October 06, 2005

Family Resemblance

Here I would like to show the close family resemblance between my grandfather (James Martin Hughes) and a cousin of his that I never knew. My grandfather is the tallest man with white hair and a tie standing second to right.
Hughes Family 001.jpg
These people were pictured in Heritage of Morgan County and are descendants of Jesse William Culver who married Rhoda Hughes, daughter of William H. Hughes. My great grandfather, George C. and Rhoda were brother and sister, hence the men pictured were cousins. Notice the family resemblance of the man standing third from right and James Martin Hughes. Culver Family.jpg
The people were not identifed in the write-up accompanying the photo. If anyone could provide names, I would greatly appreciate that information.

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Family Resemblance

The pictures here are of cousins. My View image">grandfather Hughes, son of George C. Hughes and View image">descendants of Jesse William Culver and Rhoda Hughes Culver. George C. and Rhoda were brother and sister, the children of William H. Hughes and the grandchildren of George Hughes and Rhoda Garrett from Laurens, SC.

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