September 30, 2004

Well Diggers Rig

Well Drilling.JPG

This picture is my grandfather, James Martin Hughes on the right side standing on the rig. My sister and I believe that the other man is probably his brother, William Joshua Hughes. No one in the family seems to have a picture of my dad's Uncle Josh, but his living daughter says that he was a well digger and a farmer.

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September 28, 2004

Joshua Hughes

More information on Joshua Hughes in Alabama.

Hughes information also found on this site.

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September 24, 2004

Powell Connection

A Powell reseacher who lived in Morgan Co. has helped make the connect between Sherman Powell, his brother Miles, and Mary C. Powell. Here is a quote from her email, "A grandson of James remembers his mom saying Tilmon Powell used to eat Sunday lunch with them & she knew they were related but did not know how. Tilmon was Bulter Powell's Uncle." Deason, this also strengthens the likelihood of your George Tilmon Hughes connecting to my Hughes family.

For more on the Powell connection read this:
James Powell Family

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September 18, 2004

Hughes Egg Farm & Joshua Hughes

A note in my files from a fellow researcher says that George Dewey Hughes was the owner of an egg farm in Jefferson Co., AL. The farm is located on Self Creek Road in northern Jefferson Co. It closed down about 10 years ago. I would like to hear from any descendants of George Dewey Hughes. Is he the father of Dewey Hughes in Decatur?

Blount Co., AL 1820 census has Joshua Hughs as head of household. Living in the household we find Joshua age 50-60, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 15-20, 1 female 30-40, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 0-5 I spent a little time searching on the net for Joshua and found an interesting obituary for Joshua Hughes living in TN. Joshua Hughes Obit.

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September 14, 2004

Poppa & Papaw

This is one of my most treasured pictures. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

These two men are my grandfathers. On the left is Benjamin Harrison Russell and the right is James Martin (Mart) Hughes. The picture was taken in Morgan Co. at what Mother calls the Whitten Place where she and my father were living. The date was early forties, possibly as early as 1941.

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September 12, 2004

William Moses Hughes

Just realized that there is a lot of information on-line giving information of William Moses Hughes, son of Jesse and Mary Powell Hughes. Don't miss this Elizabeth Christina Betty Hughes.

This from Fayette Co., TN:
THE DEMOCRATIC HERALD VOLUME V NO.7 SATURDAY AUGUST 18,1855 FROM THE LOUISVILLE TIMES OF AUGUST 8TH--Elections Incidents.Dreadful Loss of Life. A man named TOWNSEND was shot and stabbed while walking from his store to his residence. JESSE HUGHES, a good Democrat,was beaten,cut,and shot so badly, at the corner of Jefferson and Jackson, He died shortly afterwards. (Many incidents, but only these two men were named.)

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September 11, 2004

Cassandra Hughs married Pleasant Sullivan

According to a post on Genforum, Cassandra who married Pleasant Sullivan was Cassandra Hughs. If you saw the earlier blog, you may remember that Jane Hughes was living in the household with them in 1850. Cassandra was born in 1810 in SC. If anyone seeing this is able to identify Cassandra Hughs, please share the information. At first I believed that Jane was staying with them because of the connection to the Garrett family, but now I suspect it is due to Cassandra. If we can learn the identity of Cassandra, it will be a giant step forward.

I am still looking for the identity of George Hambrie Hughes who married Elliot Mary Carter. He was the postmaster in Flint, Morgan Co., AL.

An identity problem with George Hughes who fought in the AL 5th Calvary, Co. D exist. Here is the problem. When my father sent for his grandfathers Civil War record, he received papers on a George Hughes who was a 2nd Lt. in Co. D, 5th Regt., AL Cav. This George had the middle name Hambrie. The wife who applied for the pension was Elliott Mary Hughes, daughter of Jesse Adams Carter The commanding officer was Josiah Patterson. The papers state that George H. Hughes enlisted in TX but transferred to Alabama. He was a First Lieutenant. He was discharged at Danville, AL at the end of the war. His wife lived at Flint with nieces.

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September 10, 2004

Hughes Family From Morgan Co.

From Left to right: Artie L. Hughes, Sylvia Hughes Robbins, Nina Hughes Roberson, Portie Hughes Bechtel, Celeste Hughes Wallace

Although I was raised in Morgan Co., I never knew this family.

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September 05, 2004

Have A Safe Labor Day

Just a quick note to wish each of you a safe holiday.

I had a pleasant surprise today when I returned home from a trip and found an email from a Belew cousin that I have not heard from in many years. Our fathers were first cousins and I am hoping that together she and I might make a little headway in our family searching.

Another small item which might be another indication that Joan's Hughes family and mine are the same came today. As my mother looked at the picture of George LeCompte and Jesse Columbus Hughes made in early 1940's, she noticed a well-digging rig in the back ground. I have an old picture of my grandfather standing next to a rig like this. Perhaps they worked together at one time.

My sister just turned another stone and found a connection between the Hughes/Garrett/Sullivan families who lived in Jefferson County. More evidence that our William Hughes and Jesse Hughes were close family is found by noting that Jane Hughes (my gggrandmother and the wife of William H. Hughes, son of George and Rhoda) lived in Jefferson County, AL in 1850. Here is how we reached that conclusion. Living in the household of Pleasant Sullivan and Cassandra Sullivan Pleasant Sullivan is the son of Pleasant Sullivan and Frances Garrett Sullivan. View Here in 1850 is a Jane Hughes. Note that Frances Garrett is the daughter of Edward Garrett and Anne Owsley. Is this Jane actually William's wife, our gggrandmother? Apparently she is. On the Marshall County, 1850 census, Jane is listed, but there is a question mark by her name. Shortly after 1850 all the children moved to Morgan Co., but William did not. My guess is that William and Jane separated and she moved into the Sullivan household. Perhaps her making this choice will help us determine her identity. She has always been Jane (unknown) Hughes. With the breakup of the household, the grown children moved out. They moved to Morgan Co. with their neighbor (and probable relative) Richard Blanton Hughes (Uncle Dickie). Another item worth mentioning is that the Sullivans came from Charlotte Co., VA. Charlotte was formed from Lunenberg Co. Lunenberg was the birthplace of William Hughes who moved to Rutherford, NC. So we find another tie to that family as well.

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September 02, 2004

Joan's Family Tree

I certainly hope that this not only helps some of you out there, I hope that some relatives stop by and identify themselves. The fact that Jesse named a son Christopher makes me wonder if my George C. Hughes middle name was Christopher. I cannot find it written anywhere and he listed himself as George C. on his marriage license. We are still looking for the document that proves conclusively that Jesse is the son of William H. Hughes and Jane (Unknown) and the grandson of George and Rhoda.

Jesse Hughes b 1811 m Mary C. Powell b1818 about 1834
Aria E. Hughes b 1837-38
Christopher C. Hughes b 1859-60
Mary Hughes b 1849-50
Nancy L. Hughes b 1855-56
James Miles Hughes b August 25, 1839
William M. Hughes b 1842
Rhoda Hughes b 1844
George P. Hughes b 1846
Rebecca Hughes b 1848
John Hughes b Sept. 1850, d 1946 in Brazoria Co., Texas

NOTE: (on 1850 census Jesse is shown as Jesse H. Don't know what H stands for)

John Hughes (Jesse H.) b Sept. 1850, m Julia Ann Ratcliff (or Radcliff or Ratliff) born Ala. 1857. In Garland, Baxter Co., Ark. on 1880 census.
Jesse Columbus Hughes b 1875, d 1957 in Brazoria Co., Texas.
Mary Ellen Hughes b 1877
William Thomas Hughes b 1879
Rhoda Hughes b 1882
Margaret Hughes b 1888

Jesse Columbus (Jesse H., John) m Frances Elizabeth Murray (b about 1881 in Purdy, Mo) Nov. 17, 1902.
Jesse Columbus d 1957 in Brazoria Co., Tx.
Frances Elizabeth d 1915 in Nashoba, Okla.
Tennie May (May) Hughes b Oct. 8, 1903, d Apr. 12, 1948
Christine Hughes b 1905
Oscar Glen Hughes (d about 8 yr.)
Julia Ethel (Ethel) Hughes
John Edgar (Edgar) Hughes
Pearl Mabel (Mabel) b Aug. 15, 1914

Tennie May (May) Hughes (Jesse H., John, Jesse Columbus) m Benjamin Henry Weldon May 22, 1922
Violet Eioline Weldon b April 8, 1923
Christine Marie Weldon b Dec. 22, 1924
Harman Wayne Weldon b Aug. 27, 1926
Joan Gladys Weldon b Feb. 17, 1931
Kenneth Ray Weldon b Nov. 20, 1935

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