October 01, 2010

Cumberland Co. VA Will

Will Book 18141816:
James Meador; inventory of his estate and inventory of the estate of Jonas Meador, ade 10 May 1815; proved May 1815 (Page 54).
Abstracted by Katherine Reynolds:
Pg. 68: (pg. 257): Account of administration of estate of JONAS MEADOR. By: Jehu Meador, admin.
Paid: to James Holloway for his account; to Richard James for his account; to James Holloway on account of Lewis Turner, orphan of Micajah Turner; to William Hill account, Drury Hudgens; paid Thomas Holand for his account; paid Sam Holloway for account of Jesse Boatright; Wm. Saunderson for finishing the crop; James Minter for his account; John Creasy for his account; Richard Blands account; Caleb Hughes for Thos. Kevil for work done; Zach McGwin for account James Guilliam; Jesse Meador for his account; Wm. Hughes for account Randolph Robinson; Holloway Hudgens for account Robert Hudgens; Wm. Hix
for Jonas Meador bond on Joel Meador; paid James Holloway on account Lewis Turner estate; James Holloway on same account; Dal Boatright for his account; John Murry for bond of Jane Meador; paid Wm. Edwards for his account; Hezekiah Bradley for account of John Burton; George Carrington for account of
Wm. Holland; Joseph Palmore for his account; Alex and Peterfield Trent and Co. for… accounts; Daniel Bates for account; Richard Crump; Miller Burford; Thos. Sugt. Hill; paid Hannah Holloway for this account; James Minter for Sarah Meador, orphan of Jonas Meador; Thomas Kevil for board and clothing of Ann Meador; Jesse Thomas; Bond vs. Caleb Hughes, 1773; Bond vs. Thomas Hughes, 1773; Micajah Compton and his wife; Thomas Kevil; due Lewis Turner, orphan of Micajah. In obedience to order of court account was dated 23 November 1778. Account examined and ordered recorded 18 October 1779.
Jos. Carrington.
Pg. 69: (pg. 266): Will of FRANCES MEADOR, dated 17 August 1774, Pr. 25 September 1780. Daughter, Ann: granddaughter, Rosannah Meador; my children, Joel Meador, Mary Holland, Frances Holloway, John Meador, Josiah Meador, Jehu Meador, Jacob Meador and Jesse Meador. Exrs.: Joel Meador, Jehu Meador and Jesse Meador. Wit.: John Atkinson, Josiah Robertson, Meatha Meador (X). Proved by Josiah Robertson and Meatha Meador. Samuel Holloway and Simon Gentry were security for Jehu.

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