July 30, 2005

Hezekiah Hughes

This entry is a portion of a letter that was sent by Stephen Hughes Garrett. Much of the letter was speculation, but the part I am posting is factual. I am hoping that some of you will be able to add to the information given or (Stephen, if you see this, perhaps you have new information by now). At the time of the writing you wrote that a William Hughes from Spartanburg Co received 40 acres of land from George Hughes before 1819. This William sold the land to Hezekiah Hughes. Hezekiah married Ester Jones and had among others, Simeon Hughes and William T. Hughes. William died in a hospital during the Civil War and Simeon was wounded and taken prisoner. Simeon Hughes was Stephen Hughes Garrett Great Grand Father. His Daughter, Hatty Mae Hughes married Ira Wister Garrett and they were the parents of Ira W. Garrett, Jr. Stephen thought for some time that his Hughes line and my Hughes line were both descended from George and Rhoda or at least from the same ancestor at some point. From what I understand, he has concluded that this is not the case. As for the Garrett family, there may be a connection there. I have not spent nearly as much time on the Garrett family.

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July 26, 2005

Edward Garrett before Laurens, SC

This information was given to me by Forrest Mullins, a distant cousin who found it on genforum. Since it is public information, I suppose it is okay to post it here. He found that Edward Garrett who was the father of our Rhoda Garrett lived on the land that his father originally settled in VA. The land consisted of 1,150 acres that was sold to Thomas Middleton, Jr. on April 14, 1766. This sale is registered in Loudoun Co. VA Deed Book E., page 7. Anne Owsley, Garrett's brother, Thomas Owsley, married Mary Middleton. (We do not know whether there is a connection here.)

Edward's land was located, according to Enoch Triplett, age 66, who testified in 1813, between Pantherskin Run and the road to what is now Alexandria, VA. From the Loudoun Co. Deed Book we know it was on Goose Creek. Pantherskin Creek runs into Goose Creek. Triplett said that Edward Garrett (known to the locals as "Ned") lived south of Pantherskin, between it and the road to Alexandria, which is now US highway 50. If you look at the VA map and find Upperville and Middleburg, you will see that they are almost on the Loudoun/Fauquier borderline. The Garrett land was half-way between those two towns. Fauquire Co. was formed from Prince William County in 1759. Edward Garrett was born in Prince William County. It is possible that the Garretts never moved from the time that Edward Sr. Settled the place around 1730 until Edward "Ned" sold it in 1766. The counties changed and lines changed, but the family probably remained on the 1,150 acres.

Now another mystery is this. Was Edward Jr. married before he married Anne Owsley? According to the deposition of Jacob Hays who lived in Garrett's house in 1756-1757 (he remembers the year well because it was the year after Braddock's defeat--indeed, Braddock was defeated, and died, 1755). Hays says that Garrett had a wife. Edward and Anne did not get married until June 1759. Also, Elizabeth Robertson's deposition says that she knew Ned Garret very well, and that he had a wife who was the sister of her brother John Davis' wife. She was asked the question: Was Garrett married before you removed to Triplett's land? She answered "Yes". Elizabeth Robertson was born in 1730. She married when she was twenty-one or twenty-two (1751-1752) She moved to Triplett's place after her third child. Giving her five years to have three chldren puts the move to Triplett's about 1757 and she said that Edward Garrett was married BEFORE she moved on to Triplett's land. Here are two separate accounts that make it look like Edward Garrett was married by about 1757. Anne was only 14 when she and Edward married. It is highly unlikely he married her any earlier than June, 1759.

Could anyone shed any light on this?

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July 24, 2005

Hughes in North AL

My extraordinary son who is extremely intelligent and always helpful has been kind enough to enable me to again post to this web-site. Actually, I have not been very involved in genealogy recently. My plans are to spend time researching now that I am again able to post.

I had an inquiry concerning a Thomas Hughes not too long ago. I do have a Thomas C. Hughes in Cherokee County AL in 1850. He was 43 years of age and born in SC. His wife's name was Margaret (age 25, born SC) and one child named Margaret who was born in AL, age - one year. My notes have him listed as the son of James and Elizabeth Hughes. It is possible that this is already listed on this site, I am not sure and will need to go back and check my own entries before doing a lot of posting. In the meantime, I would like to hear from anyone who has information on Amanda J. Dendy who was married to Moses Hughs, NE. AL.

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