December 27, 2005

Robert Francis Family

Looking at a history of Mt. Zion Baptist Church I find that the Francis family played a significant role in the early church there. A list of the earliest members includes: Samuel Francis, Martin Francis, Elizabeth Francis, Lucinda Francis, Mary Francis, and Margret A. Francis. Elizabeth was my great grandmother. The church was established in 1853.

Founding members included Elizabeth Francis, Samuel Francis, James Tapscott, John W. Francis, C.L. Wilhite, S.L. Wilhite, and W.W. Wilhite.

George C. Hughes, later to become the husband of Elizabeth was not listed there at that time, however in 1901, their son and my grandfather, J.M. Hughes is listed on the building committee along with J.T. Thompson and W.H. Thompson and B.F. Thompson.

I had a brief 30 minutes in Decatur, AL library today and learned an interesting fact concerning Warrior Creek Baptist Church in Laurens. I suppose all of you there know this already, but I did not. In the years from 1790-1805, South Carolina residents experienced a tremendous revival that resulted in a number of Christian conversions and baptisms and not a few new churches being formed. Among the churches, there was listed "Garrett" of Saluda Association until it was later established as Warrior Creek. My own assumption is that the early church must have met in the home of our gggggrandfather Edward Garrett and his wife Anne until he donated the land for the church and it was officially begun. We do know that Edward Garrett donated the land for Warrior Creek Baptist Church. It was first called Warrior Creek in 1805 and was not listed in the Association until 1810. I came out of the library with written notes to post and somehow they were lost before I arrived home today, but I do remember the above facts.

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December 09, 2005


I am sad to report that my uncle has changed his mind about taking a DNA test. We have only a few male Hughes left in our branch, so the possiblity of our having the test is not promising. The kit is here and paid for if a cousin should come forward who is willing to be tested.

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December 05, 2005


Our family will be DNA tested. My Uncle, Edward Myrl Hughes will undergo the test this week. Hopefully this will reveal information of interest to our family and others as well.

Recently, I have heard from a family who believes that William H Hughes' oldest son was named John and that he moved to MO in or around 1847. This John was in Marshall Co. near William in 1840. Perhaps the DNA test will help us find the missing son as well as George's father. That would be great.

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