February 23, 2009

John Hughes, PA

Found on Ancestry.com message board:
(Source: Cemetery Records of Deep Run Presbyterian Church, Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., Pa.)

John Hughes, b. 1725, d. Nov. 25, 1799, aged 74 yrs.
Alexander Hughes, Esq., b. 1749, d. May 22, 1798, aged 49 yrs.
Margaret Hughes, wife of Alexander, Esq., b. 1751, d. Sept. 16, 1817, aged 66.
Christopher Hughes, b. 1724, d. SEpt. 16, 1777, aged 53 yrs.

IN Bucks Co., PA
1779 - Tax Lists James Hughes had 100 acres 1 horse 1 cow
1779 - " " Thom's Hughes (Listed as a single man)

Buckingham Township Property and Tax Records 1779
Property not listed for this township.
George Hughes
John Hughes
Uriah Hughes

There are Flacks here. This family intermarried with Hughes in Morgan Co., AL much later.

Haycock Township 1779
Alexander Hughes- Acres 50-1 horse-2-head of cattle 0 servants

Lower Makefield Township Property and Tax List 1779
James Jolly

Tinicum Township Property and Tax Records 1779
George Hughes-0-0-1-0

Uriah Hughes-50-0-0-0

Matthew Hughes-150-2-0-0

Elias Hughes-150-2-0-0

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Hughes and Parkers

Abbreviated version of the will

From: Rowan County, North Carolina, Will Abstracts
By: Jo Linn White; 1971; page 55

Edward Parker, 3 May 1819; Probated May Court 1821
Sons: Turner S. Parker
Daniel Parker
David Parker
William Parker
Peter Parker
Daughters: Polly Parker (wife of William Abbott)
Rebecca Parker (wife of William Wammock)
Kitty Parker (wife of Moses Nelson)
Patience Parker (wife of William Rousey)
Betsey Parker
Nancy Parker
Pudsley Parker (wife of William Rudsley)
Thomas Hughes, husband of my daughter Susannah
Shelby Parker, son of Royal Parker
Executor: Son, Turner S. Parker
Witnesses: J.A. Pearson, Beal W. Hendron

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February 21, 2009

Isaac Hughes from Loudoun, VA

There seem to be several Isaac Hughes and we will need to proceed with caution. Here are details of Isaac Hughes from Loudoun, VA.

There was an Isaac Hughes in Goochland, VA whose mother was Sarah. This is a portion of his will. This Hughes family intermarried with George Walton family, signer of Declaration of Independence.
Will of Isaac Hughes, dated Jan 22, 1758, proved April 24, 1758. Wife
Martha; patty Mosby and said Patty's brother George Walton. Cumberland
Marriage Bonds; George Walton and Martha Hughes, Spinster , Feb 22, 1749;
John Coles and Jane Hughes, widow, Dec 4, 1758; Thomas Poindexter and Ann
Hughes, Joseph Hughes, security, Jan 25, 1755; Daniel Hughes and ma,
daughter of John Murrey, Dec 18, 1788. There is in Goochland the will of
Sarah Hughes, dated Jan 1723. She bequeaths her estate to her granddaughter
Elizabeth Cannon. There are numerous grants of land to persons named

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February 20, 2009

Brick Wall

Those of you who are related, who visit this site, know that we keep hitting a brick wall, even with our DNA efforts.

For that reason, I am going back to where I was a few years ago and take a second look.


Edward Garrett was in Loudoun County, VA prior to going to Laurens, SC.

In Loudoun, there were two George Hughs. One is a head of household. The other is in the household of Isaac Hughs, Isaac being the head of household. There is also a Warner Hughs in the house.

Neighbors of Isaac, George and Warner were Thomas Garrett, Sr., Points Owsley, William Powell, John Garrett, Joseph Garrett, and Elisha Powell Jr. and Sr. and Constantine Hughes

There was a Thomas Hughes in Loudoun, VA in 1812.

After reviewing these facts, I searched rootsweb for an Isaac Hughs and found this:

ID: I1100
Name: Isaac Hughes
Sex: M
Birth: 15 APR 1740 in Plumstead Township, Buck County, Pennsylvania
Death: 23 APR 1803 in Leesburg, Virgina

Father: Matthew Hughes b: 4 JUL 1703 in Buckingham Township, Bucks County, Pa
Mother: Elizabeth Stevenson b: 31 JAN 1710/11 in Middletown, Bucks County, Pa

Marriage 1 Mary Warne b: 25 JUL 1743
Married: 13 MAR 1764 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Warne Hughes b: 2 SEP 1770
Elizabeth Hughes b: 30 JAN 1773
Isaac Hughes b: 7 DEC 1777
Sarah Hughes b: 12 MAR 1780
Nancy Hughes b: 22 APR 1782
Mary Hughes
Matthew Hughes
Patty(Martha) Hughes
George Hughes
Abigail Hughes b: 2 SEP 1770

Now I need someone to convince me that this George Hughs is not our George Hughes who married Rhoda Garrett.

If this is our George, we just moved back to 1670: Isaac's father was named: Matthew HUGHES
Sex: M
Birth: Abt 1670
Death: 1766 in Bucks

Concerning Matthew Hughes from Bucks Co, PA, we find that in 1737 MATTHEW HUGHES took up a tract in the lower part of
the township, lying on the river road and extending back to the hills.
In 1746 he granted forty acres to ADAM MEISNER, at the upper end of
Pont Pleasant, then called the Narrows. In 1759 Mr. Hughes gave fifty-
four acres to his son Uriah. In 1759 CASPER KOLB brought one hundred
and fifty acres of the Proprietaries, which he sold in 1749 to MICHAEL
HEANEY, who was probably the ancestor of the family of this name which
now lives in the township.


By various conveyances prior to 1705 that west of the Durham road came to Mathew HUGHES, whose family owned and occupied it for over a century, or until the death of Amos Austin HUGHES in 1811

A different Isaac Hughes, son of an Edward Hughes is well documented in PA and VA. Notice the names of the children as listed here.

Will of James Hughes from Bucks Co., PA.

Harmon Hughes, Rutherford, NC

Person ID I11121 myfamilytree
Last Modified 13 Feb 2007

Father Floyd Harmon HUGHES
Mother Myrtle Gertrude DYCUS, b. 13 Jun 1919, Rutherford County, North Carolina


A note on Isaac Hughes. Montgomery county PA is next to Bucks County.

Also, I find a Christopher Hughes which should interest the Jesse Hughes family members.

According to one account, Edward Garrett's family was in Buck Co. PA at one time.

Isaac Hughs was a Corp in Rev. War?

1. Edward Mitchusson's Own Account, given May 1818 in court: "An Indigent Rev. soldier personally appeared in order to be heard respecting his being entitled to the benefits etc. and being duly sworn testifies and says that sometime in April 1775 or 1776 he enlisted in Col. Isaac Hughes Corps. Cont. Troops under Capt. Francis Prince that he was in the army of Charleston at the time of the attack on Sullivant Island by Sir Peter Parker that he marched from there under Co., Thos. Sumpter to the frontier where he served until his time expired hwne he was discharged having duly served for 12 or 18 months but the exact time he cannot now ascertain that his discharge has been long since lost." [Caldwell County, KY, Order Book B, P. 238]

From a reading of the SC patriots in the Rev. War, I think it is highly likely George Hughs who married Rhoda fought with Sumpter. The troop was not highly organized and many dropped off and went home after the troop was defeated.

George Hughes son of Isaac Hughes.

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History of Loudoun Co., VA

George R. Hughes, Loudoun County, VA owned one of the first phones in the county.

The Leesburg and Warrenton exchanges even had one- and two-digit phone numbers. Leesburg's number 1 was held by Mrs. John A. Gibson, wife of the town's prominent physician and co-founder of the Loudoun Hospital. Dr. Gibson didn't bother to have a phone listing, not even under physicians in the business pages. The town's number 2 was held by George R. Hughes, who drove a taxi. Warrenton's number 1 was held by the Rev. Guy C. Heyl, pastor of Warrenton Baptist Church. The commissioner of revenue held number 2.

Later we find Jesse Hughes there:

In early 1962, large farms made up the 1,762 contiguous acres of what would become Sterling Park. Bordering on Route 7, then called the Leesburg Pike, was Jesse Hughes's dairy farm. He had come to Loudoun in the early 1900s and had been a longtime head of the county's Democrats..

The letters on this site record a wonderful bit of history of Loudoun County. There was a Burr Powell who played a part in the history of the county.

Moving on to Owsley County, Kentucky we find both Hughes and Garretts living there.
Hughes included:

Maria? Hughes 20 June female, born in Levi, Ky, Father is Campbell Hughes Lee Co. Va, Mother is Belle Reynolds, born in Eversole Levi, Ky
Window Hughes 29 May female, born in Sturgeon, Father is John Hughes, born in Sturgeon, Mother is Rhoda T. Spence, born in Sturgeon.

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February 09, 2009

Elizabeth Hughes and James Putman


Elizabeth Putman was born in 1768 and married James Hughes in Culpeper County on March 7, 1786.

They moved to South Carolina with the family. They were in Abbeville County in 1800, Laurens County in 1810, Greenville County in 1820 and back in Abbeville County for the 1830 census.

I do not have any listing of their children, but according to the census reports, they had a normal bunch of them. The one I know of is:

MOSES HUGHES born June 30, 1797. One of his daughters, Amanda (born 1824) married Oliver Perry Brown and two of their daughters married Putmans in Laurens County South Carolina. Elvira married Alexander Putman and Mary married Bluford Putman. Both of these Putmans were sons of James Putman and Elizabeth Hughes of Laurens County.

Looking in Culpepper Co., VA, I found the following:

There is a John, a William, and a Thomas Hughes on the 1783 Tax List.

Luke Hughes, born about 1740, registered in King George County on 27 October 1800: a dark molatto man with long grey hair, about sixty years, was born in this County, served Cadwellder Dade untill he was thirty one years of age [Register of Free Persons, no.16]. He married Behethland Kennedy on 10 July 1779 at St. Paul's Parish, King George County [St. Paul's Parish Register, 223]. He was a Revolutionary War soldier who was born in King George County and later lived in Culpeper County [Jackson, Virginia Negro Soldiers, 38].

The following is unrelated, but I haven't read about these two Hughes previously:

Rev. James Hughes (b ca. 1768-1821)
He was a native of York county, Pennsylvania. About the year 1780 he removed with his mother and family, to Washington county, his father having died about a year before. His education, so far as is known, was prosecuted under the direction of Rev. Joseph Smith of Upper Buffalo, in that county, with whom it is also probable that he studied theology. While associated with Mr. Dod he acquired, or rather there was developed in him a taste for the accuracies and intricacies of science, which he still improved until he became the first President of Miami University. Mr. Hughes was licensed to preach the gospel, April 15th, 1788, by the Presbytery of Redstone, being the first preacher of the gospel licensed in the West. His labors seem to have been very acceptable to the churches, as three several calls were presented to him, one form the united congregations of Short Creek, and Lower Buffalo, one from Donegal, Fairfield and Wheatfield, and one from New Providence and the South Fork of Ten Mile. The first of these calls he accepted, and was ordained by the same Presbytery, and installed the pastor of Short Creek and Lower Buffalo, in the state of Virginia, April 21st, 1790.
He preached his farewell sermon to them at West Liberty on the 11th of September, 1814. His text was Rom. xv, 13. The sermon was published at Charlestown, Virginia, in 1814, and has this preface: "The following discourse is presented to the people of the congregation of Short Creek and Lower Buffalo, as a small testimony of the sincere regard of their former pastor -- James Hughes."

In 1818 he organized the Presbyterian Church at Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio and preached occasionally for this congregation until his death in 1821. He supplied, also the church at Seven-Mile in Collinsville, Butler Co., Ohio for 1820 and 1821.

Rev. Thomas Edgar Hughes (ca. 1778-1838)
He was from York Co., Pennsylvania. He was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Ohio, October 17th, 1798. On the 27th of August, 1799, he was ordained and installed pastor of the Church of Mount Pleasant, Beaver county, Pennsylvania, where he labored successfully for upwards of thirty years. He afterwards removed to Wellsville, Ohio, and was pastor of a Presbyterian Church in that place for three years. He died, May 2d, 1838. He was the first minister of the gospel who settled north of the Ohio river. He performed at least two missionary tours to the Indians on the Sandusky river, and in the neighborhood of Detroit.

"Thomas migrated from England to what was called Charles River Co., Virginia as H/R (headright) of Thomas Hughes 9/28/1643. (2-147). See p. 1. His grandfather may have been William Tapp who married Mary Hollande 5/18/1587."
It is believed that Thomas Tapp resided in Warwick County where his father-in-law, John Lewis, Sr. held land until about 1663, when he followed his brother-in-law John Lewis, Jr. to Northumberland County. Thomas Hughes also moved to Northern Neck, where he was murdered in 1662. John Lewis, Sr. and Robert Jones were granted patents of 2,000 acres in the Northern Neck in 1647, and John Lewis, Jr. had reached there by 1662.
The Northern Neck (20-66) may be defined as an area which extended from the Potomac River south to the Rappahanock River and from the headwaters of both streams in the Western section of the Colony to the Chesapeake Bay. Up until 1669, grants were regularly made by the local government on the basis of H/R (headrights) as stated in the patent books. After that date, the number decreased. The first issued to John Washington and Nicholas Spencer of Westmoreland. The common seal was affixed to the grant by Thomas Culpeper, who had by this date obtained a one-sixth interest in the Northern Neck. Beginning in 1690, land patents in the Northern Neck were entered separately and an orderly method of handling them established.

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February 08, 2009

Rev. J.H.Hughes of Jackson Co., AL

On USGENWEB, there is an interesting letter written by Rev. J.H. Hughes.

The last paragraph reads:

This part of Jackson county is on Sand Mountain which, indeed, is a beautiful
farming country. I can't imagine why anyone hunting a fertile farming country
would want to go west when he could find such a good one so near. Pisgah is a
small town about five or six miles of the Tennessee River. It has four stores,
three churches and a high school. Trusting that our old friends there will
sometimes think of us. J.H. Hughes

For the entire letter, look here: Letter

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February 02, 2009

Keziah Hughes

Keziah Hughes lived in Blount Co., AL. According to Rootsweb, she is the child of William and Elizabeth Hughes, SC. William Hughes father was Joseph Hughes according to this post.

note: Familytree.org gives the parents of Ennis Hughes as John D. Hughes and Rebecca Parker.

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February 01, 2009

Descendants of Jesse Hughes


Will one of the family members please send me the names and I will include those? Some, I think I know, but not all. You may leave it as a comment if you see this and comments are open. Due to spam I close comments after a few days.

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