June 29, 2004

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Joy has listed a lot of Hughes information here:


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June 28, 2004

Thomas Hughes, Charlestown

From Will Book B 1786-1793

Thomas Hughes, late of Charles Town, but now of State of Georgia. Wife: Sarah. Children: [not named]. Mentions: estate divided between my children at 21 years for sons and 18 years for daus. at the death of my wife. Exors: wife; Hon. John Edwards, Sr. John Edwards, Jr., and John Gibbons Wit: Elisha Poinsett, Job Colcock, Richard Wainwright. D: near Savannah, GA., 8 Oct. 1779. CODICIL. Mentions: estate to wife and children now born and hereafter to be born, or any child or children born after date of this codicil; lately purchased a lot in Tradd St. with my now "Partners in Trade" and all other part of my estate shall be sold by executors for benefit of wife and children; Hon. John Edwards having died since making of will, I do appoint Joshua Ward of Charleston, attorney-at-law with other executors. Wit: Ann Ball, Elizabeth Massey, William Graves.D: 13 Jan. 1785. P: 23 Jan 1788.

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June 25, 2004

David Hughes + The Francis Family

Today's entry is a query from Randall B. Hughes. He's searching for information on David Hughes and writes the following:

I have always met a stopping point with my DAVID JAMES HUGHES. I have his father as being David D. Hughes (born 1795 in South Carolina) and, after a recent email from another researcher, I now believe this information is wrong. Below is the information I have on David James Hughes. If anyone can help me with finding out who his father is, I will be very grateful!!! 1880 census for District 15, Lawrence County, Tn. page 215B David J. Hughes, farmer, married, 51, b. in Tn., parents b. in SC Martha J., keeps house, wife, 49, b. in In., parents b. SC Sidney, works on farm, son, single, 20, b. in Tn., fa. b. in Tn., mo. b. in In. Martha, at home, dau, single, 18, b. in Tn., fa. b. in Tn., mo. b. in In. Not listed in this census are the following children; Mary E., born - Abt. 1854 Francis, born - Abt. 1855 David "Dave", born - 1857 Sidney ... (listed above) this is Sidney Henderson Hughes born - May 13, 1861 Martha ... (listed above) William, born - Abt. 1865 I had gotten (somewhere) that David James Hughes' Father was David D. Hughes. However, I cannot find that he is, nor can the lady who emailed me substantiate David D. as having a Son named David James (Hughes). If anyone can't tell me the name of David James Hughes' Father, I will be eternally grateful!!! Thanks again, Randall B. Hughes

For some time now, I have thought that I put the story of George C. Hughes' wife Anna Elizabeth Francis on this site. Apparently, I did not. Here is the story:

In the early part of the 19th century, George Francis came to visit relatives in Canada and the Carolinas from his home in Ireland. He was impressed with the country and went back to Ireland to persuade his family to move to America. George's Mother was Arabella Lee and his father was John Francis. In the early 1700's, before returning to America, George's father, John was killed in an ox-cart accident. John was a stonecutter by profession. His widow, Arabella Lee, and her three sons then set sail for the "new world". It is said that all her possessions (a flax wheel, a set of pewter dishes, a Bible commentary printed in London in 1674) fit in her apron. Her sons, Robert was 30, John was 22, and William age 19. Robert was my gggrandfather

The family settled in the Morgan County area of North Alabama. They are listed on the 1850 census record of Morgan County Federal Census. Arabella lived to be 90 years of age and was still able to ride a horse. She is buried in a cemetery that has been overgrown with trees, vines, and weeds, but the marker is still there and the name on the stone is legible. I think that Robert is in that same cemetery. My plans are to create a genealogy report on the family and have it posted as a link.

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June 24, 2004

Elijah Garrett

While searching for information on Elijah Garrett, Marshall Co., AL I found that Edward Garrett and Anne Owsley had several descendants named Elijah. Apparently one son was either Moses Hosea Garrett or Joshua Hosea Garrett. His son named Elijah is listed on Rootsweb as having died in Bentonville, Ark. Their son Jonathan had a son named Elijah who died in Clay Co., AL Clay county is to the south and east of Blount Co. and south of Marshall. Another son, Samuel Garrett named a son Elijah. This Elijah is listed as having died in St. Clair Co., AL.

If you are interested in the county formations you might like this site. Alabama County Information

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June 23, 2004

Margaret Stuart (Margaret Stewart)

Could anyone give me any information on this marriage recorded in Marshall Co., AL. Hughs, William to Stuart, Margaret license issued 1855 OCT 30 marriage on 1855 NOV 05. Elijah Garrett performed the ceremony I would like to know who Elijah's parents were as well as who this William Hughes is. The age is not right for him to be my gggrandfather. That same year, Young Hughs married Susan Flack. Young is the son of Richard Blanton Hughes.

For those of you who like old pictures, this is my grandfather's brother. His name was Samuel Hughes. Samuel was the son of George C. Hughes and Anna Elizabeth Francis Hughes. He was born in Morgan Co. and moved to Jefferson Co. As far as I know, he was never married.
View image

I have no idea why this picture did not create a thumbnail or why it is 'forever' opening. I inserted it the same as all the others.

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June 22, 2004

James Martin Hughes Early Family

The above picture is my grandfather, James Martin Hughes, the oldest child Ruby Hughes (Maples), grandmother Demaris Shirley Hughes, Baby - Samuel Hughes, second child, Ivy Hughes (also married a Maples). This picture was taken ca 1910.

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Marvin, Odessa, and Jan

Top picture is myself and spouse, Jerry P. Smith. This was made last summer. The other,is Yours Truly with parents made around 1990 (Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture)
My main reason for posting this picture is for the practice. I have some older photos that I have tried to post and for some reasons they will not post. I think perhaps it is the format used when saving.

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June 21, 2004

Huse (Hughes Creek)

Perhaps I am grasping at straws, but I have to wonder if Huse Creek was named for this same John Hughes that I mentioned earlier today. While searching for more information, I found this:

5 Aug. 1772 Plat Hughes Ck. Vol. 16 p99. 26 Sept. 1772 grant 100a on Huses (Hughes) Ck. a branch of Broad River Vol. 26, p540. Thomas Gill 100 acres situate on Huse Creek on the West of Broad River, bounding SW on Henry Longs Land and to the SW, NE, and SE on vacant land. Granted 26 Sept. 1772. Certified by John Mils, Pro.C.C. There is no Fishing Ck. Thomas Gill born early enough to associate with this record. Thomas Gill married to Rebekah Curry was 10, Thomas Franklin Gill was 15, and Thomas Gill son of Robert David Gill was 17. One had to be 21 to appear in a legal record. Hughes Creek flowing into the Broad River is shown on Mill's Atlas in Union County just south of Lockhart's canal, or about 9 miles NW of Unionville center. This is about 15 miles north of the location where Francis Gill in Laurens Co. resided, a strong geographical link between the two.

The interesting thing to me is the spelling of the name Hughes as Huse. This is how my gggrandfather's name was spelled on the 1850 census. Perhaps this indicates he and John were from the same family?? Maybe??

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Richard Marvin Hughes, age

Richard Marvin Hughes, age 34. This is my dad. A much later picture of him is posted right-top of my website. He bought 10 acres and a small building in Morgan Co. AL and built a home there. The part of a building seen in this picture was torn down. My dad did all the carpentry work on our home including the kitchen cabinets and a built in book case and wall unit. If I can find a picture of the house that is still there today among my pictures, I will post it as well.

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John Hughes

From the book, Citizens and Immigrants - South Carolina, 1768 page 80 we find John Hughes receiving 250 on Waters of Broad River. My question: Could this John be the father of George, Thomas, Ralph, and John? If so, is there another son called Aaron? One evidence that George's father was named John is the fact that he named his first son John. If anyone in Columbia, SC should be at the archives and has time to do a quick search for a will or other information on this John Hughes, it would be greatly appreciated.

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June 20, 2004

Ralph Hughes

I just found this filed away and forgotten. Now I wonder why I did not look into it more at the time. A researcher posted a query on genforum as follows:

I am looking for information about Ralph Hughes who was living in the Old 96th Laurens Co. area during the Revolutionary War.

I think he may have had brothers John, George, and Thomas.

We know that John, George, and Thomas Hughes were all living in Laurens around the turn of the century.

If you have any information concerning the family, please write.

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June 17, 2004

Virkus, First Families of America

While I cannot place the entire family file of William Ronald Cocke, III on this site, I am going to attempt to put just the line of William Hughes. I had it all typed and ready to go this morning when my computer knocked me off line and I lost the entire thing. Here is my second try:

My own notes are in italics.

10 William Hughes, from Gravesend, Eng., to VA 1635 aet 20; settled in New Kent Co.; documented ship's log, Paul

9. William (b ca 1650) designed and built St. Peter's Church, New Kent Co., VA, 1702-03, for 25,000 lbs. tobacco; doc. St. Peter's Parish Registry

8 William (bap. 1687-d 1765) of St. Peterís Parish, New Kent Co., and St. Paulís Parish, Hanover Co.; m Ann-:

7 William (ca 1730-1788), m 1st Frances Anderson (Thos.8 of Albermarle Co.);

6 William (d 1828)ens. Fluvanna Co. Militia 1781. 1st lt., 1784; m 1775, Susanna Bowles (d 1837);

5. Rev. John (d 1835), Methodist minister, Fluvanna Co.;m 1812, Martha Rivers;

4 Thomas Anderson (d 1861). pvt. Co. E. 18th Regt., Hunton's Brig., C.S.A.; m Mary Susan Adams (John3, of Chesterfield Co., VA m Elizabeth, dau. Martin Tucker, of Powhatan Co.; Wm6, Am. Rev., m Elizabeth, dau. of Geo. Boyd; John7 m Susan Wood);

3 Eldridge Tucker (1846-1936) grad. Hampden-Sidney College; ry. contractor; pvt. C.S.A., mem. VA House of Dels., 1914-15; m 1867, Nannie Beverley Perkins; Charles Tucker, son of Eldridge lived in Laurens, SC. He was said to have the sword and helmet of William Hughes.
2 Betty Perkins (2 below).

On a different note, the following can be found at Deeds of Louisa Co., VA:

Book: Q, Page: 464, Grantor: Hughes, Robert, Grantee: Mills, Nathaniel, Date: 24-Oct-1825
Robert Hughes, Samuel Estes & Elizabeth, Joseph Hall & Nancy, Josiah Sims & Sally, Rutha Hughes and ____ Hughes, heirs of Joshua Hughes, dec's, and Caroline Hughes, widow of Joshua of Montgomery Co., KY, for $500 to Nathaniel Mills, on North side of Richmond road devised to Joshua Hughes by will of William Hughes late of Louisa County; Beg. at corner to estate of Jo. Kennon; N2E; 406P; Corner to Robert Dalton & Miss. Poindexter; S77E; 15.5P; Corner to Poindexter & Samuel Hogg; S2.75W; 26P; Corner to Hogg and Anderson Painter; S4.5E; 26P; Pine on Painters; S1.5W; 197P; Corner to Painter; E; 128.5P; Corner to Painter; S3E; 16P; To John Wood; S14W; 176P; Corner to James Turner in Woods line, then up the road; 136P to Beg.

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June 14, 2004

George and Margaret Hughes

George Hughes & Margaret(Tanner)Hughes

GEORGE WAS B)9/29/1796 SC d)11/21/1847 in Cherokee Co. Ga.
MARGARET WAS b)11/5/1798 d)2/24/1888 in Ar.
2.LEVI FOSTER b)10/10/1820 d)11/26/1891 3.JOHN CALLOWAY
4.LARKIN Z m) M.A. Freeman in Cherokee Co.Ga.8/11/1851

LEVI FOSTER HUGHES b)10/10/1820 d)11/26/1891--
M) DOCIA FOWLER on 5/1/1848 in Cherokee Co. Ga.
1 GEORGE S. 2.JOHN T. b)11/22/1850 d)12/7/1912
3.MARGARET EVALINE b)9/28/1852 d)12/7/1916- m) Ira Reece(they had 1 daug.) then she m) Matthew Richard Adams in 1896 after his first d)6 months earlier
5.IVY SQUIRE b)1856
6.HENRY ALBERT b)1/21/1859 d)5/11/1949
7.BASHA A. b)1860

8&9(twins)SMITH CALHOUN(BIG)(my grand)b)6/10/1868 d)10/9/1957 & JOSIAH C. (LIT)-they were called Big & Lit

1.HUBERT b)5/22/1916 d)4/24/1997
2&3)(twins)MARVIN LEONARD b)2/13/1919 d)11/13/1987
MELVIN died at birth
4.DEWARD BELMONT b)11/22/1921 d)8/19/1975

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Larkin Hughes

Someone out there asked me about Larking Hughes. Here is what a visitor to the website sent:
Larkin Z Hughes

Larkin Z. Hughes b.)1819 in S.C. d.)1880 Ar.
m.) Mary Ann Freeman b.) 1832 d.) 1890
1.) Leona Virginia (Sallie) b.)1852 d.) 1911 m.) Willis Jackson, Jr.
2.) George R. Hughes b.) 1855 d.) 1881
3.) Susan Margaret b.) 11/24/1857 d.)1/4/1904 m.) William S.(Billy) Arrington
4.) John - died in boyhood
5.) Cordelia Ann (Delia) b.) 9/18/1865 d.) 2/15/1899 m.) James Albert Griffith
6.) Caledonia Alice (Donia) b)7/18/1868 d.) 1/2/1948 m.)Louis Martian Cole
7.) James (Jim) b.) 1872 d.) 1881

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June 11, 2004

George Carson Hughes & Thomas Hughes

George Carson Hughes was from Loudon, TN. His parents were Orlando Calhoun Hughes and Stacy Williams. Parents of Orlando MAY have been Moses Hughes Jr. who married Hattie Stone. Apparently Moses had a brother named Robert who came from VA through NC to TN and settled in Loudon Co.

This Thomas Hughes website might be of help to you.
Thomas Hughes Desendants

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June 09, 2004

Jesse Hughes

There is a danger that I am going to begin repeating myself too often. I cannot remember if I have brought attention to this website or not, but it is worth the visit if you are interested in the Hughes from Laurens, as I am. I think the Richard Hughes mentioned here lived in Newberry. I found him while researching there. Anyway, hope you enjoy reading about Jesse Hughes.

Also, check out the Hughes/Boone connection at Hughes Central. Navigate until you find the story of George Hughes who married Martha Boone.

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June 08, 2004

House of Hughes...

From The House of Hughes and Dunahoe and Their Many Relatives
Text is as follows:
William Hughes, planter, of Craven Co., & Sarah Hughes, to Anthony Martin White, manner for 350 curency, 2 plantations, total 370 a. in Craven Co., bounding S & SE on Black River & a creek; NW on Mr. Sinckler; NE on Burton. Whereas John, earl of Bath, Palatine, & the Lords Proprs. granted John Baily of Ballinacough, Co., of Trench, merchant of SC, his attorney, with authority to sell the land, reserving a certain portion; & whereas on 19 Apr. 1727 Trench sold Meredith Hughes, of Craven Co., 200 a on N side Black River, bounding NW on John Hooper; SE on a creek; which Hughes by will dated 1 Oct. 1739 bequeathed to his son William Hughes; & whereas Lt. Gov. William Bull on 5 July 1740 granted William Hughes 170 a. in Craven Co., bounding NW on Sinckler; SE on Hughes; NE on Burton; SW on Black River; now Hughes sell both tracts to White. Witnesses: Peter Lesesne, Mary Johnson. Before Joseph Dubourdieu, J.P., on 2 Mar 1769. Recorded 4 May 1773 by Henry Rugeley, Register.

Henry Hughes bequeathed land to Margaret-wife of John Murray of Prince Frederick's Parish, 400 acres River, Prince Frederick's Parish adjacent land of Meredith Hughes on Boleichet Creek.

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June 07, 2004

Margaret Hughes

A kind researcher sent information to answer the question concerning who was Margaret Hughes in yesterday's post.

was born April 9.1777 and died April 9.1825. Daughter of Thomas and Annie Hughes, and granddaughter of Samuel Miller. All of the patriotic Whig record in upper SC.

If anyone seeing this is interested in Morgan Co., AL I do have a copy of The Heritage of Morgan County and I will be glad to look up a family name and share the information.

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June 06, 2004

Hughes Reunion

I will continue with the House of Hughes and Dunahue on the next post. Today, I would like to send my viewers to genforum and a post I found yesterday. I am very interested in the Margaret Hughes listed here as well as the Martin mentioned. The mention of Morgan County, caught my eye.

If you are connected to Margaret Hughes given here, please contact me or leave a comment.


Those who are interested in history and/or the Peden family, might enjoy a visit to Peden Family Site.

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June 05, 2004

William, Meredith & Henry

The following was taken from House of Hughes and Dunahoe and Their Many Relatives Sources are given in the back of the book. I copied a few pages that I found of interest.

In South Carolina, during the Revolution an account of the battle for Charleston and Georgetown is given. After the enemy was removed from the state except within a twenty-mile area of Charleston, voting for the assembling of the legislature was held. On July 3, 1786 a debt was paid to Captain William Hughes as follows:

Issued the 10 April 1786 to Mr. William Hughes for L4..8..6 3/4 St. g duty in Brandons regm. a/audited
Principal L4..8..6 3/4 Interest L0..6..2

19 April 1727 Trench sold Meredith Hughes of Craven County, 200a. in Craven County, on N side Black River bounding NW on John Hooper, SE on a creek; & whereas Hughes, by will dated 1 Oct. 1739 bequeathed the 200 a to his son, William; & whereas on 5 July 1740 Lt. Gov. William Bull granted William Hughes 170 a in Craven Co., bounding NW on Sinckler; SE on Hughes; NE on Burton; SW on Black River; & whereas by L & R dated 15 & 16 August 1755 William Hughes & Sarah, his wife, sold the 2 tracts to Anthony Martin White.

Meredith Hughes married second on 4 Dec. 1734 to Mary Pyatt. 4 chldren Son of l

Henry Hughes born 19 January 1735. He married Susannah Bothwell.

Craven County?? Could anyone from South Carolina tell me about Craven County? I found a Craven County, NC, but no SC?

John Murray [sic] of the Parish of Prince-Frederick, Bachelor, and Margaret Hughes of the Praish of Prince Frederick, Spinister, were married at the Dwelling-house of Mr. Henry Hughes of the Parish of Prince Frederick by Licence, this twenty-eight day of November, Anno Domini 1782, by me, S.F. Warren of the Parish of James' Santee Clerk.
The marriage was solemnized between us in the presence of: John Murray, Margaret Hughes, Henry Hughes, Randolph Threes

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June 02, 2004

Berkeley Co., SC

Today I am going to post a 'post' that I found on Rootsweb Message Boards. I was unable to return to this site. It was posted in 1999. Perhaps the author will find this and let us know if she has found the answer.

Searching for George Hughes in Berkeley Co.,, SC and brother Joseph. George Hughes - Colonial Plat -150 A Berkley Co., SC , 1770-Aug-13. Royal Grant - 150 a Colonial Plat , 1774, Aug. 11. Memorial by George Hughes 1775,Jan. 17. (Does anyone know what this means???

The person who posted this is looking for the father of Willis Henry Hughes born SC ca 1800 and married Julia Ann Hall who was born SC, 1801. Children were:
Aranda E. Roan
(only George & Joseph were born in SC.)

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