November 21, 2004

Hamilton County, TN 1830

Found in Hamilton County, TN 1830

Hughs George 81 25 pg 73.txt
Hughs Hardy 81 24 pg 73.txt
Hughs James 74 18 pg 73.txt
Hughs John 73 13 pg 73.txt
Hughs William 79 17 pg 73.txt

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November 01, 2004

Grand Jury , Decatur Daily, March 28, 1968

Click on the thumbnail for a picture of the men serving on the Grand Jury in Decatur in 1968. My scanner did not pick up all the pictures, but those shown are:
Seated from left front row, my father, Richard Marvin Hughes, Roland Guyse, Norman J. Meyer, Walter M. Penney, Wayne Miles, Standing left to right: Arthur R. Summerford, Talmidge Turner, Robert G. Penn, Goin Smith, Robert T. McWhorter, Steven Oaks, W.W. Starkey, Mrs. Ruth Brasseale, Mrs. Rachel Baird, Mrs. Ruth Tidd.
The picture also included Harold J. Hill andJohn Darsey. I will scan later and attempt to include these men in the picture as well.

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