HUGHES b. 6 February 1801.

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