May 31, 2004

St. Paul's Parish Vestry Book

The following was sent to me by George Hughes. George lives in VA and descended from the Hughes of New Kent Co.,VA.

The Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co.Virginia.
17-06-1786 L332.H24 S14, Virginia State Library

At a vestry held for St. Paul's Parish ye 19th 1734, Tithes William Hughes and others to assist of clearing the road, May 19th 1734. p 141

To Anthony Hughes acc't for John Rook 100 lbs tobacco. p 142

Laying Levy William Hughes, 12 Oct. 1742. p 168

No. 5 Oct. 18th, 1743, Processioning the lands of., William Hughes carried out March 29, 1744. p 304

No. 5 Sept. 30, 1751, Processioning the lands of William Hughes, etc. p 314.

No. 22 Nov. 17th, 1755, Processioning the lands of William Hughes, Etc. (others). p 355

No. 5, Nov 19th, 1759 Processioning the lands of William Hughes etc. (others) p. 379

No. 22 at a Vestry held for St. Paul's Parish Nov. 19th 1759 Processioning land of William, Archibal Hughes now Rob't Smith's p 392

Nov. 25, 1760 That William Hughes keep John Fox the ensuring year for 1200 pds. of tobacco. p 398

No. 5 Nov, 1763 Processioning lands of William Hughes and etc. (others). p 41

No. 22, 30 Nov. 1763 In obedience to within order, we the subscribers has see the lines of all the land peaceably, processioned, from the road crossing Chickahominy at the three Runs Bridge, down said Swamp, to Beaver dam Swamp, which includes the lands of William Hughes & others - Subscribers examined line between Aaron Trueheart & William Hughes, which we have returned tothe Wardens according to law p 428.

March 1, 1764 We have compy'd with the order of Vestry so far as to see the within lands processioned, William Hughes p 416

No. 5, Sept 30, 1767 Processioning of the lands of William Hughes. p 456

No. 2, Nov. 12, 1771 Processioning the lands of William Hughes & Etc. p 488

No. 2. Nov. 12, 1779 ordered into one precinct for processioning the lands of Archelaus, William Hughes & etc. p 549

No. 18. Nov. 12, 1779 at Vestry held, ordered into one precinct for processioning the lands of William Hughes & etc. p557.

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May 27, 2004

John Hughes &Joseph Hughes born 1718

In the Hamilton County Library, Chattanooga there is a book of Abstracts of Deeds 1773-1795. There I found Rutherford Co., NC, John Hughes I 444 No. 987 NC. Grant No. 301 Caswell to John Hughes for 10pds. Received 26 Feb. 1793. This of course was after our George married and was living in Laurens. Still it might be helpful to someone and I sincerely hope that it will be.

I found a Joseph Hughes on Kindred Konnections Inc. but that information is copyrighted. For that reason, I will not post it, but I do not think it is illegal for me to share it through e-mail. It is the same Joseph as the one married to Mary Orme.

If you are interested write me at The address on this site has so much spam it is practically ineffective.

A website that I only found yesterday is another Hughes family, but some of you will want to visit. Here is the address:

Site of David Wendell Hughes

A fellow researcher is looking for Adam Jackson Hughes who was born 1843 to unknown Hughes and Margaret Smith near aeither Giles or Craig Co., VA This same researcher has George Hughes who died about 827 in Giles Co, VA whose wife was Margaret. Children were:
Nancy, George, Betsy, David, James, Susanna, Sally, Thomas, & John. John was born ca 1805 & died after 1880 in Craig Co., VA

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May 25, 2004

G. J. Hughes

G. J. Hughes was found on an ancestor Chart in the Morgan Co. Archives in Decatur, AL. Available information shows that G.J. Hughes was born ca 1815-1819 in SC. His wife was named Sarah E. One son, William P. Hughes was born May 16, 1841 in GA and died Nov. 28, 1911 in Calhoun Co., AL. He was married to Easter Elvira Russel. William's son Joseph Alvin Hughes was born January 21, 1877 in White Plains, AL and died Aug 29 in Vinemont, Cullman Co., AL He was married to Ventice Dora Hughes who was born July 8, 1904 in Boaz, AL, (Marshall Co.)

The above is the only information I found. There may be more at the archives, I just did not have time to look. I noticed here the connection to Marshall County. This most likely means that Dora Ventice Hughes descended from Richard Blanton, but is not conclusive. We think William H. (son of George) had a son that we have not been able to trace. There was a son on the census in Gwinnett co. in 1830. Perhaps G.J. could be the son. If anyone seeing this can help, please do so.

Besides a Hughes marrying a Hughes, the Russell interests me. My father was a Hughes and my mother a Russell.

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May 24, 2004

John Hughes

Just in case you are interested in Randolph Co., VA check out: John Hughes

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May 21, 2004

Hughes and Francis

Before I post the will of Beveridge Hughes, I would like to ask if anyone who is in the Francis family would have a picture of Anna Elizabeth Francis or any of the other Francis in this family. Anna is the daughter of Robert Francis and Drady Turrentine. She married George C. Hughes in Morgan Co., AL in Jan 02, 1862. You may read more on World Connect at Rootsweb at John Francis.
Thank you for stopping by.

Will of Beveridge Hughes

6 Oct 1808. Will of Beveridge Hughes, being very sick and weak legatee wife, Nancy Hughes to have lifetime possession of the estate for support and to school children. Son Blackmore Hughes, land beginning at first branch above mansion path that used to go to Martin Lawrence's old place. When he arrives of age to take possession. To son, Beveridge Hughes, land adjoining the above both sons to share the ???? until the death of their mother. Other goods and ???? to be divided among children to wit: daughter, Martha Burnet, Agnes Hughes, Nancy Hughes, Sarah Hughes, Polly Hughes. Witness:James Morrison. William Parmer, Sr. and Elizabeth Thompson.

Tonight I want to share a website with you. This site puzzles me so much due to the names. My gggrandfather was William H. Hughes and my gggrandmother was Jane Hughes. My ggrandfather was George C. Hughes. When I found this I could hardly believe the coincidence of the names and they too are from SC and AL. Limestone County, AL borders my home county of Morgan. If anyone from this family should see this, please leave a comment. Here is the site:
The Illusive Hughes Family

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May 18, 2004

Notes on George Hughes

The following notes were taken sometime ago. I thought that perhaps if I attempted to list the George Hughes who are documented from 1700-1800 I would be able to determine which George married Rhoda. Hope some of this is helpful. (The picture of Erskine Hughes may be up by Saturday)
George Hughes - son of Blackmore Hughes (ca mid 1700’s)
m. Elizabeth Adams
2 John Hughes
2 Samuel Hughes
2 Mary Hughes
2 Bunch Hughes
2 Sarah Hughes
My source on this was Ken Klamm a descendant of Blackmore Hughes

The DAR patriot index has a George Robert Twelves Hughes listed b. 8-25-1742 d 11-05-1840 married Sarah Summer PS Pvt Smn MA
On Rootsweb message board as follows: Searching for George Hughes in Berkley Co., SC and brother Joseph . George Hughes - Colonial Plat- 150 A.-Berkley Co., SC- 1770 - Aug 13. Royal Grant - 150 A. “””-1774-Aug 11 Memorial by George Hughes “” 1775-Jan 17. A great possibility that he may be the father of my: Willis Henry Hughes b. SC abt. 1800 m. Julia Ann Hall b. SC, 1801 Children: Aranda E. Roan, Permelia, Chapel, George, Joseph, Lorenzo, Willis & Martha. (only George & Joseph were b. in SC. The above documents are in the SC Dept. of Archives but I have not sent for them because I must prove first that George is mine. (What was meant by a Memorial in 1775?) Perhaps it could shed some light. Will greatly appreciate your help . Barbara Smith 18 July 1999

George Hughes from Bertie NC married Mary Outlaw before 1779. Found this using Google.

From George Hughes Jr. who lives near Richmond, VA. He sent a copies of information recorded by Benjamin Hughes in an attempt to collect his Rev.War pension. The information came from sworn affidavits. It states: “The birth certificate presented by Hughes was a note signed by Ben Anderson. George Hughes, son of Henry Hughes and Margaret, his wife, was born June 17, 1761. Charles, a Negro child, belonging to Henry Hughes was born June 12, 1761. Benjamin Hughes was born October 7, 1763. I hereby certify that the above is a true copy found among the papers in the Register Book kept by the Rev. Patrick Henry, given under my hand this 14th day of February, 1778.”

From Hughes and Related Families newsletter:
George Hughes, the Virginia forebear, was one of 22 adherents of Charles I vs. Crommell, who, under the sponsorship of Sir William Berkeley, the governor, were permitted to come to the New Colony in 1646. He had a sizable plantation in York County with his wife Ann. He had a sister, Elizabeth Hughes who married James Turner of New Kent County, VA; and it is likely that Rees Hughes was a brother.

In 1704, George owned 250 acres in James City County, Berkeley’s One Hundred. The family became contractors and builders. George’s son, William, in 1700-1703 built a brick church in St. Peters Parrish, New Kent County, VA…..
This goes on to list children of William, one of which is Blackmore born 1711.

(The thing about the above that confuses me is that there is no George mentioned in the St. Peter’s Parish Registry other than George who is the son of Charles born in 1726. There is a Will and a William. Because I know that William Hughes did sail here in 1635, I tend to believe that he is the father of the church builder.

Record found from Hughes/Martin website states that William Hughes (church builder) married three times - first to a Bowles (they had a daughter who married a Perkins - thus the Virkus record?) Secondly he married a Bronson and the third wife was Nancy Blackwell. According to this record, William and Nancy had a son named George Parnell Hughes. I tried to return to this website tonight and could not find it again, but I do have the print-out. It is difficult to follow. It was written by Bev Bates.

From the St. Peter’s Vestry Book and from Hughes Family of the Byrd:
Charles, son of Wm Hughes married Eliza, their issue; George, baptized Oct. 2, 1726

1785 Hughes, Robert1-2288 Hughes, William1---1-Hughes, George1---1- Tax List of Campbell County, VA
Martin, David1---514Martin, Martha

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May 17, 2004

Erskine Hughes

A picture that I have of the Mt. Tabor School 1913-1914 in Morgan Co., AL has Erskine Hughes as the teacher. The picture includes his student, John Sparkman, former senator from AL.

The picture will be posted along with the sheet giving identification of those pictured. I hope to have this up by tomorrow.

If anyone has information on Erskine Hughes please contact me.

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May 15, 2004

Warrior Creek Baptist Church

Warrior Creek Baptist Church.jpg

Now standing on the land donated by Edward Garrett is this beautiful church building near Warrior Creek in Laurens County, SC.

I have begun a Garrett Family image page and added this and two other images to it.

The latest picture on the Hughes images page is my daughter and her family. Shane, Rachael, and Anna make the eighth generation from George and Rhoda.

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Garrett Family in Morgan Co.

The Garrett family is so well documented that I will not spend a lot of time posting, but rather give a few links to that information at the end of today's post. I will, however, give some recent information on the family of Marcus Layafayette and Nettie Zelda Brooks Garrett Also, I am asking my son to post pictures of the Warrior Creek Cemetery. Most of you know that Edward and Anne donated the land for this beautiful church. I have a snapshot of the church that I will post later this week.

The following is taken from The Heritage of Morgan County - Vol. 52 Marcus Layfayette was born the 21st of Nov. 1881 in Marshall County, AL. (This is how I know he is descended from Edward. His father was in Marshall Co. along with William Hughes.)Marcus father died when he was eight years old. They moved to Morgan Co. at this time to a community called Lacey's Spring. Marcus was tall, light hair, and crystal blue eyes. Marcus was a sharecropper on the Vaughn Place. The first child of Nettie and Marcus died before she could be named. The second little girl was born a year later and named Gertrude Cornelia Garrett. She was known as Gertie and grew up to own the 'Sweet Shop' at the Elks Theater in Huntsville, AL. Marcus and Nettie had a son named William Buford and one named James Orr. Other children included a daughter named Mattie Bernice (died at age two), son - James Wilbur, daughter - Mary Madgelene (married J.C. Morrison) daughter - Lorene Elizabeth married Albert Tovey, and daughter Lois Meriam who married Huston C. Cushing of Hartselle, AL.

It is stated in the Heritage book that the writer "witnessed the greatest love between two people I have seen anywhere between any people. Her nickname for him was what most people knew him as, 'Doll'. They are buried side-by-side at the Lipscomb Cemetery in Lacey's Spring, Alabama."

Garretts found in Marshall Co., AL who may be the father of Marcus Layafayette are:
Garrett, Lewis L. to Mitchell, Eva 1860 JUN 13 1860 JUN 17 Garrett, Pierce M. B. to Vercer, Martha Jane 1860 OCT 30 1860 NOV 02 Here are the links I promised.
Family of William Garrett

Garrett Book

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May 14, 2004

William Hughes, Blountsville

Most of you who research George and Rhoda's line know that William is my ggreatgrandfather and that he was wounded in the War of 1812 with a gunshot wound to the thigh. I found this on-line some time ago. The verification for this comes from a survey made in Blount Co. AL in 1880. He was drawing $8.00 a month pension and said he had been shot in the thigh. Jane was probably not living and William would have been 88 at the time. I want to know where he served, but when I wrote for his record, it was not found. If anyone out there could help with this I would appreciate hearing from you.

On a different note, I want to add a site that I found long ago that some of you may not have run across. It is from First Families in America - Virkus and is a page that has Hughes listed. It is an archived page and I do not have the home page. Check out: First Families

I hope none of you are getting too frustrated with my ramblings. I am actually going through my file box and have reached F with First Families. In the beginning I tried a chronological approach and found myself spending much too long each day. This approach allows me to just reach in the file and pull something out.

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May 12, 2004

Jesse Hughes & Dorcus Johnson

I have strayed away from my goal of primarily following the Hughes family from Laurens. Tonight I want to give a link to Jesse Hughes and Dorcus Johnson. The only connection I see here is the fact that Jesse was probably born in Laurens, SC.

Check out Hughes Family of PA, SC, TN, AL, & MS

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May 11, 2004

Jefferson Co., AL 1850

Jefferson County is just below Blount Co. Family members of the family of George and Rhoda were at one time in Jefferson Co., AL. In 1850, while William was in Marshall Co., along with his mother Rhoda, in Jefferson we find:
George Hughes 37 b SC (born 1813)
Martha 37 b SC
Benjamin 7 b AL
Fayette 4 b AL
Rhoda E. 10 b AL
Thomas A. 12 b AL

Robert Hughes 64 b SC
Mary 63 b SC
William 5 b AL
William 16 b GA
Harriet 1 b AL

Robert Hughes 29 b GA
Elizabeth P. 31 b AL
Mary G. 6 b AL
Sarah E. 8 mos. b AL
Stephen H. 5 b AL

George W. Hughes b SC
Mary 33 b SC
John 6 b AL
Marion 1 b AL
Matthew 10 b AL
Nancy 8 b AL
Pleasant 4 b AL
Thomas 14 b AL
William 12 b AL

Jesse Hughes 38 b GA
Polly 32 b GA
George 4 b GA
James 10 b GA
Jessee 8 b GA
Rebecca 2 b GA
Rhoda 6 b GA
William 8 b GA

This was taken from a census book in Somerville, AL. I have added a note that the above Polly was the daughter of Polly Newton and Garrett Buckalew from Loudon, VA. I am not sure of my source on this, but it is handwritten which means I was in the library at Somerville when I found this.

Now I am very interested in learning the connection of the Newton family and the Buckalew family. I just found a Blanton who is researching the Newton family. (Remember our Richard Blanton Hughes?) If the Newtons and Buckalews were in Loudon, VA I have to believe they are connected to our Edward Garrett. The name "Garrett" suggest that the mother was a Garrett. Perhaps someone out there can tell us more.

There is a website that has Jesse Hughes married to Mary Alice Powell and also it has Rhoda in Blount Co. in 1850. I am not sure what the explanation is on this. My sister found the Marshall Co. census that shows Rhoda in the house with William H. In 1850. My thinking is that perhaps she had a residence in Blount but due to her age she actually stayed in the household of William over in Marshall Co. Here is that website: Hughes Family

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May 09, 2004

Blountsville, AL Research

Several members of our Hughes family moved from Laurens, SC to GA. William was in Gwinnett Co. in 1830. From there they moved on to North Alabama. Looking in Blount Co. 1820 Blount County census records show Joshua Hughs and the following household members: 1 male 0-5, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 0-5, 1 female 15-20 and 1 female 30-40.

Blount Co. marriages were James M. Hughes m Matilda Loyed 11-24-1831, Kiziah Hughes m Carter Hallmark 1-1-1829 George W. Hughes m Mary Sullivan 7-7-1835

Land Transactions -
HUGHES, JESSE AL Jefferson 4/2/1857
HUGHES, JESSE AL Jefferson 3/1/1858
HUGHES, WILLIAM AL Marshall 7/1/1845
HUGHES, WILLIAM AL Marshall 3/10/1852
HUGHES, WILLIAM AL Marshall 10/1/1845
GARRETT, JOHN Blount Co. 4-2-1857
GARRETT, STEPHEN Blount Co. 4-1-1882
HUGHES, JOSEPH R. 40.08 acres of land in Blount Co. 1889.

An interesting sidenote that I found was the land transaction of Grigsby Hughes 4-10-1837 in Coosa Co., AL
Edward Hughes born in Northumberland, VA in 1707 was the father of Thomas, Robert Hughes, Nathaniel Hughes, William Hughes, Edward Hughes, Jr. James, and two unknown Hughes. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that one of these unknown Hughes could be our George. Because Edward was married to Elizabeth Grigsby the name Grigsby Hughes caught my attention.

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May 08, 2004

The Ballew Family &The Hughes Lineage Appleton's Journal

The note I will add this morning concerns the Ballew family from Morgan Co., AL. My connection to this family is as follows. My grandfather's sister, Rachael Jane Hughes, son of George C. who was the son of William H. Hughes, son of George and Rhoda married William Oscar Ballew in Morgan County, AL. William Ballew was a farmer. He and Rachael had seven children. They were named: Margaret Jane, Andrew, Julia L. Benjamin, Oscar, Thomas and Clarence. Their son Oscar was born Feb. 4, 1897 in Hartselle and died Oct. 8, 1934. He married Ellen Jane Lynn on July 12, 1919 in Hartselle. This information came from the 1900 Morgan Co. Census records and from Eddie Belew (a descendant). Now I will share my firsthand knowledge and the information my Dad gave me. William apparently was named William Aurthur because Eddie stated that William was married to Cleo Beatrice Coffey. I know that my dad's cousin, Aurthur was married to Bea. Also, Clarence was married twice. I do not remember his first wife, but his second wife he called 'Pet'. My mom says her name was Pet Ellis Covington. They had a daughter named Rachel after my great aunt Rachel (Clarence's mother) Clarence visited in our house many times when I was small. One thing that I remember about him is how much he loved honey. We had a hive of bees that took up residence on our property and while eating breakfast with us, he commented how much he wished he had honey from the bee's hive.

I can remember visiting Tom Belew as a child. He lived in Birmingham, AL, Jefferson County. I cannot remember a great deal about him. He seemed to be older than my dad. I do have a picture made there and will place it on this site eventually.

Rachel and William are buried at Mt. Tabor Methodist Cemetery in Morgan Co., AL. Rachel's brother, Josh, was instrumental in the founding of that church. I have many, many family members buried there including my own dear father and grandparents.

The spelling of the name still alludes me. The census spelling is Ballew, but I thought Clarence spelled his name Belew. If a member of this family sees this, please add your comments and straighten me out if I have given any incorrect information.

My intention was to direct visitors to a rootsweb site called The Hughes Lineage, Appleton's Journal. Apparently that site has been removed. There is another site that has the journal transcribed but without the picture and formatting. It is found at: Appleton's Journal

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May 07, 2004


I am very sorry that I have not placed any information on the site for the past few days. We have a family situation that has demanded most of my time and all of my emotional energy. I will be back, probably tomorrow.

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May 03, 2004

Marshall County

Earlier I asked if any Hughes finding this web-site believes that they are descended from George and Rhoda, please contact me. I have been disappointed to have no contacts. Today I have decided to post some information from Marshall County, AL and see if perhaps someone sees a connection that way. Here are few things that I found in the library in Arab,AL.

Marshall County 1840 - Census index shows Reed B. Hughes and William Hughs. Garretts are John, Edward, Joseph, Newton.

J.W.B. Hughs dec'd. died intestate on the 19th July 1862 leaving widow Elizabeth Hughs & William Robert age 4, John Wesley age 2, Milly Lurinda age 11.

George H. C. Hughs AL 5th Cavalry Co. D. 2nd Lt.
Richard W. Hughes AL 5th Cavalry Co. D. 2nd Lt.
Amanda J. Dendy widow of Moses Hughs N.E. (AL Genealogy Society July 1885 No. 1. Vol 24 was the source)

In Cherokee Co., 1850 (not far from Marshall Co.) is the son of the above James W. B. Hughs. Thomas C. Hughes 43 M. born SC, wife Margaret Hughes 25 F born SC, child Margaret age 1 F born AL

I am going to take the liberty of sending you information that my sister, Demaris, sent me. This was found on-line.
Marshall County - Symantha Hughes Payne born 1827 and died 1891. Buried Haney Cemetery (out from Guntersville,AL)
Rhoda Hughes & Jessie Culver, married 1838 She is the daughter of William H. Hughes and my gg aunt.

R.B. Hughs performed many marriages in 1852 & 1853. This would have been Richard Blanton Hughs. 1854 J. Young Hughs married Susan Flack. 1855 William Hughs married Margaret Stewart. At first we thought perhaps this was our William and that Jane had died and he remarried, however, the age is not right for him to be ours.

Henry Huse was bond on at least two marriages in 1879 and 1884. He marked X (could not write)

1869 Richard W. Hughes married Mary Jane Black.

1871, Washington L. Hughes married Elizabeth Barnard.

1870, Charles A. Hughes married Mary Jane Ditto.

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May 02, 2004

Archelaus Hughes

From Beth I received: Orlander Hughes b-1670-79 d-1768 (Orlander, Leander, and William Hughes were brothers and came to America from Wales circa 1700) married Elizabeth Clark. Their children were Leander (died 1775), Anthony and Josiah. This Leander married ? and their children were Col Archelaus Hughes, Powell Hughes, Stephen Hughes and John Hughes. Col Archelaus Hughes married Mary Dalton and they had 11 children- one of which was Madison Redd Hughes - my g--grandfather - but no George. I went back over the notes I have, including the book-" Family History" by Lucy Henderson Horton published 1922 and could not find a George mentioned. Sorry. I don't know the names of offspring from Anthony and Josiah.

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May 01, 2004

This & That

Someone recently asked me about a Harrison Hughs. I have found a handwritten note where he is on the Stokes Co., NC 1820 census. In this same county in 1830 there is a Joseph and Leander Hughes.

Interesting little note that I have in my NC notes is that in the Civil War from NC. there was Samuel Hughes and a Col. James Martin. This is significant because Rhoda Hughes Culver named her first son James Martin Culver. My grandfather was James Martin Hughes. He was probably named after this nephew of George C. who was killed in the war. Could James Martin Culver have been named after Col. James Martin and if so what significance is this Samuel Hughes? My grandfather (James Martin) named his first son Samuel.

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