December 31, 2008

Moses Hughes

Moses Hughes.jpg

This picture of Moses Hughes was sent to me by Susan Merren.

Since locating the picture, I have searched for information on this Hughes. I found several post by Susan Merren on

The last post on the page linked above, indicates a connection between the Moses seen in the picture and the Nathaniel Hughes family.

I have no idea how Burleson TX got it's name. I do know that the Burleson's intermarried with the family of my ggrandmother Anna Francis, in north AL.

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December 29, 2008

Jesse Hughes Family

Jesse Hughes Family.jpg
Left to Right
Back Row: James Hughes, Rebecca Hughes Rogers, Nicholas Miner, Christopher Hughes, Sidney Thomas Hicks.

Front Row: Nancy Hughes Smith, Jesse Hughes, Mary Hughes Miner, GeorgeHughes, Connie Miner, Rhoda Hughes Hicks.

Mary and Jesse are twins.

While I was searching I ended up at this site. Interesting Book. Put Hughes in the search book engine and see where it takes you.

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December 28, 2008

James Martin Hughes - 1938

View image

This picture of my grandfather, sitting on his front porch in Brooksville, AL was made in 1938. This was before I was born, but this is how I remember him. It seems that I can remember the thermometer by the door, but perhaps it is just something I want to remember. I was born in May 1943.

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December 27, 2008

Hughes in SC

The Garretts moved to SC in or around 1770. The document found here makes me wonder if our George moved to SC at this same time.

He was with a James Hughes.

If this is George who married Rhoda, he was probably a little older than we have thought him to be, but that is not unlikely considering that he preceeded her in death by at least 30 years.

On the Berkley County Web-site I find there was a Woodward family and an Ennis family there in the eighteenth century.

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December 20, 2008

Hughes Notes

The following is for personal reference.

S. N. Hughes m Mattie Elmore 07 Sep 1890 Dale Co., AL

William Hughes who married Nancy Bowers named a son Young Hughes. Young named a son Putnam Hughes.

William and Nancy's daughter Rebeccah married John Blanton.

Their son, Benjamin, named a daughter Nancy Catherine.

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December 12, 2008

John Hughes, Son of George and Rhoda

John Hughes was in Gwinnett Co., GA. That is where his daughter named Lydia married. She married a Ewing and named one of her children George Miles. Miles must have been a family name. Both the Hughes and the Powell families used the name.

Family of John Hughes

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December 11, 2008

Hughes Springs, TX & Ken's Site

I did not know that a Reese Hughes was associated with TX. This story tells about Hughes Springs, TX.

This website is a great place to gain a quick view of the George Hughes family from Laurens, SC.

The Hughes Family

Ken's site motivated me to take another look at Virkus and try once more to make that connection.

The only thing I have found so far is Hughes found in Laurens Co., SC in 1800 included Aaron (Aron), Caleb, George, James, John, Joel, Thomas, William. Also, Stephen Hughes will names John & Joseph as heirs in 1799. Aaron and George are both listed on census as living in "Garretts Co.".

In Virkus, which was used as a reference for how our George Hughes is descended from the William Hughes who built St. Peter's Parish in 1703, we find a William Hughes in Albermarle Co., VA in 1785 on the census list for taxes. Also, on that list is Stephen Hughes. One has to wonder if the Stephen in Laurens is one and the same.

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December 06, 2008

John Hughes

Recently the will of John E and Ina E Hughes from Shelby Co., AL arrived from the archives from which it was ordered.

The copy was faded and the writing extremely difficult to read. I am posting it as I was best able to decipher:

(illegible word) 1841 Wm March; T.D. Sworn to
The State of Alabama - Shelby County} Subscribe to the administrator
before me this 25th Nov. 1941 as an inventory of the estate of Samuel Sentall deceased - Elisha Tumen

C.H. Gibbs (illegible)
An appraise Bill}
Estate } an appraisment of the property belonging
Ina E. Hughs } to John E. Hughes dec'd
1 Broken Set of Blacksmith Tools $ 25.00
2 Acres 1 Hoe & Manure $ 3.50
3 (illegible) 21 head screw $2.00
1 lot of foisem beds and 2 clewces (?) $ 2.00
1 hand (illegible) drawing chisel & square $ 2.00
16 1/4 and 1 3/4 auger 2 foot adds $ 2.00
2 set plough gear & 1 Log Chain $5.00
1 pair saddle bags $3.50
1 Rifle gun William (illegible) $ 12.00

State of Alabama} Washington Crawford
Shelby County } personally appeared before me (illegible) justice
of the peace Washington Crawford who being sworn in due form of law with the above appraised bill is (illegible) states (illegible) (illegible) Washington Crawford before me this March 1840 (illegible)(illegible)

State of Alabama}Before me Wahington Justice of the Peace(illegible)(illegible)
Shelby County }(illegible) that the above appraised bill is just and true estate sworn to and subscribed to before me this 4th April 1840 John Singleton Justice of the Peace. William Camdon 1844
Ina E Hughs }
Settlement of }Simon Chapman adm. of J E. Hughes dec'd has (illegible) and
Administration} collected in all $75.75

Chapman Adm of J. E. Hughes dec'd
has paid out voucher no 1 $15.00
'' 2 4.12
'' 3 30.75
'' 4 27.58
'' 5 10.90
'' 6 8.00
'' 7 4.37 1/2
'' 8 4.06 1/4
9 6.00
$113.03 1/4

fee to McClanahan in this count 10.00
cost in this count 5.00
ba bo 3.50
ba bo 1.25
ba bo 2.50
$135.28 1/4

ba bo 5.00
cost of settlement 3.50
$144.53 1/4

I'm sorry that I could not get the formatting right, but the columns would not align.

The only thing I found on all of this, other than Hughs, there is the name McClanahan. This family was very close to my dad's family in Morgan Co., AL.

I'm wondering if anyone recognizes this John Hughes family.

He is listed as probably having died in Blount Co., AL.

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