February 04, 2007

Turrentine Connection

In answer to a question
"Samuel and Alexander Turrentine, brothers from Ireland arrived in Philadelphia in 1745 on the ship "Kouli Kan" as indentured servants. They later warranted land in Menno Township, Mifflin County, in 1755, but were forced to abandon their land because of the French and Indian War. They settled in Orange County, North Carolina, and received land grants there in 1761. Alexander served in the Revolutionary War as a private in the North Carolina troops and Samuel furnished cash and supplies to the North Carolina Militia. Alexander died in 1784, at the age of 59. Samuel died in 1801 at the age of 84. Both are buried in the family cemetery near Hillsboro in Orange Co. Samuel had five children by his first wife, whose name is unknown. His second wife was Mary Bryant, with whom he had 8 children. John Turrentine, son of Samuel and his first wife moved to Morgan County between 1810 and 1820, and died in 1821. Two of his sisters came with him." The Heritage of Morgan County Pg. 813-814.

This is where my family becomes connected to the Turrentine family, in Morgan County, AL. In fact my great grandmother, Anna Elizabeth Francis must have been named after John and Mary's daughter. James Stewart Turrentine, the oldest son of John and his first wife, was born in Orange Co., North Carolina, in 1777. He moved to Bedford Co.,TN and later moved to Morgan Co., AL. James married first an Elizabeth Wilson with whom he had one daughter, Dradey. After Elizabeth's death in 1805, James married Hannah Wilson, with whom he had eight children. He died in 1867 in Morgan County.

I come into the picture this way. Drady, daughter of James Stewart and Elizabeth Turrentine was born in 1804 in Orange County, North Carolina. She married Robert Francis, who was born in Ireland in 1829. They had eight children. One of whom was Anna Elizabeth Francis, who married George Hughes.

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