September 30, 2007


For sometime, I have known about the website containing a picture of George Hughes, Nancy Swift, W.H. Hughes and S.P. Hughes. I suppose I thought everyone else knew about it too, but maybe some of you did not.

The names are so much like my family and they lived in an adjoining county in AL.

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September 29, 2007

Distant Cousins

Most readers are probably already aware of the vast amount of information linked to this site, but for those who are not, you might want to look here:

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September 13, 2007

1790 SC census

I would like to thank Bill Murphy for this entry. He sent the census in as an EXCEL document and I could not get my system to upload that one, so it was saved as an HTML. Still it is readable.

Download file

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September 05, 2007

Amberce Perry Hughes


Mr. Amberce Perry Hughes was in Jefferson County, AL at the time this picture was taken. He is thought to be a great grandson of George and Rhoda Hughes. With him is his wife, Mary Jane (Molly) Broom Hughes.
Amberce Perry Hughes 1866-1944

Amberce with his grandchildren. The tallest boy in overalls on the left is Lloyd Hughes, grandfather of Eddie Hughes.

Because Matthew Martin Hughes was in Forsythe county, GA, I decided to look around there. In 1840, Forsythe Co. I found:
HUGHS John 275 0111201000000 1011001000000
Forsythe County, 1840
one child male 5-10
one child male 10-15
one child male 15-20
two males 20-30
one male 40-50
one female under 5
one female 10-15
one female 20-30
one female 40-50

Also in Forsythe, I found:
GARRETT Asa 281 0100010000000 0000100000000
GARRETT Daniel A. 280 0011100100000 0010101000000
GARRETT James 275 2000100000000 0000100000000
GARRETT John 281 0100100000000 0000100000000
GARRETT Thomas L. 285 0000100010000 0000000010000
GARRETT Wells 281 0000100000000 1100100100000

When you couple this information with the fact that the descendants were in and around Jefferson Co. and Blount Co., AL this tends to point to Matthew being the child of John Hughs, the first son of George and Rhoda.

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September 01, 2007


We are still waiting on the DNA test results to return.

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