November 30, 2008

Assistance Requested

Several descendants of the George Hughes and Rhoda Garrett Hughes family are willing to pay for DNA kits for several family lines.

We would appreciate very much if a male descendant who is documented or certain that they are descended from William and Sarah Eades would allow us to pay for a kit for DNA testing and submit to taking the test.

Also, we would appreciate a descendant of Edward Hughes and Elizabeth Grigsby and William Hughes and Nancy Bowers of Rutherford, NC allowing us to purchase a kit for that person to be tested.

Please contact me if you are able to help or if you know someone who is. I am at

Below I am posting information that I want to keep. Has nothing to do with the above request.

Hughes, Richard W.
He was born 1842, died 1913.
He enlisted as a private in Company D, 5th Alabama Regiment. He filed for his pension in Morgan County. He is buried Oleander Cemetery Marshall County. this is the same company in which our Geroge C. Hughes served.

Many Hughes found in Buncombe Co. NC.

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November 25, 2008

Bledsoe County, TN

A Bledsoe County tax list of 18 list John Hughes and Aaron Hughes.

In 1850, Bledsoe County has many Hughes listed.
Bledsoe County TN 1850 census

Bledsoe is divided into three distinct areas by nature...the Cumberland Plateau, Walden's Ridge and the Sequatchie Valley. It is surrounded by White, Cumberland, Rhea, Hamilton, Sequatchie, and Van Buren Counties.

If you are interested in searching in the state of TN, there's plenty of information available.

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November 22, 2008

Hughes Family Book For Sale

If you would like to know more about the Ennis Hughes family who lived in Shelby Co., AL and moved to Shelby Co., TX, you might want to order this book.

The author is a direct descendent of Ennis and Mary Hughes through their son Robert Trammell. The title of the book is, The First Family Hughes of Shelby County, Texas. It is the story of Ennis & Mary and how their family emigrated to Shelby County, Republic of Texas. Copies are available for eighteen dollars ($18.00) plus postage from me at 5016 Albany Drive, Plano, Texas 75093.

This is book is offered for sale by Len Hughes.

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November 17, 2008

John H. Hughes

The following information was sent to me by a fellow researcher. If you drop by and read this, perhaps you will be able to provide information that will be of help. It will be greatly appreciated.

John H. Hughes was born circa 1826 in South Carolina, maybe Laurens or Pickens County. He married Nancy Bramlett or Bramblett before the 1850 Pickens Co., S.C., census. She may be daughter of Frances and Rutherford Bramblett of Laurens and Pickens counties. John H. Hughes, 24, farming, and wife, Nancy, 21, both born South Carolina, lived in the Eastern Division of Pickens Co., S.C. (NARA Film M432:857:473B). They did not have children in 1850 or in 1860 after they moved to Alabama. J. H. Hughes, 34, farmer, $500 real estate, $400 personal estate, and wife, Nancy, 23/33 (actually about 31), both born South Carolina, are listed in the 1860 Bluff Springs P.O., Talladega Co., Ala., census (NARA Film M653:24:932). John served as a Confederate soldier, first entering the Camp of Instruction at Talladega in December 1862 for training and unit assignment. He then served as a private in Company C, 59th (later 61st) Regiment, Alabama Infantry. He enlisted June 29, 1863, at Tallapoosa, Ala., and served until he died in 1864. His military records indicate he was "Wounded and in the hands of the enemy Winchester, Va., 19 Oct./64". He was last paid to June 30, 1864 (NARA Compiled Service Records Film 311 Roll 469). He may have been buried in Virginia.

I would also like to place Nancy Bramlett with her family. She was born July 2, 1829, in South Carolina and died Aug. 5, 1897, in Newsite, Tallapoosa Co., Ala. She is buried beside her second husband in Bethel South Baptist Church Cemetery, Clay Co., Ala. When she and John lived in Pickens Co., S.C., in 1850, Frances and Rutherford Bramblett and family and two sons (Lewis and William B.) were living in the same county. Nancy's 1897 will mentions four siblings as heirs, and her probate records name one of them: William B. Bramlett. Rutherford's son William B. Bramlett lived in Pickens County from 1850 to 1900. Nancy and her two husbands did not have surviving children. Other heirs named in the will are descendants of her second husband.

After John H. Hughes died, Nancy second married Augustus D. Sentell on Dec. 21, 1865, in Alabama. His descendants have documented his lineage. He was born May 16, 1819, in Jasper Co., Ga., the son of Sallie Cheek and Joseph J. Sentell. (The father served as a private in Nash's Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, during the War of 1812. They lived in Laurens Dist., S.C., in 1815 before moving into Georgia.) Augustus D. Sr. died Feb. 4, 1894, in Clay Co., Ala. He and his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Cargile, had several children. One, Augustus D. Jr., served in the same unit as his father during the Civil War: Hilliard's Legion, which later became 10th Confederate Cavalry. Nancy Bramlett Hughes Sentell applied for a widow's pension based on his war service in 1894.

Please contact me to share or obtain more information about Nancy Bramlett: Deb Dennis . More about the larger family is available at Mike Bramblett's site:

Contact the following for more information about the Sentell/e family:
Sam P. Sentelle, Hurricane, W.V., ; Debra Anne Reed Allen, Clarkesville, Ga., ; and James Thomas Sentell, Stevenson, Ala., . More about the Sentell/e family is available at

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November 15, 2008

Lampasas, TX Hughes

BRADFORD HUGHES immigrated to Washington County, TX, Feb. 1, 1834....

On this same site, we find an entry on ROBERT TRAMMEL HUGHES, son of Ennis Hughes and Mary McCain.

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November 08, 2008

1850 Morgan Co. Census

131/131 Hughes,
Albert 38 m farmer 100 TN
Diadem 35 f AL
George 60 m KY
John B. 16 m AL
Mary 13 f AL
George 11 m AL
Ellender J. 8 f AL
Eli P. 6 m AL

If anyone could help me identify this family, I would greatly appreciate it.

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November 06, 2008

Robert Ennis Hughes

This page has several pictures of Robert Ennis Hughes and his family. Is this the same person as the one whose DNA is a match to Elliot's? I am not sure at this time. I do plan to research and try to make that determination.

This site is great for those of you who are wondering about the dates and formations of counties in the state of AL.

Hughes in Shelby County, AL 1820 census.

From Shelby County State Archives:
State vs Powell, Mary B. (Keeping Plantation w/o Overseer) Bondsmen: Powel, M.B.; Hale, L.J. 39A 0054A

View Archives Drawer A here: Archives A

Drawer B

Drawer D

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November 01, 2008


The results are in for Elliot's DNA at 12 markers and so far we have a perfect match to Ennis Hughes, born 1795 Bladen County, NC and Jesse Hughes born 1816, SC. Ennis Hughes and Jesse Hughes match at 12 markers. We had pretty well established there has to be a common ancestor with Jesse Hughes, but this Ennis Hughes is something new.

Forrest Mullins, who has always been a great help with the research, says:

"Upgrading to 37 markers would be great. But that is not going to help with Elliot becoming a match with George W. Hughes of Hanover County and all those Hughes from South Carolina, mostly Union Co. and (I think) Ken Hughes from Laurens County, SC, cousin of A. Deason Smith. Also, descendants of George Tillman Hughes are knocked out of the picture. All those folk are R1b Haplogroup and there isn't a chance that Elliot will match any of them. If there isn't a match on 12 markers there is absolutely NO CHANCE that there will be a match on more markers."

With this information, we now focus on Ennis Hughes. Researchers who descend from Ennis have him listed as the son of William Hughes and Sarah Eades from Bladen, NC. At least two researchers have this couple listed with a son named George, however, the dates are not right for our George.

Research indicates that William Hughes and Sarah Eades descendants settled in Shelby Co., AL and Ennis is listed there with William on the 1820 census. Some of the family later moved to Shelby Co., TX and Ennis died in Arkansas.

A migration site gives the following information:

William was married to Sarah Eades b. abt 1766. Married abt. 1784 in Columbia County, GA. Believe descendents were among first settlers of Texas

On another site, I learned that.
Sarah Hughes states in her Rev War pension request that she had 11 children by William Hughes.

The only thing left to do, as I see it, is consider the possiblity that William who married Sarah and George who married Rhoda were brothers. The reason this is so hard for me.... I have always believed that William of Rutherford was our George's brother.

Ennis Hughes died in Arkansas.

If you are able to shed any light on this situation, please comment.

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