April 29, 2004

William, Cader, Roan, Joseph, Willie, Ella

This link to a George Hughes is very interesting. The one possible connection to our Hughes that I note is the use of the name Micajah Hughes. Micajah Hughes is later found in SC along with out Laurens, Hughes clan. This could, of course, be a completely different Micajah. If anyone reading this has information concerning Micajah, please share it with us. This is the site: George Hughes

A reader needs help with the following: (Please post a comment if you are able to help. Forrest, if you see this, you might be able to shed more light than I am.)

My great grandfather was born in Ga. the family travel to Al. then Ms. (where he disappeared), His wife and children are listed in Choctaw Co.Ms. in 1880 census. M.J. Hughes is listed with her children, Roan 1860, Cader 1862, Joseph 1866, Willie 1869, Ella 1876. All the children were born in Ms. the parents born in Ga. Land
records show before M.J.'s ownership is listed a William Hughes owned the land. My father always said he had uncles named Sam Hughes, George Hughes, and a Joseph Hughes I found a Cader Hughes back in S.C. (same as my grandfather's name) can't connect them yet. My father William Arthur (1891 ,in Ms.) brothers were Emery Hughes 1895 Ms , D. Talmadge Hughes 1900 in Ar, and one sister Nevada Hughes Ursery 1896 in Ms.. My Cader married Louella Gabel in Tallahatchie Co. Mississippi. Around 1898 they moved to Lonoke Co Arkansas.

Another reader is looking for:
Seeking descendants and information about Thomas W. and Jane Hughs (Hughes) of Boone Co., KY early 1800's.

And let's not forget this request:
I wonder if you have ever run across Henry Larkin Hughes, married (1) ?; (2) Zilphia McCroan. He lived in Monticello , Fl. with first wife and then Married 2nd wife and lived around Grady Co., GA. This second marriage had 3 children, Henry Larkin Jr., Angelina and Mrs. Ben Stone. He is my husband's Great Grandfather and we have been unable to find anything on him. He was born around 1812 in S.C. we think. Our line is Henry Larkin Hughes, Jr. Any infomation would be greatly appreciated. Betty Ruth Gandy

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April 28, 2004

Interesting Web Site

Old newpaper clippings are posted here. Find Hughes and click for various reports from different states. Hughes in the News

Another site that you will find interesting is:
Laurens County

Another bit of information: I found this while browsing. I have not checked it out, but will give the name in case some of you want to.

HUGHES MAIN LIBRARY DISCUSSION GROUP - GREENVILLE meets the 2nd Tues. of each month 7 p.m. at the Hughes Main Library, 25 Heritage Green Place. 864-242-5000 ext. 2235

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April 27, 2004

Rebecca Melissa Hughes, John Hughes

Rebecca Melissa Hughes, daughter (5th child) of Moses and Sarah (Isbell) Hughes was born March 17, 1840 in Jefferson Co., Alabama. She died February 21, 1909 in Calhoun Co., MS and is buried at Rocky Mount Baptist Church Cemetery, Calhoun Co., MS. Estimated date of this picture is 1905. Rebecca married Elias Mitchell Crocker in Calhoun County, MS about 1865. They had (all children born in Calhoun Co., MS): (1) Sarah Alice Hughes, b. Sept 22, 1866, died from burn injuries Nov 8, 1869. (2) Margaret Frances Crocker (grandmother of Forrest Mullins) b. July 4, 1868, d. Mar 23, 1933 in Trinity Co., TX. She married William Alfred Mullins Jan 22, 1884 and had twelve children. (3) John Amos Crocker, b. Feb 12, 1871, married Salena Catherine Murphree Jan 8, 1891. (4) Mary Isabella Crocker, b. Feb 1, 1873. She married William Franklin Cook. (5) Willis Washington Crocker, b. May 3, 1875. He married Anna Collums. (Picture and family data courtesty of Lora E. Cook)

There was obviously strong connections between the Murphree and Crocker families in Calhoun County, MS. As noted above, one of Rebecca Melissa (Hughes) Crocker's children married a Murphree. Elias Mitchell Crocker's brother, Elijah Amos Crocker, married Armintha Murphree, daughter of Ransom Murphree who was the son of David Murphree. David Murphree had a daughter, Martha Jemima, who married Alfred Gallatin Vickery. Alfred and Martha (Murphree) Vickery had a daughter, Editha, who married Jackson R. Mullins and these are the parents of William Alfred Mullins who married Margaret Frances Crocker, daughter of Elias and Rebecca (Hughes) Crocker.

John Hughes on census in Laurens, SC in 1800 purchased land from estate of Joseph Hughes who died 3-22-1798.

John Hughes will of 10-27-1760 listed him as son of Robert and Ann Hughes Cumberland co., VA

John Hughes in 1747 inherited land in Goochland- 248 acres.

John Hughes in 1749 received 285 acres in Abermarle, VA Willis Creek.

John Hughes 237 acres in Amelia county, VA 1745.

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April 26, 2004

John Hughes, Cont'd

I just noticed a mistake in the first John Hughes entry. ca 1654 should have read ca 1684.

Visit Images for picture of Rebecca Melissa Hughes.

John W. Hughes b 8-26-1787 d 6-22-1835 New Kent? source Jane Lomel This was found in the Hughes/Lomel Family Tree. He was the son of William Hughes and Susannah Bowles. He married Patsy Rivers and had a son named John C. Hughes b. 6-29-1822 who married Lucy Ann Duke.

From DAR I found:
John Hughes 8-9-1759 VA married Margaret Chamberlain
John Hughes 8-11-1763 VA married Anne Meriwether
John Hughes ca 1760 VA married Mildred Bland
Johnathan Hughes 3-25-1753 VA married Vercetta 1st and Abigail Jackson 2nd.

From the Book Of Wills, Newberry, SC
John Hughes ___?____named in will in 1781, This John was the son of Richard and Mary Hughes. He had brothers named Joseph, Thomas, William and Richard

Hughes named John will be continued on Tuesday, April 27.

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April 23, 2004

John Hughes

I hope that you will all forgive my rambling, but my notes are so scattered that in order to post daily, I have to pull something out and often it does not relate to what I have had written the day before. Using the theory that because George Hughes named his first son John, his father could have likely been John I did a study of John Hughes who might be possible candidates for the father of George. Here is what I put together. If anyone sees a mistake, please comment.

John Hughes - ca 1684- New Kent - Source: Johanson f.t. & Jane Lomel
This John was the son of William Hughes ca 1650. He married Sarah Harrison b ca 1685 and had a son named John Hughes b 1705 and a son named William Hughes b 1711. This if from the family who connect to Blackmore Hughes. Blackmore married Elizabeth Roberts and they had a son named George (James) Hughes who married Eliza Adams and Jemima Timmons born ca 1742. There is no son listed for this George. He died in Newberry, SC in 1795. I found one document in the court house there that had TWO George Hughes signatures as witnesses. This is the only thing I have found that indicates that George who married Jemima and our George who married Rhoda might be related. Well, actually it is not the only thing. Edward Garrett says that our George descended from William who built St. Peter's Parish and this is the family of that William.

John Hughes ca 1749 New Kent ? source: Jane Lomel This John was a cousin to Annie b 1729 and he also married her. She was the daughter of Charles son of William b 1650. She had a brother named George 1726 born in 1726. I do not know what became of this George. Annie and John had two children: Absalom & Stephen.

More about the John Hughes of colonial America when I return from a short trip to Gatlinburg.

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April 22, 2004

Rebecca Melissa Hughes & Early VA Marriages & Benjamin Hughes

Today I received a picture from Forrest Mullins of Rebecca Melissa Hughes, his great-grandmother and daughter (5th child) of Moses and Sarah (Isbell) Hughes. Rebecca was born March 17, 1840 in Jefferson Co., Alabama. Later this week, the picture will be posted on Images of the Hughes Family along with information that Forrest sent me about Rebecca.

Also, I found pages that I had copied from Liahona Research, Inc. of the marriages in VA from 1744-1800. If you are interested in having me check for a particular name contact me at jan@hughestree.org I will be happy to check for you.

I would like to ask help for Pasty Faulkinberry. She needs help with the following: B.B.Hughes (Benjamin Baily Hughes) b Jan 27, 1853 in Tallapoosa, GA d Dec 13, 1935 in Cleburne,TX buried in Grandview TX first marriage to Frannie Sheffield 2nd Nancy Elenor Davis. 2 children by 1st and 4 by 2nd. he was in Al and in Tupelo, MI where Patsy's grandmother was born from 1st spouse. Please send any information you have to Jan@hughestree.org, or post as a comment here.

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April 21, 2004

Did you Know?

Martha Washington was a member of St. Peter's Parish in New Kent, built by William Hughes. George Washington's papers contain many letters to a 'William Hughes'. Rhoda Garrett and (probably) George Hughes were born about the time the British troops arrived in Boston. Not long afterward, the Boston Massacre occurred. The year that my gggrandfather William Hughes was born, George Washington was elected to his second term. Almost all of George and Rhoda's children were born by the time the federal government moved from Philadelphia to Washington D. C. Our ancestors actually lived the history that we read about. Our young nation must have been a challenging place to live. If you are interested in a time-line of American history, go to:
This is my third attempt to edit this post and get it right. The link does not work properly. Try typing into Google the following: Chronological Survey of American History, 1763 1860 Then click, "I feel lucky". That should take you there. Sorry for any inconvenience.

There are three new pictures on the Image Page.

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April 19, 2004

Left Column Additions

I have added an images page. The format of the page may require some future modification, but the current version will suffice for now. I have also added a link to the Hughes of Morgan County, AL page. You'll find lots of good information there, so be sure to have a look around.

The picture of my grandfather, James Martin Hughes includes my grandmother, Demaris Shirley Hughes.

A note concerning the picture of Ellen Hughes Murphy. She married Enoch D. Murphy on 1 Oct. 1901 in Morgan Co., AL. They had a son named Durad Murphy who was around the age of my father.

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April 18, 2004

Thomas Hughes, cont. & Coming Attractions

I failed to see this earlier and just realized it was because I was on a copy of the index page when I listed the Thomas Hughes (es), but there is a Thomas Hughes, R5357, VA Line & Indian War srv of 1784-1795, sol lived in Monongalia Co VA at enl, sol had bros Jesse & Ellis Hughes, one of sol's bros & his father were killed by the Indians during the Rev, Sol appl in 1835 in Jackson Co VA aged about 80, sol d in 1837 & his wife (not named) had d 3 months earlier, in 1854 sol's only surviving child was Thomas Hughes aged 71. There are several more Thomases that I will list in the next day or two.

Within the next week, I plan to have pictures of my father, Richard Marvin Hughes, my grandfather, James Martin Francis Hughes, my ggreat aunt, Ellen Hughes Murphy. I have not forgotten the census tracking, I have just had some distractions this week which have prevented me from getting this done.

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Thomas Hughes, cont. & Coming Attractions

I failed to see this earlier and just realized it was because I was on a copy of the index page when I listed the Thomas Hughes (es), but there is a Thomas Hughes, R5357, VA Line & Indian War srv of 1784-1795, sol lived in Monongalia Co VA at enl, sol had bros Jesse & Ellis Hughes, one of sol's bros & his father were killed by the Indians during the Rev, Sol appl in 1835 in Jackson Co VA aged about 80, sol d in 1837 & his wife (not named) had d 3 months earlier, in 1854 sol's only surviving child was Thomas Hughes aged 71. There are several more Thomases that I will list in the next day or two.

Within the next week, I plan to have pictures of my father, Richard Marvin Hughes, my grandfather, James Martin Francis Hughes, my ggreat aunt, Ellen Hughes Murphy. I have not forgotten the census tracking, I have just had some distractions this week which have prevented me from getting this done.

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April 17, 2004

Thomas Hughes in Rev. War

These are listed in Index to Revolutionary War Service Records. Some may be duplicates. Oddly enough, there is very little information given on any soldier named Thomas Hughes, but knowing the states and some officers may be helpful.
Thomas Hughes srv as a Pvt in VA troops, card #4049 roll #26
Thomas Hughes, Misc Service, card #4095 Roll #26
Thomas Hughes ser as a Pvt in Hazen's Regt. of Cont Troops
Thomas or Timothy Hughes, ser as a Capt in Livingston's Bttn of Con Troops
Thomas Hughes, serv in Wynkoop's NY Regt
Thomas Hughes srv as a Pvt in the lst NY Regt
Thomas Hughes, srv as a Pvt in the VA Bttn composed of companies of various regiments (probably the same one that was in the 2nd VA regiment)
Thomas Hughes srv as a Capt in the lst & 2nd RI Regiments
Thomas Hughes srv as a Lt, Capt & Paymstr for the 2nd RI Regiments
Thomas Hughes or Hughs, srv as a Pvt in the 2nd VA Regt
Thomas Hughes served as a 2nd LT in the 2nd VA Regt.
Thomas Hughes srv in the 3rd VA Regt
Thom's Hughes srv in the 4th PA Regt.
Thomas Hughes or Hews, srv as a Pt in the 5th
CT Regt.
Thomas Hughes, srv in the 5th MD Regt
Thomas Hughes, srv in the 5th SC Regt
Thomas Hughes, srv as a Paymstr in the 7th VA Regt
Thomas Hughes, srv as a 2nd Lt & Lt in the 11th Regt of Cont Troops
Thomas Hughes, srv as an Ensign in the 15th Regt of RI Mil
Thomas A. or as Thomas Hughes, srv in the 3rd VA Regt.

Question of the day - Is the word Hughes both singular and plural??

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April 14, 2004

King's Mountain

Today's post was sent to me by Forrest Mullins, (see Descendants of George Hughes under Related Links).

Look at http://sc_tories.tripod.com/thomas_young.htm Thomas Young served with Cols Brandon and Thomas. He was born in Laurens Dist, SC in 1764; died in Union Co., SC 1848. Also serving with Cols Brandon and Thomas were Joseph Hughes (1760/61 Union Dist, SC-1834 Pickens Co., AL) and William Young who was born 21 July, 1759 in LOUDOUN Co., VA, d. 1826 Greenville Dist, SC. I don't know what relationship, if any, Thomas Young, who became a Major, has with William Young who became a Captain. All three of these men fought at King's Mountain Oct, 1780 (so did Pendleton Isbell, my ancestor, whose daughter, Sarah, married George and Rhoda [Garrett] Hughes' son, Moses. Pendleton, by the way, had married 1781, Wilkes Co., NC, Sarah Henderson, sister of Elizabeth Henderson, wife of Jesse Garrett [s/o Edward and Ann (Owsley) Garrett, previously of Loudoun Co., VA).

Joseph Hughes' Uncle was Joseph Jolly of Union Dist, SC who was a Captain when Joseph Hughes served under him. A Joseph Jolly, >45 with a female, also >45 (no children), was enumerated on the same page as Rhoda Hughes in Pendleton District, SC, 1820 (pg. 199--probably a grandson or nephew of the Revolutionary War Captain Joseph Jolly who died c1780). Joseph Hughes' father was Thomas Hughes (1725-1777). I think Indians killed Thomas, but it could have been Tories. Joseph Hughes' mother was Martha Tucker Jolly. Our George named a son (3rd one) Thomas--for an Uncle? Because I don't believe that Thomas Hughes was our George's father, but he could have been a brother to George's father.

In the site I gave above, there was mention of a Colonel Hughes. I think that, at the time Thomas Young is describing the action involving Col Hughes, it was someone other than Thomas Hughes, father of Joseph, because Thomas died in 1777 and most of the action Thomas Young was involved in happened around 1780-81. (Thomas Young would have been only 13 at the time Thomas Hughes died).

So who was this Colonel Hughes being mentioned by Thomas Young?

If you have any information on the above post, please post in the form of a comment or send as an email.

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April 13, 2004


My handwritten notes have the following information. Andrew Hughes was in Pendleton, SC in 1810. He was born in Lancaster PA in 1755. He died in Anderson SC in Sept. 1, 1843. He is buried in Pickens Chapel Cemetery, along with Mary Smith. My notes say that he served in the Rev. War and had sons named Andrew Jr., Charles, James, Joel, Thompson and possibly three more. Joel is on the census in Laurens in 1800. I have a question mark beside the statement that Andrew's father was Charles. I invite anyone who has information on Andrew to contact me.

My goal for the blog has become two fold. I wish to track the family of George Hughes both before and after Laurens. I hope that Hughes descendants from his children John, Thomas, Edward, Aaron, Anna will contact us here and the family history can be more complete. Two descendants of Moses are already a part of the history and of course I am a descendant of William. Also, I want to help other researchers. With that in mind, I do plan to put some information on a link asap concerning census tracking. I have the Hughes who were in Laurens, Newberry, Pendleton from 1790 through 1820 compiled and will place that on the site by this time next week.

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April 12, 2004

Joseph and John Hughes in SC

Jim, While in SC I found a record of Joseph Hughes who was deceased March 22, 1798. His land was deeded to William Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes, Thomas Hughes, Sally Hughes, and John Hughes. Could this be your John? The administrators of the estate were Thomas and William. I am fairly certain that Joseph Hughes was closely related to a James Hughes. Somewhere in my records, I have information on Seaborn Hughes, but right now I cannot find it. I will continue to look.

Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files has William Hughes from Rutherford listed and another William Hughes who was from Lunenberg Co., VA. ???
Entries read:
William Hughes, Nancy R5354, NC & VA Line, a son Benjamin Hughes appl 5 Dec 1853 Cleveland Co NC, sol & wife had m in 1777, sol d 17 Jun 1833 & his wid d 5 Mar 1843 leaving children who in 1853 were; Benjamin, Starlin & Young Hughes & Rebecca Blanton, in 1854 the following were witnesses to the son's aff'dt, to wit; Burwell & Jackson Blanton, G.B. Byers and Burrell Hamrick, the said Jackson Blanton made aff'st 7 Mar 1854 & stated William & Nancy Hughes both died in Rutherford Co NC, births that were legible were; Rebeca Hughes b 6 Oct 1789, Young Hughes b 4 Jun 1787, Nancy Hughes b 14, Aug 1795, Burwell Blanton b 23 Nov 1809, John Justice & Lewis Justice birth date illegible.

William Hughes, Sarah W7825, VA Line, Sol lived in Lunenburg Co VA at enl, sol d in Aug 1810 in Charlotte Co VA & sol m Sarah Murray 25 Dec. 1782 in Cumberland Co VA, wid appl 14 Nov 1839 Charlotte Co VA aged 79 & she d there 17 Jun 1845 leaving children; Charity Mason, Rebecca Ware, Sarah Thompson, Polly & John M. Hughes, sol's aunt Jane Hughes was "dead" in 1840, a John Hughes made aff'dt in 1840 in Charlotte Co. VA & in 1854 a Benjamin Hughes was of Mooresboro NC (their relationship not stated)

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April 11, 2004

Robert Hughes

Perhaps I have discovered another bit of evidence that George Hughes is a son or grandson of Edward Hughes. In Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files I find Robert Hughes a Rev. War soldier listed as the son of Edward Hughes and Elizabeth. Also, his pension application found in Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files reads 35355, VA Line, appl 30 Oct 1846 Fayette Co VA, sol was b 18 Aug 1760 in Prince William Co VA & he lived there at enl & after the Rev he moved to Greenbrier Co VA then to Monore Co VA then to Fayette Co VA, sol mentions Wm. Hill, Wm. Sims, Thomas Hughes & Thomas Hansford as knowing him, sol's sister Elizabeth Garrett was aged 82 in 1846 a res of Kanawha Co VA. So far I have been unable to determine who Elizabeth Hughes Garrett married. A connection to the Garrett family, however, further strengthens the theory of this family being George Hughes family. On rootsweb, world connect a son named George belonging to Elizabeth and Edward is listed. Family of Edward Hughes and Elizabeth Grigsby Hughes

I continue to hope to get more feedback. If anyone out there knows anything more about Elizabeth Hughes Garrett who would have been born in or around 1764 in VA, or George, son of Edward and Elizabeth, please post as a comment.

Here is another Robert Hughes and this one was in New Kent, VA.

Land records show Robert Hughes 855 acres in New Kent County bounded on the north by the northwest brach ofChickahominy river, and adjoining the land of Col. Thomas Claiborne. Due for the transportation of 18 persons (including Robert Hughes, Jr. and Elizabeth Hughes) April 20 1684.

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May each of you be blessed by our Savior on this Resurrection Sunday.

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April 10, 2004

Edward Hughes and Elizabeth Grigsby

In 1813, in Anderson Co., SC the 'widow Rebecca Neal' left an estate in which Moses Hughes, John Hughes, William Hughes, Edward Hughes, George Brown, Benjamin Shirley, and Starrett Dobbins shared the proceeds from the sale of a slave. I found this on a print out of the Edward Hughes Family website. I have been unable to return to that website. I would like to know just who this Rebecca Neal was. An expert researcher picked up on the fact that Rhoda Garrett Hughes testimony as quoted here: "In 1850 Mrs. Rody Hughes, age 84,who gave her residence as Blount County, Alabama appeared in court in Blount County with her son William age 61. She testified that she was present at the marriage of her sister Dorcas to Stephen Mullins in early April, 1792 in Laurence (sic) County, S.C. She testified that the marriage was a short time before the birth of her (Rody's) third child." indicates that William was her third child. We have all thought William was the second son, but he was born in 1792 and therefore Rhoda and George must have had two children before William. Rebecca was a very popular name within the family and some speculate that they could have had a daughter named Rebecca. Rhoda Hughes, daughter of Nathaniel married Starrett Dobbins. They had a daughter named Rebecca who was not born until 1801 and she died in Lampasas, TX. She would not have been of age by 1813. There is so much evidence that these two families were somehow connected. While there continue to be as many questions as answers concerning these relationships, there will be a breakthrough one of these day.

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War of 1812

This is a subject that I have not mentioned very much because I still have a few little doubts floating around concerning my gggrandfather William Hughes and his fighting in the War of 1812. Actually I read on line that he received a pension of $8.00 a month for his service and that he received a gunshot wound to the thigh while serving. My own investigation into this has produced no more documentation than what has already been found. This is doucmented. May 1878, William H. Hughes in Blountsville, AL was on the list of pensioners from the War of 1812 receiving $8.00 a month. He had a gunshot wound to the left thigh. He was still living, as it does not list that his widow received the pension. He would have been aged 86. My sister and I have searched for his burial place to no avail. It is thought that he is one of the unmarked graves at Oleander Methodist cemetery in Marshall Co., AL OR possibly the William who is in the Hughes Cemetery near Arab, AL. If he is in the Hughes cemetery, it removes all doubt that he is very closely related to Richard Blanton Hughes as his family is buried in this cemetery.

Here are some facts for you researchers. In the WAR of 1812 PENSIONERS, we find 12 William Hughes. Three are from SC. Time is requiring that I continue with this later.....

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Edward Hughes and Elizabeth Grigsby

Edward Hughes born in Northumberland, VA in 1707 was the father of Thomas, Robert Hughes, Nathaniel Hughes, William Hughes, Edward Hughes, Jr. James, and two unknown Hughes. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that one of these unknown Hughes could have been George. If anyone out there has additional information on the two unknown Hughes, please contact me. Additional information on the family can be found at Rootsweb World Connect:

Later today I will make another post.

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April 09, 2004

Hughes in the Light Dragoons + Richard Blanton Hughes

George Hughes fought in the lst Regt of Light Dragoons in the Cont. Troops. Along with him was a Jasper Hughes who served as a Private and a John Hughes who was Qtr Mstr Sgt and Qtr Mastr in the lst Regiment. I wonder if he is the one who demoted George from Sergeant to Private. I do not think this is the same George Hughes as my ancestor who married Rhoda Garrett. This George served in VA. Serving in SC was a George who spelled his name Hughs. In the SC line there is a Joseph Hughes who married Sarah Shaw in Newberry Dist SC. His son was named Thomas J. Hughes and he appl for pension 1 Nov. 1847 in Hambersham Co., GA. He stated that he was the sol. only surviving child.

Returning our thoughts to Richard Blanton Hughes from Rutherford, NC, we know that he moved to Marshall Co., AL in 1850 and then on to Morgan Co. by 1860. We find that Richard married Elizabeth Young. Richard was the son of Young Hughes from Rutherford, NC. He is somehow connected to the Hughes in Laurens. To learn more go to:

Our Southern Ancestors

Richard was a close friend of the Comptons and Flacks in Morgan Co., AL. He was a Justice of the Peace and had children named: James Young Hughes who married Susan Flack, George H. Hughes, Sarah J. Hughes, Richard Wright Hughes who married Mary Jane Black, William E. Hughes, Charles A. Hughes who married Mary Ann Ditto, and Dr. Washington Lafayette Hughes.

Knowing that Richard lived by and (travelled with the children of)my ancestor William H. Hughes, I just noticed that he used the same name for one of his children as my ggrandmother. She named a son Lafayette. This is one more bit of evidence that the two families are related.

If you are a Flack reading this, the James Young Flack who married Susan Laura Hughes, daughter of Richard Wright Hughes was son of William McCune Flack, who was a brother to Susan and Elizabeth Flack.

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April 08, 2004

NC Land Grants in SC & Rev. War Soldier John Hughes

Taken from Vol. II Anson & Mecklenburg Co 1749-1770

Richard Hughs File # 871 (1592): G # 108 B17. p 397 (18, 363) PLAT: 31 Dec. 1776, Surveyed for Richard Hughs 150 A on W side Broad River about 1/2 mile above Loves waggon Foard including his own imprvt...W Dickson Survr. Charles Craine , Joseph Polston CB Iss 25 Apr 1767
File #2150 Bk 23 p 118 Plat surveyed for Richard Hughs 100 A on W side Broad line above his own land on the river bank 18 June 1767 Wm Dickson sur. Jo Dickson Wm Winters CB issued 26 Oct 1767

Rev War soldier John Hughes, wife Hannah, MD Line, sol was b 6 May 1755 in Dublin Ireland and came to America in 1772 & landed at Fells Point MD, he lived in Harford Co MD at enl & at the close of the Rev. he lived for a time in Lancaster PA then moved to Orange Co NC & he appl there 7 May 1833, sol m Hannah (__) in the fall of 1784 in Lancaster Co PA (she was b in PA), sol d 9 Mar 1836 & was referred to as John Hughes Sr. in 1836, wid appl 28 Feb 1839 Orange Co NC aged 82 & she was living there in 1848, wid d 7 Jun 1852, the lst 5 children were; Francis b about 1785, David, John, Elizabeth & Andrew b 13 Oct 1793, sol's son Samuel Hughes d 3 Apr 1836, in 1835 sons Andrew Hughes & "young Mr. Hughes, Jr." lived in Orange Co NC as did Sameel & Thomas Hughes whose relationship was not given, the son Andrew m Sarah Hill on 11 Apr 1816 & she was b 30 Apr 1791 & their children were; Hannah b 7 Jan 1817, Peter b 27 Mar 1819, Rachel b 6 Jan 1821 & d 4 Aug 1831, Thomas b 30 May 1823, Mary b 28 Sep 1825, Elizabeth b 5 Jun 1829, & Andrew b 16 May 1834

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April 07, 2004

George Hughes, PA & REV WAR entry

Having just returned from a trip to Kentucky and VA, I am eager to post a tiny bit of information with the hope that someone who has the history might shed a little light on this for me. I visited Pikevile, KY and spent a short time there in their new library. I found the Hughes/Boone connection well documented. A nephew of Daniel Boone, named George Boone IV left a will signed 18 November 1753, proven 24 December 1753. He was in Berks Co., PA. In his will he left twenty-five pounds to each of his two grandchildren, George and Jane Hughes, issue of his deceased daughter Hannah. Hannah was married to John Hughes. It does appear that John may have been the son of Edward Hughes who was born: 26-Feb-1724 in: Exeter, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He died Jul 8, 1791 Father: Ellis HUGH Mother: Jane FOULKE Wife: Elizabeth WILLIAMS

This George Hughes was born Sept 10, 1743 and married Martha Boone Oct 10th, 1765. He died Aug 18, 1795 at age 51 years 10 months and 28 days. Ellis and Jane Hughes children were: John 1714, William 1716, Rowland 1720, Samuel 1722, Edward 1724, and Margaret 1726. This interest me because of speculation that our George Hughes was a descendant of Edward Hughes. I have had trouble returning to a website that had information on Edward Hughes. Perhaps some of you can help me. I have seen information on line that made me wonder about the PA connection, but I did not realize that Edward Hughes is also from PA.

My Rev. War entries for today:
Jasper Hughes BLW #1090-150-10 Aug 1789 assignee Richard Platt, srv as a Cornet in Col White's Regt. of Cav.
Jesse Hughes S9594, VA line, sol enl in Fluvanna Co VA & he appl there 30 Aug 1832 aged 76, sol d 1 Mar 1838 leaving children who were not named in the claim.

John Hughes or Hughs, Ann, w18082, BLW #1086-300-10 Aug 1789 assignee Richard Platt, Cont & VA Line sol was b 28 Oct 1758 & enl from Brunswick Co VA, he m Ann, daughter of Matthew Moore on 22 Jul 1839 in Stokes Co NC & she d 23 Aug 1848 in Surry Co NC, children were: Matthew M. b 5 May 1782, Polly M. 1 Jun 1785 & she m a Mr. Dobson, Archelaus b 28 Nov 1787, Letitia D. b 17 Mar 1790 & she m Gen'l Joseph Winston, Leander b 4 Sep 1794, John A. b 14 May 1798 & Ann P. b 12 Sep 1806 & she m William A. Lash & all except John A. survived their mother

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April 06, 2004

Early Research

My original intentions were to begin in 1635 with the arrival of the Paul and continue to my own family who still live in Morgan Co., AL. It is easy to get off track and since I have, I will try to go back and fill in a few gaps since I know that at least one person who visits here is researching St. Peter's Parish. As I said earlier, Edward Garrett wrote that George who married Rhoda descended from William the church builder. On this basis, I paid a visit to the Parish that was reworked after the Yankee soldiers quartered horses there during the Civil War. The workers built it by the original plan and I must say it is truly beautiful. The outside brickwork is the original work done by William Hughes and his crew. The setting is perfect. It is on a rise surrounded by trees and floral. The old cemetery is there on the grounds. Episcopal services are held each Sunday and I had the privilege of attending a service. When my son has time to teach me how to add photos to this site, I will do so. The registry there indicates the following Hughes genealogy:

September 1687 Will Hughes named a son Will.
April 23, 1689 Will Hughes had son named John baptized.
Oct 18, 1691 William Hughes had son named Charles baptized.
Elizabeth daughter of William, Oct 1691
Were there two William, one called Will, the other William??
Oct. 2, 1726 Charles Hughes had a son he named George.
Charles and Elizabeth had a daughter, Annis Aug. 17, 1729
Kezia Hughes, Daughter of William, May 1729
Stephen, son of John and Annis, March 22, 1757.
Absalom Son of John and Annis June 16, 1755. (One researcher told me that John and Ann were both Hughes and also cousins. They also suggest that the two later had a son named George.
Other VA research:
William Hughes died in York 2/20/1661. Two children Anne and Elainder
William Hughes died Jan 13, 1809
1783 June 18, John Hughes married Ann Merriweather This came from from Will Book 1784 2 295
Here is a link to the Parish: http://www.geocities.com/stpeterstc/

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The links here may be helpful for the post from yesterday:
http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/Bible/24741/0002.tiff and http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/Bible/24741/0001.tiff

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April 05, 2004

St. Peter's Parish - Sweeny, Hughes

A fellow researcher sent this info. I am passing it along, but will continue to post Hughes who fought in Rev. War. In the meantime:
In the SWEENEY family bible 1821-1859 at "The Library of
Virginia" are these two entries:
1. Stephen B. Sweeney of New Kent was married to
Virginia E. Hughes of Hanover on the 8th of March 1821.
2. Virginia E. wife of Stephen B. Sweeney died on the
14th day of Sept 1859 at 10 minutes to 5 oclock p.m. age
55 years 9 months and 2 days.

In the CLOPTON family bible record, 1828-1957 at "The
Library of Virginia" is this entry: Jonathan Sweeney
son of Stephen Brooker Sweeney and Virginia England
Sweeney his wife, was born in New Kent Co on the 15t
day of December 1831

These two bible pages can be viewed online at "The Library of Virginia" site.

Also of interest, the Sweeney family (Swinney) were
early members of St. Peters Parish.

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James Hughes (Hews) Nancy

James Hughes or Hews, Nancy, R5350, BLW #36537-160-55, VA Line, sol lived in Culpeper Co VA at enl, sol m Nancy Powers 14 Mar 1839 in DeKalb Co GA & sol d there 6 Feb l852 & wid appl for BLW 23 Aug 1855 in Lumpkin Co GA aged 80 a res of Cobb Co GA, wid appl for pension on 28 Oct 1856 Fulton Co GA a res of DeKalb Co GA, a Joseph & Nancy A. Powers were witnesses to wid's aff'dt in 1855, sol & wid had been m by one Josiah Powers a JP but no relationship was stated, a daughter Nancy Hughes signed p.o.a. on 22 Apr 1852 in Laurens Dist SC as heir of dec'd wid, sol had appl 15 Jan 1845 DeKalb Co GA aged 86 & stated after the Rev he lived in VA, NC, SC & GA

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April 04, 2004

Revolutionary War, ...Henry and James

Henry Hughes - BLW #3230-150-24 Sep 1795, srv as an Ensign in the VA Line, no papers

James Hughes S39751, Cont Line (MD), sol was b 7 Feb 1756, he enl in Baltimore Co MD, he appl 18 Sep 1820 Greene Co PA at which time he had a wife aged 7 yrs older than he was & also had 2 daughters; Esther aged upwards of 30 & Sarah aged upwards of 27 & 3 grandchildren; James Hughes 9, Lucinda Hughes 5 & Esther Hughes aged 3 also lived with sol (parents of grandchildren were not named)

James, Sarah, W3818 , NC Line, wid appl 23 Nov 1841 Orange Co. NC aged 79 but lived in Caswell Co NC near the Orange Co line, sol & wid had m in the fall of 1789, sol d in 1809, children were; Andrew b 13 Jun 1790, John b 19 Mar 1792, Elizabeth b 12 Apr 1794, Martha b 30 Nov 1798, Samuel b 31 Jun 1803 & William b 4 Feb 1806, also shown were; Irena Ann Mason b 10 Dec 1814, Marenda Mason b 5 Nov 1816, Saraha Jane Mason b 20 Mar 1819, Martha Woodes b 4 Dec 1820, Henry Cartere Mason b 10 May 1823, James Eperson Mason b 25 Jul 1825 & William Mason b 23 Dec 1827 (relationship for these not stated)

There are two James Hughes who served in the PA Line that have little personal information.

James Hughes, S7046, VA Line, sol was b 15 Sep 1762 in Hanover Co VA & he lived there until 1790 the m the daughter of John Sizer of Caroline Co VA (she wasn't named) & they moved to Goochland Co VA & sol appl there 15 Oct 1832 at which time sol & his wife aged 65 lived with a son Nelson B. Hughes at Raleigh NC, in 1832 sol stated he and his wife raised 7 sons & 3 daughters & that 4 sons and 2 daughters were living when last heard from (he did not name them, in 1821 sol stated he sold land to a Garland A Hughes of Charlotte Co VA (sol lived in Goochland Co at that time)

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Rev War Records - George

I have written for and receieved the records of two George Hughes who fought in Rev. hoping to determine which was my ggggrandpa. Here is what I learned:
Virginia - Geo Hughes, Soldier (Cal) was paid on December 9, 1782, Sum L 116-14-2 (note says changed to 1784 in pencil)The transaction is recorded in Vol. 176; page 346 and copied by R.W. Pearson. This George Hughes fought in the l Light Dragoons. Continental Troops. The pay card is dated January 1783. He is listed as first a Sargeant and then reduced to the ranks of a private on 10 January, 1783. He was paid (as a private) per month 8 1/3 dollars and his time of service as a private was 21 days. Amount of pay was 5 60/90 Dollars. His pay card as a sargeant is dated the same and he received 15 dollars for 10 days of service- total pay there is 5 dollars. copiest for the cards was J. Dowd. No explantion of why he was reduced in the ranks and no explantion for the short length of service. History tells us, however that by early 1783, active hostilities of the American Revolutionary War had been over for nearly two years and Commissioners Franklin, Jay, and Adams were still negotiating in Paris to establish a final treaty with Great Britain. With a formal peace almost secured and with no fighting to do, the Continental Army had grown bored and restless, but Congress had decided to retain it as long as the British remained in New York to ensure that the gains of seven years of fighting would not be lost. My guess is George felt he had better things to do at this point and he left.

For those who are interested in George Hughes and Rhoda Garrett Hughes, I will post all I have found (Speculation) on when, where, and if George served. There is not a lot to go on, but some clues are available. Could this be our George?? There is evidence pro can con. I will give you one of my deductions here: The age of this soldier could be a clue. Was George in VA in 1783. We do not know for sure, but I doubt it. This soldier was probably young or he would have joined long before Dec. 1782. I have more information on Hughes who fought in the Dragoons and will post later. Also...

George Hughes from SC served as follows:
Record is dated Nov. 9, 1776, Nov 1 - 9. Copied from Rolls Vol. 9, page 138. George Hughs, Private served in the 2d South Carolina Regiment, commanded by Lt. Col. Marion. List dated (No Date Given) Comp. 9 Memorandum: No. & 5. were paid in the annexed Roll from the lst of August to 1 November 1779 No. 6. 7. 8. & 9 were paid in the annexed Roll from the lst July to the first of November, 1779-- No Remarks were added.

I have clues to whether or not this was our George, but will have to list them later, along with other soldiers who served in the same regiments. Perhaps someone will read this and be able to help me determine which George he was.

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April 03, 2004

Rev. Cont'd

Francis, S3075, NC Line, sol was b in 1759 in Shenandoah Co VA & he lived in Burke Co NC at enl, he appl 21 Jul 1832 Greene Co. TN sol d 25 Jan 1841, children were mentioned but not named.

Gabriel, Mary, W19836, VA Line, sol was a son of Gabriel & Ann Hughes & was b 7 Nov 1762 Gloucester Co VA & he lived there at enl, he appl 13 Aug 1832 Mathew Co VA, sol m Mary Williams 31 Mar 1785 & she was b 18 Oct 1765, wid appl 10 Dec 1838 Mathe3ws Co VA, children were; Sarah D. b 10 Jan 1786, Elizabeth b 12 Feb 1788, Thomas b 30 Apr 1791, Mann Page b 25 Dec 1792, Ann Lucy or Luse b 28 Apr 1796, Mann Page 2nd b 12 Jun 1799 & Frances b 3 Jun 1806.

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Hughes in Rev.

Since I am getting about zero feedback, other than some emails, I hope that some of this helps someone out there. Several have asked about Hughes in NC. From Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files , we find: David, S2637, NC Line, in 1777 sol moved from PA to the frontier of NC west of the Appalachian Mtns. & he lived there at enl, he appl 22 Aug 1832 Sullivan Co. TN aged about 74, on 15 Jan 1850 one Robert Hughes was exc'r of dec'd sol & stated sol had lived in Frederick Co MD before moved to TN about 1800, sol d in sullivan Co TN 18 June 1849 leaving no wid but left 3 children: Robert, Thomas & Elizabeth Hughes

Edward, S 5574, VA line, sol was b 4 Mar 1756, he lived in Albemarle Co VA at enl & he appl there 7 Jan 1833, sol d 27 Nov 1835 leaving children who were not named.

Elias, S 8747, VA Line, sol was a son of Thomas Hughes & was b in Hardy Co VA & moved with his father to near Clarksburg VA & his father (not named) was killed by the Indians on Hacker's Creek in 1778, in 1774 sol assisted in building Nutter"s Fort in Augusta Co VA, he lived near Clarksburg VA at enl, he appl 23 Aug 1832 Licking Co OH aged 75 where he had lived for 30 yrs, in 1838 he was living with a son (not named) who had a large family.

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April 02, 2004

Rev. War Pension Files

The following entry interested me because the name is so close to Hughes AND because of the Rutherford, NC connection. Quite a coincidence that the name is similar, the family was in Rutherford, NC and then in SC.
From the book, Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files: George Hughe, or George Hughey, S21306, NC Line, appl 2 Sep 1834 Spartanburg Dist. SC, sol was b in 1758 in Brunswick Co. VA & he lived in Rutherford Co. NC at enl & after the Rev. he lived in Union Dist. SC then to Spartanburg Dist. SC, a son John Hughey made aff'dt 12 Mar 1857 in Spartanburg Dist. SC & stated sol died there 26 Jul. 1838.

Another interesting entry is: Benjamin Hughes, s3079, VA Line, sol was b 7 Oct 1763 in Hanover Co VA and he lived there at enl, after the Rev sol lived in Beford Co VA for "some yrs", he appl 10 Jun 1833 Campbell Co VA where he had lived for 20 yrs, on 8 Apr 1835 sol was living about 60 miles from Nashville TN & had moved there because his wife's father had moved there, in 1837 sol was living in Smith Co TN, sol d 24 Jun, 1838, leaving a wid (not named), also was George Hughes son of Henry & Margaret was b 14 Jun 1761. Data found on line has led me to believe that this George Hughes is not my ancestor who married Rhoda.

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