August 20, 2008

William Hughes - Marshall Co and George

Our William Hughes was still in Marshall County in 1870 on page 55 of the census. He was remarried to Margaret who was 60 This was a second wife and she was born in TN. They had 26 year old Mary E. Hughes living there and a Charles Bowen who was 44 and born in Tennessee. William is listed as being born in SC and he is also listed as paralyzed and helpless. His estate was worth $150 with $100 in real estate.

I have seen the marriage records where William Hughes married a Margaret Stewart in 1855. I did not know they had a daughter until now.

Also, Charles Bowen, age 44 born in TN, living in the household. He is listed as a farmer. A James Bowen lived next door and is probably Charles' father.

The question that I have is:

Was Jane Hughes in Jefferson Co. in 1850, our gggrandmother, William's first wife? She was 59 years of age, born in SC, and living with Pleasant Sullivan. I strongly suspect that she and William separated and she moved in with Pleasant Sullivan and Cassandra Hughs Sullivan. Perhaps she died before 1855 or possibly a divorce???

This family split may explain why all of William and Jane's children went to Morgan County while William stayed in Marshall with his second wife and child.

Just found the documentation that I have been looking for that George Hughs, SC did serve in Revolutionary war from SC. He enlisted in the second regiment Nov. 9, 1776 and was later a private and sargeant in the militia.

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August 19, 2008

Jefferson County Co. AL - 1850 Census

205A 10 Hughes Ary E. 12 Ga pg0199a.txt
212A 20 Hughes Benjamin 7 Ala pg0208b.txt
173B 18 Hughes Elizabeth P. 31 Ala pg0171a.txt
212A 21 Hughes Fayette 4 Ala pg0208b.txt
205A 14 Hughes George 4 Ga pg0199a.txt
212A 15 Hughes George 37 SC pg0208b.txt
208B 4 Hughes George W. 36 SC pg0208b.txt
171B 5 Hughes Harriet 1 Ala pg0171a.txt
205A 11 Hughes James 10 Ga pg0199a.txt
204A 24 Hughes Jane 59 SC pg0199a.txt
212A 19 Hughes Jesse 9 Ala pg0208b.txt
205A 8 Hughes Jesse 38 Ga pg0199a.txt
208B 10 Hughes John 6 Ala pg0208b.txt
208B 12 Hughes Marion 1 Ala pg0208b.txt
212A 16 Hughes Martha 37 SC pg0208b.txt
171B 2 Hughes Mary 63 NC pg0171a.txt
208B 5 Hughes Mary 33 SC pg0208b.txt
173B 19 Hughes Mary G. 6 Ala pg0171a.txt
208B 8 Hughes Matthew 10 Ala pg0208b.txt
208B 9 Hughes Nancy 8 Ala pg0208b.txt
208B 11 Hughes Pleasant 4 Ala pg0208b.txt
205A 9 Hughes Polly 32 Ga pg0199a.txt
205A 15 Hughes Rebecca 2 Ga pg0199a.txt
205A 13 Hughes Rhoda 6 Ga pg0199a.txt
212A 18 Hughes Rhoda E. 10 Ala pg0208b.txt
171B 1 Hughes Robert 64 SC pg0171a.txt
173B 17 Hughes Robert 29 Ga pg0171a.txt
173B 21 Hughes Sarah E. 8/12 Ala pg0171a.txt
173B 20 Hughes Stephen H. 5 Ala pg0171a.txt
208B 6 Hughes Thomas 14 Ala pg0208b.txt
212A 17 Hughes Thomas A. 12 Ala pg0208b.txt
205A 12 Hughes William 8 Ga pg0199a.txt
171B 4 Hughes William 5 Ala pg0171a.txt
171B 3 Hughes William 16 Ga pg0171a.txt
208B 7 Hughes William 12 Ala pg0208b.txt

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August 14, 2008


Due to our failure in ordering the DNA kit from the right group, we never received results from the first DNA test.

Because of this, I have been reluctant to post that we are trying again, but... we are trying again.

A first cousin has kindly agreed to another test. The kit is ordered and I will post results asap.

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