July 31, 2007

Daniel C. Turrentine and Joseph Hughes

Sometimes we overlook the obvious, which is what I seem to have done in my Hughes research. I have known for sometime that one of the founding fathers of Gadsden, AL was Joseph Hughes. I could not find any links with my own family and dismissed this as probably a totally different family. Now I am not so sure.

One of my great great grandmothers is Drady Turrentine Francis, mother of Anna Elizabeth Francis. The connection that I found today is very real, although it may not mean a lot. Then again it might. It seems that Joseph Hughes, who settled in Gadsden, brought one of his friends from Orange County, NC. The man's name was Daniel C. Turrentine. Daniel's father turns out to be my gggggrandfather. Daniel had a son named John Turrentine, born ca 1755. John's first wife gave birth to a son named James Steward. James Steward moved to Morgan Co., AL and married Elizabeth Wilson. They are the parents of Drady.

What significance this has, if any, is yet to be determined. It is possible that the Hughes family is the reason the Turrentines ended up in Morgan Co., AL.

My sources on this are the Heritage of Morgan Co., Vol. 52 and the Rootsweb World Connect project.

Below is one reference to a Joseph Hughes in Laurens. I found this on an earlier post of mine:
Hughes found in Laurens Co., SC in 1800 included Aaron (Aron), Caleb, George, James, John, Joel, Thomas, William. Also, Stephen Hughes will names John & Joseph as heirs in 1799. Aaron and George are both listed on census as living in "Garretts Co.".

The above was found in the courthouse in Laurens, SC.

Another fact worth mentioning is that I have found another descendant of William Hughes, who was born in Lunenberg, VA and settled in Rutherford, NC, living in Blount Co., AL. His name was William Edward Hughes and he was the son of Phillip Hughes.

I am leaving comments open if ANYONE knows ANYTHING about Joseph Hughes, please comment.

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Cemetery Listings

Garrett Family in Chambers Co., AL.

Hughes Family Cemetery in Jefferson Co., AL

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July 29, 2007

Information on New Kent Hughes Family

This came from Tom, a Hughes descendant.

1650 - Estimated date of birth for Robert Hughes, New Kent Co.

1659 - Est. date of birth Sarah ___ who married Robert Hughes
1677,Apr.02 - Robert Hughes signs grievances, New Kent Co

1679 - Est. date of marriage for Robert Hughes and Sarah___

1680 - Stephen son of Robert & Sarah Hughes estimated born, New Kent

1682 - Robert Jr., son of Robert & Sarah estimated born, New Kent

1682,Apr,20 - Robert Hughes granted land Chicahominy, New Kent Co

1684 - Alford son of Robert & Sarah Hughes estimated born, New Kent

1684,Apr 20 - Robert Hughes 855 acres in New Kent Co bounded on the north by the northwest branch of Chickahominy river, and adjoining the land of Col. Thomas Claiborne. Due for the transportation of 18 persons (including Robert Hughes Jr. and Elizabeth Hughes) (Va Mag)

1685 - Sarah Jr. dau of Robert & Sarah Hughes est. born New Kent

1690 - Elizabeth dau of Robert & Sarah Hughes est. born New Kent

1690 - Mary dau of Robert & Sarah Hughes est. born, New Kent

1693 - Isaac son of Robert & Sarah Hughes est. born, New Kent

1698,Jun,14 - Robert Hughes named in group of St. Peter's Parish Vestry,New Kent Co to help clear roads under the order issued by court to Mr. Henry Wyatt

1700,Feb,28 - Robert signed a cert. in New Kent Co., - 1st time name appears (Henrico MM, HUGES; W.W. Hinshaw, Vol VI)

1700,Feb,28 - Sarah Sr. signed a cert. of meeting at Black Creek (Henrico MM, HUGES; W.W. Hinshaw, vol VI)

1700,May 12 - Robert a witness to marriage, Henrico MM

1700,Aug 11 - Robert a contributor to Yearly Meeting, Henrico MM

1703,Oct,10 - Sarah Sr. & Jr. signed a cert. at a meeting held in Henrico Co., (Henrico MM, HUGHES; W.W.Hinshaw, vol VI)

1703,Oct 10 - Robert Hughes witness to marriage, Henrico MM

1704 - Robert Hughes held 966 acres in parishes of St. Peter and St. Paul, New Kent Co, VA Rent Rolls

1710,Apr 17 - Robert agrees that first cousins may marry, Henrico MM

1710,Jun 03 - Robert Hughes a witness to marriage of Tarleton Woodson and Ursula Fleming, Henrico Co., VA

1710,Jun,23 - Robert proven a member of this MM when vote recorded. Henrico MM, HUGHES; W.W. Hinshaw vol VI).

1710,Jun,23 - Robert Sr., Robert Jr., and Sarah signed a cert. at a meeting held in New Kent Co. (W.W.Hinshaw vol VI)

1711 - Robert Hughes owned land (1711-1719), St Paul's Par,Hanover Co.

1719 - Robert Hughes owned land (1711-1719), St Paul's Par,Hanover Co.

1721,Feb 05 - Will of Robert Hughes, St. James Parish, Henrico Co., VA

1722,Feb,05 - Robert Hughes died before this date, Henrico Co

1725,Aug 17 - Robert Hughes of Henrico County, 400 acres in Henrico County on south side of James River and on Muddy Creek (Later in Cumberland County) (Va Mag)

- COMMENT: This must have been Robert Hughes Jr.

1725,Oct 05 - Robert Hughes executor of Robert Hughes, St. James Parish,Henrico

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July 19, 2007

The Garrett Family History

A new site on the Garrett line was discovered today. I have to say that it is great. Knowing that most every Garrett knows of our long line of ancestry going back to Leicestershire, England, I was a little reluctant to mention the site, but it is so good.

The Garrett Family in England

The book is in pdf, but it is worth opening. He takes our history back 30 generations!

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July 15, 2007

Catlett & St. Paul's Parish Register

I found the following in Fauquier Co., VA. Being a descendant of Catlett, this caught my eye.
CATLETT, John 1676 Early Explorer

St. Paul's Parish Register

I have ordered the entire book. This was only a teaser, however, notice the vestry men who were there from 1715-1798. We find William Hoos, John Hoos, and Rice Wingfield Hoos. This is also the the parish of Elizabeth Grigsby, wife of Edward Hughes.

First time I have seen Hughes spelled this way.

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July 14, 2007

From the GA Archives & Jefferson Co., AL

Thanks to Eddie Hughes for placing this on line.

Hughes Family Cemetery, Jefferson Co., AL

From GA archives:

1805 Land Lottery recipents:
150 William Hughes Montgomery 18 Dec 1805

1816, November 27—For Sale, valuable tract of land in
Morgan Co. on Sandy Cr., 8 miles from Madison, 550
ac., a good saw and gristmill. (Signed) J. Hughes

1817, August 12—For Sale, 2 lots of land, Laurens
Co., lying on each side of Buck-hom Cr., convenient
to 2 saw and gristmills, each tract 202.5 ac., 70 ac.
cleared (Signed) Thomas Hughes, Laurens County

1821 Land Lottery, GA
Hughes, Isaac Morgan Harris 26 14 Dooly
Hughes, Isaac Morgan Harriss 16 7 Dooly
Hughes, James Baldwin McCrareys 49 12 Monroe
Hughes, Micajah Jr. Morgan Harriss 112 6 Henry
Hughes, Thomas Laurens Milton 93 16 Henry
Hughes, William Liberty Mells 133 11 Dooly
Hughey, Ephraim Morgan Harpers 238 1 Monroe
Hughey, Ephraim Morgan Harpers 5 14 Dooly
Hughs, Barnard H. Wilkes Coopers 175 10 Monroe
Hughs, Daniel Jones Permenters 227 4 Houston
Hughs, George Jasper Whites 121 9 Dooly
Hughs, Haray Jefferson Connells 140 2 Houston
Hughs, James Baldwin McCrars 139 4 Monroe
Hughs, John Wilkinson Lees 25 2 Henry
Hughs, John Wilkinson Lees 90 1 Henry
Hughs, Lewis Jones Permenters 174 16 Dooly
Hughs, Samuel Franklin Harris 249 4 Henry
Hughs, Sarah (Wid) Morgan Stephens 193 4 Monroe
Hughs, William Liberty Mells 122 17 Henry

Marriage Records of Hughes in US

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July 10, 2007

Information on Archelaus and Leander Hughes family

For those who are interested in Patrick County and ARCHELAUS and LEANDER Hughes.

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July 09, 2007

St. James Parish, VA

Some time ago, I listed the George Hughs (Hughes) with a birthdate that would fit George Hughes in Laurens. None of those listed turned out to be our George.

Today, I find two accounts of the birth of George Hughes that were not listed before. There was a George Hughes born to Issaac Hughes and Mary Warne in 1765 who is unaccounted for as far as I can tell. Also, St. James Parish in Leesburg has a record of George Hughes being christened in 1760.

Found this concerning Isaac Hughes - Richland, SC
Will of George Smith, Richland Co., dated 20 Nov. 1817 ...wife...grandson George Hughes son of Isaac Hughes...grandson John Smith son of Thomas Smith...son George Smith. Appraisers: Robert Miller, John D?????, John Wyche.

I really need to make a trip to VA, but that does not seem possible at the present time.

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July 06, 2007

James, Charles, and George

From USGENWEB, Northhampton County tax list.

Hughes Geo. James City County 1704
Hughes Rees Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704
Hughs Edward
Henrico County, 1705
Hughs Jno Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704
Hughs Robt Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Has anyone read the will of James Hughes or Charles Hughes from Henrico Co., VA who would be willing to share that information?

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July 05, 2007

George Hughes

Bedford Co., VA Deed Books
Abstracted from various Library of VA microfilms and Bedford Co. deed books.

Ansel Goodman, 27 Aug 1786, from Raba (Arabia) and Elizabeth Brown, 150 ac. Grant from Augustine Leftwich to Joseph Patterson, then to George Hughes, then to Raba Brown, to Goodman. John Gallaway's, Randolph's old patent line, to Brown's corner, along Brown's line to the first station. Rec. 28 May 1788. Same date as next entry. Margin note: "Memo: This deed ought to have been recorded before the deed from Goodman to Maderis."

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July 04, 2007

Garrett Pictures

I may have had these photos on my site once before, but thought it might help the party doing the research to bring them to the forefront once again.

I am going to leave comments open on this one for a period of time. I have been getting so much spam on the comments that I began closing them automatically. My email address is jhsgran@aol.com for anyone who knows the Garretts in the photos, please write.

While featuring Garretts, I will also link to this act of legislation to honor Cecil Garrett from Laurens, SC.

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July 02, 2007

Bit of History

Early settlers petition for a New State.

Quite a few Hughes and Garretts.

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