October 17, 2007

Land Lottery Information - State of GA

From The First Official Register of Land Lotteries of Georgia - Lottery of 1827

According to Sherwood's Gazetteer, Map of GA 1827, the land allotted in 1827 was bounded by the northern boundary of Carrol Co., the eastern boundary of Coweta to along the Flint River to and along the southern boundary of Lee and Randolph.

Those who had fought in the Revolutionary war or who were widows of Rev. War soldiers were given preference over others in this drawing. William H. Hughes was given 2 chances due to his service in the War of 1812.

Page 82 Burke County

William H. Hughes, Robinsons - No. 122 Dist. 2 Sec. 4

Other Hughes who won land in this lottery were Ann, Dempsey, Eliza, Eliah, George, Harden, Jane, John, (Gwinnett Co.) Joseph, Samuel, Sarah, Simon, Susan, Thomas, W.G. William, William W.

I apologize for not being able to list the counties of all of these, but once again, I did not have time to complete the research.

Now from the 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery of GA published in 1838 by Harper & Brothers under Valuable Works of Harper & Brothers and written by James F. Smith of Milledgeville, Georgia:

Page 91 - William Hughes, Hamiltons Gwinnett Co.

To win this land lottery, a person had to have lived in Georgia for three years. The person seeking the land went to Milledgeville (then capital) on the specified day and tickets were drawn simultaneously from drums. One drum contained names of the ticket holders and one the land lots giving districts and sections. In this way the person whose name was drawn knew immediately which lot he had drawn. He then paid the state a grant fee of $18.00 and the title was issued to him. From that time forward he could do whatever he chose with the land. The state did NOT require he live on the land or even cultivate it.

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