July 25, 2004

Hughes Family Gathering

The picture below was sent to me indirectly by Maxine Gibson, a Morgan Co. Historian and friend. The picture was taken in the summer of 1954 or 1955. While I do not remember the occasion, I believe that it was the week of my grandfather's death. It is probably the Sunday following the funeral. Identification is below the thumbnail. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

First Row
1. Jamie Hughes
3. Patsy Hughes
3. Demaris Ann Hughes (Johnson)
4. Janet Lou Hughes (Smith) Yours Truly
5. Ida Odessa Russell Hughes
6. Demaris (Mae) Shirley Hughes
7. Mrs. Hartman
8. Gail King
9. Linda Sue Hughes (Floyd)
10.Lena Maples
11.Reedy Maples
12.Edith Crowe Hughes
13.Edward Myrl Hughes
14.Ernest Maples
15.George Henry Hughes
16.Claude Maples
17.Richard Marvin Hughes
18.Bob Maples
19.Mary Gertrude Wider Hughes
20.Ivy Hughes (Maples)
21 Mrs. Tyler

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July 23, 2004

Hughes sites of interest

Because I have found so many sites in the past few years, I may be wasting your time with this, but just in case some of you are new to this Hughes search. Here are some sites that I found of interest.

Judge Robert W. Hughes

Professor James J. Hughes, PHD

Edward Hughes

Hughes Family in Blount Co.

Micajah Hughes

Gregg - Owsley - Poyntz line

Please forgive me when I repeat myself, but perhaps if a post is buried in the archives it still might be good to post it again. Here is one more:

When you go here, scroll down to The Illusive Hughes Family.

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July 22, 2004

Hughes who left GA for TX

Thank you Bill Murphy for today's entry
Name Home in 1930 (City,County,State)- Age in 1930 - Estimated Birth Year -Birthplace - Race - Relation to head-of-house

Harriett E Hughes
El Paso El Paso, TX 84 1845 GA W Head
Jessie Hughes- El Paso- El Paso, TX-1852 - Daughter
Benjum H Hughes Precinct 3, Ellis, TX 48 1881 AL W Head
Lucy Hughes Precinct 3, Ellis TX 22 1907 wife
Thomas Hughes Precinct 3, Ellis, TX 22 1907 Son
Dora Hughes Precinct 3, Elliz, TX 12 1917 Daughter
Z Will Hughes Precinct 4 Ellis, TX 66 1863 GA W Head
Avery Hughes Precinct 4 Ellis TX 57 1872 Wife
W H Hughes Precinct 7, Eastland, TX 69 1860GA W Head
Sarah Hughes Precinct 7, Eastland, TX 68 1861 Wife

Mary Hughes Precinct 4, Comanche, TX 86 1843 GA W Mother-in-law
Will A Hughes Precinct 4, Comanche, TX 49 1880 Alabama White Head
Lattie Hughes Precinct 4, Comanche, TX 49 1880 Wife

Burton R Hughes
Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX 27 1902 Texas White Lodger
Dudley E Hughes Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX 26 1903 Texas White Head
W Hazel Hughes Jacksonville, Cherokee,TX 22 1907 Wife
Joe W Hughes Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX 1 2/12 1929 Son
Havana V Hughes Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX 61 1868 GA W Mother

J H Hughes Precinct 1, Cass, TX 72 1857 GA White Head
M L Hughes Precinct 1, Cass, TX 65 1864 Wife
Maud Hughes Precinct 1, Cass, TX 461883 Daughter
Jessie Hughes Precinct 1, Cass, TX 42 1887 Son
Kata B Hughes Precinct 1, Cass, TX 26 1903 Daughter

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July 15, 2004

Mt. Tabor School

Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture. On my computer, I can click and drag the blue bar and move the picture across the screen to view the entire group.

At last I am able to get the picture of Mt. Tabor School up. The teacher was Erskine Hughes and one of the students is a Al Senator, John Sparkman. The Sparkman's were neighbors and friends of my grandfather and his family. The students are identified on the image below:

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view. You may drag this one in the same manner as the first. I just discovered that you cannot see the student's number key. Here is the order:
First Row - Students are numbered from left to right 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 etc. They are numbered pretty much by the row, with the second row standing slightly behind row one. Second row students are 2-1, 2-2, etc. Five rows in all.

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July 14, 2004

Marriage Records

From my on-line friend Bill Murphy I received the following:
page 97 out of the St. Clair, (AL?) County Marriages 1818-1899 book. It listed the following Hughes:
Hughes, George m. McMullin, Syntha 4 Sep 1827
Hughes, H.S. m. Stevens, Mollie P. 21 Dec 1884
Hughes, Joseph m. Moragne, Katherine Q. 19 Jan 1845
Hughes, Moses m. Hughes, Rodah 11 Dec 1828
Hughes, R.W. m. Grissom, M. V. 25 Feb 1885
Hughs, Gregsby m. Dobbins, Elizabeth 16 Dec 1821
Hughs, James A. m. Wharton, Parilee 17 Aug 1835
Hughs, John m. Ford, Eliza 14 Jul 1831

Other Hughes marriages I found on the web were these at Portsmouth OH site:
Hughes, Abijah Roberts, Abigail Oct 21, 1850
Hughes, Anna McAuley, James Feb 11, 1808
Hughes, E. B. Wigham, Elizabeth Jan 31, 1856
Hughes, Eli Huddleston, Mary Aug 11, 1848
Hughes, Enoch Phillips, Annie Feb 16, 1859
Hughes, Henry Simmons, Sarah Feb 24, 1836
Hughes, Martha Huddleston, Thaddeus Aug 16, 1851
Hughes, Milton Jaynes, Eunice Feb 5, 1834
Hughes, Nathan Leach, Polly Feb 3, 1833
Hughes, Owen Webber, Lois Dec 25, 1844
Hughes, Samuel Sturgeon, Martha A. Aug 17, 1848
Hughes, Samuel Roberts, Martha A. Nov 29, 1850
Hughes, Silvester Dawson, Nancy Jan 19, 1847
Hughes, William Young, Elizabeth Jul 13, 1811
Hughes, William E. Skouter, Mary Dec 3, 1856
Hughes, Winneford Davis, William Aug 11, 1851
Hughey, Mariah Lumins, Highland Jul 10, 1838
Hughs, Margaret Davies, Owen Mar 8, 1844
Hughs, Martha Duffy, Ebenezer Jan 8, 1834
Hughs, Nancy Nicoles, William Jun 6, 1809


Hamilton County, IL
Hughes, B. F. Taylor, Eliza J. February 20, 1872
Hughes, Barnett Woods, Elizabeth October 21, 1864
Hughes, Francis M. Johnson, Sarah A. October 20, 1870
Hughes, James McKenzie, S. Clarisa March 14, 1903
Hughes, James Bosley, Artemissa March 22, 1869
Hughes, John Woods, Sarah June 6, 1858
Hughes, Marcus J. Coker, Mary June 7, 1868
Hughes, Thomas J. Howard, Martha A. September 4, 1867
Hughs, John Allen, Martha (d/o James) August 29, 1850
Hughs, John Hamilton, Sarah A. October 20, 1856

Hughes, Allen Whitehead, Leah 14 Feb 1823 Henry
Hughes, Beverly Peete, Susan 25 Aug 1819 Madison
Hughes, Grigsby Dobbins, Elizabeth 19 Dec 1821 St. Clair
Hughes, William A. Walker, Mary 7 May 1823 Madison
Hughs, Charles Fanning, Betsey 1 Jun 1824 Tuscaloosa

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July 13, 2004

Blount Co., AL 1860 census

1860 - John Hughs age 47 born in SC, wife Melvina age 40 born in GA, Children Frances J. 11 born MS, Margaret M. 9 b in MS and John M. 3 b in MS.

Who is this John Hughs? He was born in 1813. He is very possibly the son of William H. We know that William H. had a son on the 1830 census who was unnamed but born around 1813. We know that William H. was in Gwinnett Co., GA and his son possibly found a bride there. The first child was named Frances J. The J. could have stood for Jane. This would be consistent with the family as the mother's name was Jane. I truly wish that I could determine if this is correct. If anyone out there traces their ancestry to John Hughs in Blount Co. in 1860 PLEASE contact me.

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July 12, 2004

Misc. Notes

Robert Hughes in Bedford in 1762. Married Anna Heard
Mar. 2, 1815; Richard Bagwell & Sarah Hughes; George Hughes, Surety; Married by Peyton Welch, March 3, 1815.

Aug. 20, 1799; Henry Buford, s Henry & Jane Sherman, dt Henry D.; Reuben Hughes, Surety; Married by James Turner, Aug. 22, 1799.
Peggy Pittman; Robert Alexander, Surety. * Nov. 16, 1785; Reuben Pitman & Mary Roberts; George Hughes, Surety. PLEDGITT * Nov. 29, 1832; Holcomb L. Coffee & Eliza Ann Pledgitt, dt Frederick Padgitt ...

The above picture shows my Grandpa Hughes (James Martin Hughes)in the year 1946 at a co-op meeting. He is the man on the front row center sitting with his hat on his knee.

Descendants of Susan Laura Hughes

Generation No. 1

1. SUSAN LAURA2 HUGHES (RICHARD WRIGHT1) was born February 04, 1876 in Morgan County, Alabama, and died November 20, 1939 in Morgan County, Alabama. She married JAMES YOUNG FLACK November 22, 1896 in Morgan County, Alabama, son of WILLIAM FLACK and SUSAN MCCLURE. He was born March 30, 1866 in Morgan County, Alabama, and died May 25, 1945 in Morgan County, Alabama.

Children of SUSAN HUGHES and JAMES FLACK are:
2. i. AMORY DELBERT3 FLACK, b. September 03, 1897, Morgan County, Alabama; d. August 18, 1967, Morgan County, Alabama.
3. ii. EARL FLACK, b. January 30, 1899, Morgan County, Alabama; d. May 28, 1965.
4. iii. VERNA E. FLACK, b. August 21, 1900, Morgan County, Alabama; d. May 19, 1975, Morgan County, Alabama.
iv. MARK N. FLACK, b. April 26, 1902, Morgan County, Alabama; d. November 23, 1966, Morgan County, Alabama.
5. v. JAMES OSCAR FLACK, b. December 17, 1903, Morgan County, Alabama; d. March 21, 1973, Morgan County, Alabama.
6. vi. RICHARD HUGHES FLACK, b. November 02, 1905, Morgan County, Alabama; d. March 03, 1969.
7. vii. ALTON BRUCE FLACK, b. July 13, 1907, Morgan County, Alabama; d. December 12, 1973, Madison County, Alabama.
viii. CECIL W. FLACK, b. October 10, 1909, Morgan County, Alabama; d. August 14, 1963.
8. ix. WILLIAM VICTOR FLACK, b. March 30, 1911, Morgan County, Alabama; d. April 19, 1987, Morgan County, Alabama.
x. RUSHTON FLACK, b. June 03, 1913, Morgan County, Alabama; d. January 05, 1934.
9. xi. JAMES YOUNG FLACK, b. December 15, 1915, Morgan County, Alabama; d. October 27, 1963, Morgan County, Alabama.
xii. MYRLE FLACK, b. July 06, 1917, Morgan County, Alabama; d. February 12, 1920, Morgan County, Alabama.
xiii. AUNETA FLACK, b. May 13, 1919, Morgan County, Alabama; d. April 03, 1993, Tullahoma, Tennessee; m. LEROY UPTON; b. April 03, 1915; d. March 22, 1988.

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July 11, 2004

Hughes Court Records

The following has a good deal of information:

Hughes Court Records

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July 08, 2004

American Memory Home

If you have not been to this site, you might want to try it. Just put Hughes in the search engine, or whatever name you are interested in, and it might pull up a document of interest to you. The site is called:

American Memory Home

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July 06, 2004

Bradford Hughes

Can anyone tell me about the George Hughes listed below. I found the information on Hughes and Related Families, but the email address of the contact person is no longer valid. Sarah Hughes Born June 21, 1738 Died April 10, 1822 Spouse Isaac Foster Marriage 1752 I do not know why the spouse was named Foster and the children are all listed as Hughes if the mother was a Hughes. On World Connect Rootsweb, the children are listed as Fosters. While the logical conclusion is that the information below is a mistake, I would like to hear it from someone who has researched this family.

Child 1 Nimrod Hughes Born Mar 2, 1754 Died 1820

Child 2 Joshua Hughes Born 1755

Child 3 Mary Hughes Born 1758 Spouse William Hughes

Child 4 Isaac Hughes, Jr Born 1760

Child 5 Elizabeth Hughes Born 1764

Child 6 George Hughes Born 1767

Child 7 William Hughes Born 1768

Child 8 James Hughes Born 1770

Child 9 Nathanial Hughes Born 1772

Child 10 Nancy Hughes Born 1774

The reason for my interest is that William Hughes who married Mary Foster appears to be the son of Thomas Hughes and the Grandson of Edward Hughes. There are reasons to believe that George is either a son or grandson of Edward Hughes.

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July 05, 2004

David Hughes

For the person inquiring about David Hughes., I found two David Hughes in a book called South Carolina Roster Of Rev. War. Here is what it has:

David Hughes - He enlisted in the Fourth Regiment on 11 March 1776. N.A. 853


David Hughes He enlisted in the Second Regiment on 19the March 1776 and deserted on 29 July 1776. N.A. 853 (Apparently military life was not for him.)

Other Hughes who enlisted from SC were Andrew, Charles, Charles, Edward, Edward, Frederick, George, George, Greenberry, Henry. (I zeroxed a couple of pages and think that I am missing a page.)

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July 03, 2004

George Hughes, Civil War, 5th Calvalry

An identity problem with George Hughes who fought in the AL 5th Calvary, Co. D exist. Here is the problem. When my father sent for his grandfathers Civil War record, he received papers on a George Hughes who was a 2nd Lt. in Co. D, 5th Regt., AL Cav. This George had the middle name Hambrie. The wife who applied for the pension was Elliott Mary Hughes, daughter of Jesse Adams Carter The commanding officer was Josiah Patterson. The papers state that George H. Hughes enlisted in TX but transferred to Alabama. He was a First Lieutenant. He was discharged at Danville, AL at the end of the war. His wife lived at Flint with nieces.

My own ggrandfather, George C. Hughes was mustered into the service at Falkville, AL. He was in the fifth AL Calvalry, Co. D and fought under Josiah Patterson. I have an uncle living who remembers that his Grandpa fought under Josiah Patterson. There is one story about him almost being court martial for refusing to cross the TN river at flood stage. According to my uncle, Josiah Patterson went to bat for Grandpa Hughes and kept him from being court martialed. He agreed that it would have been suicide to cross at that time and place.

Could the two George's have been the same person and Mary have been a second wife?? I do not think so. For one thing, my George was not in TX and another thing is that she claims to have been married Feb. 10, 1869. That is the year that my own grandfather was born to Anna Elizabeth and George. Also, he is on the 1870 census with Anna.

Does anyone know anything about George Hambrie Hughes? He is listed as being the keeper of a boarding house in Flint after the war. Any information would be greatly appreciated. My guess is that George H. Hughes was the son of one of William H. Hughes' brothers.

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July 02, 2004

Hughes Web Site

Just found this for the first time tonight.

John R Hughes, Texas Ranger

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July 01, 2004

Land Records

Today I am looking at land records that I printed out from Land Patent Image - BLM GLO Records. If you have never visited there, you will want to do so. It is located at: BLO Land Records

I find that William Hughes and a Richard C. Patrick bought land together in Marshall Co., Oct. 1845. I do not know who this Richard Patrick was. Also I find that Henry Martin bought land near the section where William lived. His purchase was made 7-1-1845. Rueben Martin purchased land on April 2, 1857 in Marshall Co. next to Henry Martin. Both of these men were from Laurens, Co. SC as they can be found on census records there.

William Hughes
again purchases land in 1852. Jesse Culver, husband of William's daughter, Rhoda, purchases land along William Hughes and Reuben Henson July 1, 1845. In May of 1845, Moses Hughes makes a purchase along with James Crutcher.

Garretts purchasing land in Marshall Co. are: Joseph G. Garrett, along with James W. Hill 8/1/1831

James T. Garrett
, 9-1-1849

Stephen Garrett 4-1-1852

I have one person that I would especially like to learn about and that is Jane Hughes. My gggrandmother, William's wife was named Jane. I found that a Jane Hughes purchased land in Jackson Co., AL August 1, 1839. Any information on the identity of this Jane would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Just spent a few minutes researching the Henson family and found something interesting. There is a Reuben Henson listed as the son of Barlett James Henson from Rutherford, NC. According to Rootswebb, he was in Kentucky in 1850. This could or could not be the same Reuben. If it is the same family, we have still another reason to believe that William Hughes from Rutherford was related to George Hughes in Laurens. Their ages would imply that they were brothers.

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