March 09, 2009

From Berks County, PA

BOONE [1771]- Will of William BOONE, made 23 5mo 1768: ?, wife; Jeremiah, brother & co-executor; Abigail {PANCOAST}, daughter [w/o Adin PANCOAST]; Mary, daughter [not yet age 20]; Mordecai, [eldest] son & co-executor; ?, son {at least two others}; ?, son {at least two others}. {s.a.: PANCOAST, HUGHES, READ [1771]}
HUGHES [1771]- continued from BOONE [1771], Will of William BOONE: Edward, witness; George, witness.

BOONE [1753]- Will of George BOONE, {IV), made 18 Nov 1753: ?, wife; William, son & co-executor; Hezekiah, son & co-executor; Josiah, son & co-executor; Jeremiah, son & co-executor; Mary, daughter; Deborah, daughter; Dinah, daughter; Hannah {HUGHES}, daughter deceased {w/o ? HUGHES}; Joseph, witness. {s.a.: HUGHES, DRURY [1753]}
HUGHES [1753]- continued from BOONE [1753], Will of George BOONE, {IV}: ?, son-in-law {h/o daughter Hannah deceased}; George, grandson [s/o said daughter Hannah deceased]; Jane, granddaughter [d/o said daughter Hannah deceased]; John, witness; Edward, witness.

BOONE [1785]- Will of James BOONE, Sr.,made 12 Jul 1785: Ann, wife; James, son & co-executor; Joshua, son & co-executor; Judah, son; Moses, son; John, son deceased [h/o Sophia BIDDLE]; Anne LINCOLN, daughter [w/o Abraham LINCOLN]; Mary LEE, daughter [w/o Thomas LEE]; Martha HUGHES, daughter [w/o George HUGHES]; Rachel WILCACKSON, daughter [w/o ? WILCACKSON]; James, grandson [s/o said son John deceased]; Susannah, granddaughter [d/o said son John deceased]; John, witness. {s.a.: LINCOLN, LEE, HUGHES, WILCACKSON

BOONE [1785]- Will of John BOONE, Sr., made 5 Oct 1785: Judah, nephew; Moses, nephew; James, nephew & co-executor; Joshua, nephew, former debtor & co-executor; Marthe HUGHES, {niece} (w/o George HUGHES); Rachel WILLCOCKSON, {niece} (w/o William WILLCOCKSON); Anne LINCOLN, {niece} (w/o Abraham LINCOLN); Mary LEE, {niece} (w/o Thomas LEE); Samuel, debtor; Isaiah, debtor. {s.a.: HUGHES,
HUGHES [1785]- continued from BOONE [1785], Will of John BOONE: Martha, {niece}; George, h/o said {niece} Martha; William, debtor
HUGHES [1785]- continued from BOONE [1785], Will of James BOONE, Sr.: Martha, daughter; George, son-in-law [h/o said daughter Martha];

BOONE [1803]- Will of James BOONE, Jr., made 22 Jan 1795: James Sr., father (h/o 2nd wife?, Anne GRIFFITH, see BOONE [1790],); Joshua, brother & sole executor (s/o said Anne GRIFFITH); Moses, brother (s/o said Anne GRIFFITH); John, brother (stepson? of said Anne GRIFFITH); James, nephew (s/o said brother John). {s.a.: LINCOLN, HUGHES, CHERINGTON [1803]}
HUGHES [1803]- continued from BOONE [1803], Will of James BOONE, Jr.: George, creditor (grandson? of George BOONE, IV [1753]); Thomas, witness; Samuel Jr., witness.

KERN [1795]- continued from BOONE [1795], Will of Isaac BOONE, Jr.: Mary, daughter; Michael, son-in-law (h/o said daughter Mary); ?, grandchild, under age 21 (child of said son-in-law Michael & Mary his wife); ?, grandchild, under age 21 (child of said son-in-law Michael &

Hughes, Owen, farmer 500 4 7 10 30

Reading Township
Hughes, Thomas (carpenter) 1 1 1 2

Robeson Township
Garrett, John 0 1 2 0 1
Francis, Stephen 0 2 2 0 2

Union Township
Hughes, Edward 60 2 2 8
Hughes, Owen 100 2 2 8
Hughes, Israel 101 2 2 6

Windsor Township
Hughes, Widow 100 2 2 2

MICHAEL'S & ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH Marriages 1745-1760: Philadelphia, PA

May 19, John Ralph Schneider and Christina Hughes, L.
March 3, William Hughes and Maria Schnurrenberger, L

St. Michael and Zion Church
December 12, Henry de Weess and Elizabeth Hughes.
Dec. 12, 1768 Hughes, Elizabeth and Henry de Weess.

ST. MICHAEL'S & ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH Marriages 1770-1776: Philadelphia, PA

June 1, Florence Sullivan and Rebecca Hughes.
July 1, 1777 Hughes, Sarah and Peter Evans.

February 17, Barnet Hughes (soldier) and Magdalena Stettner, (by handwriting of Lieut. Col. Prescott, Twenty-eighth regiment.)

1782 July 9, Johann Stepper and Mary Hughes.

1786 October 12, Edward Hughes and Mary George.

1796 October 2, Jacob Bollbach and Christine Hughes, wid

Capt. Rodermel's Company Revolutionary War
Owen Hughes and Evan Hughes
Capt. Rhoad's Company
Samuel Hughes and John Hughes

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March 03, 2009


George C. Hughes and Anna Elizabeth Francis married in Morgan County, AL by William Nelson, January 2, 1862.

Nancy Hughes, sister to George C. Hughes, died June 30, 1893 in Morgan Co., AL. Nancy was born in 1812 and died June 30, 1893 of digestive disorder. She is buried at Mt. Zion Baptist cemetery in Morgan County, AL.

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